20 Epic & Easy Treehouse Ideas (with Photos)

Treehouse Ideas

Treehouses are thought to be a wonderful childhood past time. However, with the new comeback wave, there have been plenty of adults taking advantage of this opportunity to build treehouses that they can also enjoy. So no, treehouses are not just for Peter Pan’s lost boys.

Let your creativity carry you away! Create a classic a-frame treehouse or do a simple lean-to. Also, you can choose from different sizes, styles, colors, and themes. Build a pirate-themed treehouse for your kiddos, or make an epic one for the adults to party in. The possibilities are endless.

Treehouses are magical spaces that are perfect for adults and children alike. There is no age cap when it comes to playing in a treehouse, so whether it is an infant or your 100-year-old grandma, it is perfect for anyone. However, you may need to kick up the accessibility aspect.

Functions Of A Treehouse

Treehouses have many different functions, whether it is for adults or children. Adults love treehouses because it is a place where they can escape the stress and enjoy themselves in a carefree place. It is a way to literally ‘get away’ for a little while since it is a complete change of scenery.

For children, the treehouse helps to feed their creative sides, and it is somewhere they can spend some time either alone or with their friends, with their own rules (of course, your rules as well). It gives children a sense of independence and makes them feel as if they are in charge for that moment.

So, regardless of if it is a treehouse for an adult or a child, it is a magical place that can help build character and take away the stress.

Tips For Building Your Treehouse

  • Make sure it is sturdy. The most essential part of building a treehouse is ensuring that it will hold the weight of whoever it is that is going to use it. So, if there are going to be at least five children or three adults, check that the floor will be able to handle that capacity.
  • Add whatever you want. Creativity is where it is at and what makes treehouses so unique. You can include built-in furniture, windows, skylights, two stories, three stories, slides, or anything else your heart or your children heart’s desire.
  • Include necessary safety features. If you plan to allow younger kids up there without supervision, it is a good idea to have safety features such as reinforced walls. Also, a slide is an excellent idea, so if anyone needs to evacuate quickly due to something like a fire, everyone can get out safely. A fire extinguisher would not hurt either.
  • Plan the details. If you are looking to make the process a lot easier, then detailed plans are the way to go. Draw up the details so that it makes it easier for you to envision the end result. Take your time to include the measurements, so you know how much material you need as well.

20 Epic Treehouse Ideas

Below are several creative ideas for a treehouse. Regardless if you love simplicity or you go for something more extravagant, these ideas will inspire you.

1. The Lean-To

If you are not looking for something super extravagant, you can always build a lean-to treehouse. This is perfect for those parents whose children are begging them to build a treehouse. They will be super happy with this setup, although it is not so great for adult use.

To make one of these, you set up four walls and include a slanted roof. Leave a gap between the walls for ventilation. It is crucial that you make sure this is all sturdy though especially if you plan to have little ones up there. Also, do not hasten the process of the floor as that is especially important to ensure it will hold the weight.

2. The Little Blue Tree House

You can always go with the classic “adorable” treehouse for starters if you wish. For example, a little blue tree house that stands out placed in an easily accessible area would be great for adults and children alike.

The classic take on the treehouse is a great way to go if you are unsure what you want to do. It is cute, it is functional, and it serves many different purposes.

3. Keeping It Simple

If you are building the treehouse just for children, then a great idea would be to keep it simple. This sort of layout is not anything super special, but the particular part about all of it is that there is a house in a tree. This is great, especially for little ones, as you do not have to put it high up in the tree. Then, when they are older, you can build something even better together.

4. Treehouse And Deck

The treehouse is not that big of a space, so if you are trying to hold social gatherings, especially with adults, then you will need additional space. An excellent idea for this is to build an ‘outside’ deck to the treehouse. However, you will need to make sure it is extra sturdy depending on how many people you plan to have up there with you.

5. Matching Treehouse

We have all seen those movies where a wealthy family has a little cottage out back that matches their mansion’s paint and trim. What if you matched the treehouse to your home? This would step up the charm of your property, and you could even attach a color-coordinated slide for maximum effect.

6. Tree Pod

If you do not want to build an entire treehouse, you can make a tree pod. It is similar to a hammock, although a lot sturdier, roomier, and a perfect spot to sleep or lay in and read a book. You can include a well-ventilated waterproof door that is closed with a zipper so that you can still enjoy this spot even if it is raining.

7. Make A Tree Fort

Something that children of all ages would enjoy is a tree fort. It does not take much to build one, so if you are on a budget, this may be the perfect option for you. Furthermore, you could hook up a bucket to a rope to install a pulley system. That way, the kiddos can get their beloved toys into the tree fort with them.

8. A-Frame

Another traditional treehouse is the famous A-frame. This is the type of treehouse you saw in the older TV shows and movies. You can give your kids a taste of the 70s by building them this style of treehouse. It is excellent for playing in and has a good amount of space as well.

9. Picket Fort

If you do not want to deal with installing sheet walls of wood, you can always manufacture a picket fort. Basically, this is a simple layout with pickets around for privacy, but there is no cover to it. So, it is almost like a tree deck, except a picket fence instead of a banister and railing around. This is great for kids, but it is also fantastic for that adult who needs a quick escape from stress for a few moments.

10. Connect The Treehouse

Something you can do to add a touch of luxury to the treehouse is connected it to the house. This is a great idea, especially if you are worried about your children leaving the house or going outside on their own. You can connect a bridge from the house to the treehouse. Attach the slide from a 2nd story window to the treehouse.

If you are wanting to do this for yourself, it is not a bad idea! Bring back a piece of your childhood; however, make sure that the bridge is sturdy enough to handle at least 300 pounds. Also, check the ends of the bridge to make sure that it is connected tightly.

11. Traditional Wood-Sided

Yet another traditional style of the treehouse is the four-wall, wood-sided treehouse that has ‘windows’ installed. Now, it is up to you whether you want these windows to be open or closed. If you are looking to enjoy this space only for the summer, then there is no reason to add windows unless you or your children are allergic to bees.

If you want to enjoy this space during all four seasons, it might be a good idea to install windows. Make sure they are able to open so that you can get some good ventilation in there during the hotter weeks. If you are worried about bees, you can always add screens.

12. Tree Deck

Now, instead of the picket walls, you can add a regular banister to create a tree deck. You can also make the floor as large as you want as long as it is adequately supported. But you can gather with a few friends, put up a small table and some chairs, or even create a little mini-bar! How awesome would that be?

13. Pirate Theme Treehouse

Whether it is Pirates of the Caribbean or Pirate Pete, you could always incorporate a pirate-themed treehouse. Of course, this means that you will have to create the all-famous wheel to ‘steer’ the treehouse ship.

But doing a pirate theme means that you have to do the Jolly Roger and sail as well; otherwise, it will not be complete. If you are feeling like taking it to the next level, you can always do a crow’s nest too.

14. Medium Treehouse

Building a medium-size treehouse is a great way to expand your backyard space, especially if your backyard is nearly non-existent. Find a large tree with a thick trunk to build in. If your children are going to be the primary users of this treehouse, then also ensure you build a small wall to keep any accidents from happening.

It would be the perfect space for them to invite a handful of their friends to play some cards or duck, duck, goose with. Also, this would be great for picnics and stargazing as well, as long as the sky is visible.

15. Perfect Child Treehouse

Child treehouses do not need to be simple, with plywood and pