101+ Gaming Desk Ideas (with Photos)

gaming desk ideas

Are you a gaming fanatic? Do you need a complete gaming setup to give you the full gaming experience? Regardless of what your preferences are, we have you covered when it comes to looking for inspiration for your gaming desk. We have also included a list of items that may make your gaming experience easier and manageable.

Having the perfect gaming setup will improve your gaming experience and increase your gaming capabilities. These desk ideas will be useful for your gaming needs, professional needs, and so much more!

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Before We Explore Ideas… What Accessories Do I Need For My Gaming Setup?

  1. Desk Lamp: If you’re the type of person that doesn’t like installing lights behind their monitors, you can add a desk lamp. Lamps are adjustable and can give you a comparable effect to monitor lights.
  2. Monitor Backlights: Installing backlights behind your monitor will help illuminate the screen and the wall behind it. These lights help reduce the amount of eye strain and will provide an ambient effect to your desk. The Philips Hue play light is a great choice and perfect light sync feature.
  3. LED Strips: You can install a LED strip on the back part of your desk to push your ambiance game further. When this is installed right, it can be an amazing feature.
  4. Wall Lights: If you wanted some lighting that is different from what we’ve mentioned earlier, you can install wall lights above your desk. The lights are very popular with geometric shapes and can be customizable.
  5. Management Tray: If you need to manage your cable clutter, having a management tray is a must-have. If your desk doesn’t have any cable management features, this may be a little more difficult. To add, install a management channel underneath your desk and use cable ties to hold them. Cable ties and clips will help run them where they need to go.
  6. Headphone Stands: If you’re a gamer that uses headsets, a headphone stand is a must. You’ll need a place to hang your headphones instead of just laying them on your desk. This will help protect your headphones, especially if they are a fancy in design. There are many styles and you can find them in wooden designs, with lighting, or under desk hooks.
  7. Large Mousepad: Having a large mousepad looks a lot nice than a small mousepad. This will help give your desk a more symmetrical look. These designs look a lot better with gaming setups. You can choose a plain black design that won’t take away from the other items on your desk. When it comes to mousepads, you’ll want to purchase a bigger version.
  8. GPU Backplate: If you have your PC sitting on your desk, you’ll want to have one of these to enhance your theme. GPU Backplates give you extra protection and can be made in any customized design.
  9. Figurines: If you want to add some personality to your desk, you can add some figures to it. You’ll see many setups with Funko Pops and Gundam heads. Whatever theme you decide on, I’m sure you can find the perfect character for yours.
  10. Microphone Arm: If you’re using a stand-alone microphone, you can mount the microphone arm instead of it cluttering your desktop. These arms will attach to the edge of your desk and can easily be moved and repositioned.
  11. Monitor Mount: If you’re still using the basic stand that comes with your monitors, you can replace them with a desk mount that will make more room on your desk to minimize clutter.

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Top Gaming Desk Ideas

Here are 101 gaming desk ideas to use for inspiration for your gaming room.

1. Blue Lights

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you want to give your desk a blue light effect, you can install blue LED light strips around your desk to give off a cool gaming effect.

2. White Desk

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This is an l-shaped desk that is perfect for gaming and comes with five side drawers that could easily hold your small gaming accessories.

3. Triple Monitors

Photo Credit: Youtube

If you’re taking your gaming experience to the next level, you can mount your triple monitors to the wall to make your desk less cluttered.

4. Backlights

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Backlights are a great option to consider if you want to enhance the ambient effects of your desk and wall area. Here we have a backlight that is designed using multiple colors.

5. Headphone Stand

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The intense gamer is most likely using headphones to compete with other competitors. If you’re one of these, you’ll want to make sure you have a headphones holder on your gaming desk.

6. Wall Speakers

Photo Credit: Pinterest

To get that intense sound effect and without cluttering your desk area, you can include a pair of high-definition speakers to enhance your experience.

7. Side Drawers

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you have a lot of accessories to hold, you may want to include drawers on both sides of your desk to have extra space.

8. Black Desk

Photo Credit: The Home and Office Stores

This black desk gives a warm vibe to a gaming room. It especially looks great paired with LED lighting options.

9. Grey Desk

Photo Credit: The Home and Office Stores

This gray desk can be used for office or gaming settings. Here we have a gaming setup that holds two monitors and a hard drive.

10. Small Areas

Photo Credit: Amazon

If you have a small gaming area, a small white desk might just be what you need. It takes up very little space and can still hold your monitor, speakers, keyboard, headphones, and more!

11. Rustic Brown

Photo Credit: Joshua

If you don’t have a separate gaming room and need your desk to blend in with the rest of your home, you can opt for a rustic desk that blends with the rest of your furniture options.

12. Split Monitor

Photo Credit: GD

This large desk area has a large split monitor for two-player settings, while the keyboard has a LED light underneath. These lights give the area an awesome gaming mood.

13. Microphone Holder

Photo Credit: Homeedit

Gamers not only use headphones to play with their competitors, but you will also see setups that have microphones that are strategically installed.

14. Figurines

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Every gaming desk needs some figurines for action vibes! Put a floating shelf over your desk area to show off all of your favorite figurines.

15. Wooden Top

Photo Credit: Standing Desk Topper

If you’re more of the DIY type, you can make your desk just the way you’ve envisioned. Here is a wooden desk option that has been designed and stained.

16. Pipe Hangers

Photo Credit: Pinterest

These pipe hanger options are great for those who have small desk areas. These can especially help hold your speakers.

17. Gaming Chairs

Photo Credit: Autonomous

Every desk needs a gaming chair. Those who love to game are gaming for hours at a time so comfort levels when choosing a chair are important.

18. All-White

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This clean white gaming desk is simple and to the point. It has just enough shelving units and two sides for lighting options if you’re gaming at night.

19. Desk Lamp

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you don’t have a lot of light in your room for gaming, your desk may need a desk or floor lamp to have on the side to create more illumination.

20. GPU Backplate

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you’re running with a certain theme for your desk area, you can create your GPU Backplate to match your theme. The GPU Backplate is pictured on the right here.

21. Corner Desk

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you’re low on space for your gaming area, you can use a corner desk that will save you lots of space. Here we have a black desk with green trimming.

22. Leather Chair

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This desk has a basic leather gaming chair that provides cool comfort. Leather seating options work great in cooler rooms.

23. Small Metal Chair

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you’re not the type that games for hours, but just want something that blends with the rest of your room, this small metal white chair pairs perfectly with white desk options.

24. Decor

Photo Credit: Pinterest

For larger gaming areas, you can include any decor of your choice that may complement the theme and color scheme of your room.

25. Table Fan

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If your gaming desk is in the basement and doesn’t receive a lot of air, consider including a table fan to create a cooler environment.

26. Soundproof Wall

Photo Credit: Don Pedro

If your gaming area gets intense, you can install a soundproof wall to minimize the number of sound effects. You can choose from many color options.

27. Floating Shelves

Photo Credit: Gridfiti

If you want to add more decor to your gaming space, you can install a pair of floating shelves above your desk. Add a couple of plants for a touch of greenery.

28. Foot Pedals

Photo Credit: Computer Setups

For gamers who are more into racing games, every desk needs a set of racing pedals underneath to give the full experience.

29. For Girls

Photo Credit: Pinterest

For girls who love to game, a small gaming desk would be ideal. You can customize your keyboard, speakers, and mouse in your favorite color.

30. Cubby Shelves

Photo Credit: Novocom

Cubby shelves pair well with gaming desks as they have lots of space to hold electronic devices and many gaming options.

31. Crates

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Crates are a great option if you need to make your own gaming desk/entertainment center. They are quick to assemble and offer a lot of storage space.

32. Controller Storage

Photo Credit: PC Mecca

If you don’t want to lay your controllers on your desk to clutter them, you can easily store your controllers on the side by hanging them up.

33. Fireplace Mount

Photo Credit: Reddit

If you don’t have much space for a desk, you can use the area above your fireplace as a desk option to hold your monitor and other gaming items.

34. Geometric Shapes

Photo Credit: Volt Cave

Add a geometrical lighting feature to the desk above your wall to enhance the gaming vibe of our gaming desk area.

35. White Backlight

Photo Credit: Reddit

If you’re not a fan of adding a bunch of colors to your desk, you can install a simple white LED lighting option on the back of your desk.

36. Red & Black

Photo Credit: Reddit

For the man who is all about the fire, this red and black desk is quite the design. Get a pair of headphones that also match your desk to add more color.

37. Wide Screens

Photo Credit: Novocom

If you’re gaming, wide screens are a must-have to give you the full gaming effect. Wide screens look especially great on longer and large desk areas.

38. Red Geometric

Photo Credit: Reddit

We covered a blue geometric design earlier in one of our previous posts. This gaming desk area has a red and white geometrical design mounted on its wall.

39. Curves

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you’re not crazy about your desk having sharp corners, you can consider this white desk option that has curved corners to prevent any bumping into.

40. Five Screens

Photo Credit: Reddit

If you’re an intensive gamer who has multiple things going on at once, you can add up to five screens on your desk. Small screens as shown here can even fit in smaller spaces.

41. Desk Curtains

Photo Credit: Pinterest

For privacy purposes, you’ll want to make sure that your desk area that is near windows has curtains. Privacy can sometimes be a major concern when it comes to serious gamers.

42. Green Wall

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you choose to get a white desk, these would look great against a painted wall as shown here. Here we have a green shiplap wall that allows all three screens to be mounted on.

43. Theater Screen

Photo Credit: Reddit

Some gamers don’t use your typical style gaming screen. Some will use a projector-style pull-down that covers larger areas.

44. Modern Black

Photo Credit: Reddit

Modern black options that great in rooms that have a lot of natural light. Everything about this desk area is black including its soundproof area.

45. Showcase

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This gaming area has a separate section to showcase its multiple headphone options. This a must-have especially if you have guests coming over to play.

46. LoveSac

Photo Credit: Reddit

If you don’t want to use a regular gaming chair and you’re more in a laid-back setting, you can’t go wrong with a large LoveSac. They can be on the pricier side but are well worth the investment and comfort.

47. Hard Drives

Photo credit: Reddit

If you want to take your hard drive up a notch, you can install certain features that will make your hard drive light up. This can also give it a glow-in-the-dark touch to your room.

48. All-In-One

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This desk area has everything you need all in one spot. It has monitors, a keyboard, television, game storage, a wireless router, and more.

49. Black & Orange

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Black and orange is an awesome color scheme to choose for your desk area. You can include a black desk, monitors, GPU Backplate, and a black keyboard with an orange center.

50. Orange Geometric

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This gaming area has triple monitor action with a geometric wall design from the wall to the ceiling in shades of orange.

51. Natural Wood

Photo Credit: Home BNC

Instead of staining your gaming desk if you’re making it yourself, you can opt to keep it with its natural wood. The bottoms can have metal legs while using a small teal storage space on the side.

52. Pull Out Desk

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Pull-out desks are a great option to have for those dealing with small areas. On the top of the desk can easily sit your monitor, while the keyboard portion can pull out and push in when out of use.

53. Under-Bed Desks

Photo Credit: Youtube

Under-bed gaming areas are great for young boys and teenagers. This setup has a desk underneath a bunk bed, while also having a separate area for storage.

54. Desk Stairs

Photo Credit: Youtube

This area has a gaming desk underneath a floating bed design. This saves you plenty of space in your bedroom, while also allowing maximum light effects for your gaming needs.

55. Rope Lights

Photo Credit: Luxatic

Another way to enhance your gaming area is to use rope lights around your gaming desk. This can also be used on the outer workings of your wall.

56. The Plant Gamer

Photo Credit: Voltcave

For the gamer who must be surrounded by plants, add lots of greenery options that can hang, be placed on top of your desk, and the floor areas.

57. Salt Lamp

Photo Credit: Reddit

Gaming for several hours can sometimes cause stressful feelings when sitting in front of electronics for long periods. Keep a salt lamp on your desk to keep the energies calm in your gaming space.

58. Distressed

Photo Credit: Imgur

If your gaming area is already filled with a bunch of distressed decors, you can include a distressed desk option to add a unique personality piece.

59. Backdrop

Photo Credit: Reddit

To take your area up a level while also being on a budget, you can include a blanket backsplash option that will provide a unique design to your area.

60. Rainbow

Photo Credit: Reddit

Rainbow backlight and LED options are always a great choice if you’re having trouble deciding on a set color. Here we have rainbow lights with a matching GPU Backplate unit.

61. Glass Desk

Photo Credit: Reddit

If you’re very particular and are less worried about having something break, try out this glass desk option. It may be pricer in cost but will have your room vibing to the top.

62. Soundbars

Photo Credit: Reddit

Soundbars don’t just need to be used with televisions, you can also add them to your gaming desks to enhance the sound in your gaming experience.

63. Records

Photo Credit: Reddit

If you want to add a touch of old school to your desk area, you can top it off by decorating with old-school records lined up across your walls.

64. Pretty In Pink

Photo Credit: Reddit

You can’t go wrong with this small pretty in pink gaming area. It is perfect for girl gamers and is accessorized with all of the right pieces.

65. White Gamer Chair

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This white gamer chair can pair just about with any gaming desk area. It has leather seating and is well constructed with intricate designs.

66. Seating Cushions

Photo Credit: Reddit

Comfort is one of the most important ideas when designing your gaming desk area. If you need to, provide extra seating and neck fusion to make yourself as comfortable as possible for hours of gaming.

67. Large Mousepad

Photo Credit: Reddit

To give you extra maneuvering space, and to go with the overall aesthetic of your desk, including a large mousepad to give you extra needed space.

68. Tilted Monitor

Photo Credit: Reddit

This desk area has four large monitors. For your largest monitor, instead of mounting it on your desk, consider mounting it on your wall with a tilting option.

69. Vertical Monitors

Photo Credit: Reddit

For side view purposes that are included in many high-definition games, you’ll want to make sure your desk has vertical screen options.

70. Drivers Seat

Photo Credit: Pinterest

For intensive driving experiences, go full-on blast and get yourself a driver’s chair with a steering wheel, drives, and pedals.

71. Closet Desks

Photo Credit: Reddit

Closet desks are all about privacy. Not only are they ideal for those with minimal space, but they can be perfect for sound barrier options!

72. Battle Station Desk

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This desk area is a full-blown battle station design. Everything is at arm’s reach for your battling needs.

73. Textures

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Textures are also another unique feature to add to your gaming desk. This desk has a sunken door feature illuminated in green, while the wall is textured in white with red illumination.

74. Beverage Stations

Photo Credit: Luxatic

Don’t want to miss a beat? Every gaming desk needs its beverage station. This will save you more time from missing out on your game.

75. Purple Lights

Photo Credit: Extra Space Storage

Purple illumination for gaming desks works great for both males and females. This desk area has a blue and black gaming chair with purple illumination around the desk and floor areas.

76. Steering Wheel

Photo Credit: Twitter

For those that mainly do driving games, there are steering wheels that are built into gaming desks themselves. This keeps many features all in one place.

77. Massage Chair

Photo Credit: Bauhutte

This desk has a chair that has massage features built into it. My son has this chair for his gaming sessions and the massage feature helps work out any aches and pains.

78. Matte Black

Photo Credit: Happy Beds

This matte black gaming desk is perfect with all of the shelving units available. I especially like the hard drive floor unit option that prevents your hard drive from sitting directly on the floor.

79. Tron

Photo Credit: Remodel or Move

If you want your desk area to be inspired by the movie Tron, you can’t go wrong with the LED lights. They make you feel like you’re directly in the program.

80. Barbie Girl

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This setup is right out of a barbie setting! It sparkles with purple and pink shades and is decorated with feminine fan art.

81. Keyboard Cushion

Photo Credit: Small Great Room

If you’re on the computer for long periods, you know how sometimes you can get pains in your wrists. I highly recommend purchasing a keyboard cushion to comfortably lay your wrists on.

82. Pink Chair

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This hot pink chair is every girl’s gaming dream. It comes with a massage feature and built-in head and feet cushions.

83. Pink Desk With Cup Holder

Photo Credit: Amazon

This desk comes with a unique feature that most desks don’t. It comes with a cup holder to prevent spills on expensive equipment.

84. Raised Glass

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This desk area has a raised glass mount that perfectly and safely holds computer monitors. This allows your monitors to be at head level when you’re gaming.

85. Exposed Wiring

Photo Credit: Twitter

This desk has a few exposed wires. As you read earlier in our article, you can easily install a management tray to hide exposed cords.

86. Under Storage

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you’ve used up your storage in your side drawers, you can include storage units underneath your gaming desks that are more hidden.

87. Double Desks

Photo Credit: Worktop Express

Double desks are perfect for those who like to game with their family or friends in one area. Place them side-by-side so you can easily communicate.

88. Shelving Units

Photo Credit: Tweak Your Space

For large desk areas, some have shelving units that can easily attach to the top and bottom. The top shelves can hold games and game controllers.

89. Large Drawers

Photo Credit: One Kind Design

This desk area has 9 large drawers for a lot of underneath storage space. It’s long and can also hold many gaming accessories on the top portion.

90. Square Shelves

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Square shelves are great to include with the gaming desk as they can do a terrific job at storing and displaying figurines.

91. White Monitor

Photo Credit: Amazon

White monitors look great on any type of desk especially those with colors. As most opt for black monitor designs, white monitors may be a more popular pick for females.

92. Hot Red

Photo Credit: 365

This desk has a black tabletop with hot red legs to keep it standing. These desks are great if you want to give your gaming area some much-needed color without overdoing it.

93. Wall Art

Photo Credit: Reddit

For those who are huge fans of Nintendo, these three wall art options are a must-have to hang above your desk area.

94. Star Wars

Photo Credit: Reddit

If you’re having a hard time choosing a theme for your desk area, Star Wars is a popular choice among gamers.

95. Wide Legs

Photo Credit: Youtube

While desk areas normally have small legs to hold them up, this amazing desk design has white options to keep your desk sturdy and to hold heavy items.

96. Light Panel

Photo Credit: DIY Bunker

For gamers who create many youtube segments, you’ll want to include a lighting option such as this panel that will do a great job at providing enough light for your video.

97. Bendable Chair

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This desk chair is a standard office chair that has a bending back option to allow you to recline to a certain level.

98. Black Corner Desk

Photo Credit: GameSpot

This black corner desk is a space safer and would great designed with many LED options. You can find these desks at a variety of retailers.

99. Green Lights

Photo Credit: Philips Hue

If military games are more your style, you can install some green light options on the back of your desk to give off military vibes in your gaming area.

100. Green Geometric

Photo Credit: Twitter

This gaming desk is illuminated using a brighter color green and has green geometric shapes installed on the wall as an added feature.

101. Dark Rooms

Photo Credit: Reddit

If you need your gaming desk area to be dark at all times, put your LED lights on the bottom of your desk to keep your dark ambiance towards the top of your headspace instead of the bottom.

Wrapping It up

When you take a look at everything paired together, gaming desks are so much better when you have the right items and can be provided to give you the full gaming experience. You can easily find gaming desks and their needed accessories all over the internet for easy access. We can’t give you specific brands, because there are just so many to choose from that are amazing, so being able to see for yourself is the best recommendation we can give.

Whatever you decide to do with your gaming area, make sure that it fits your personality and that it will be a space you be comfortable in for hours of gaming.

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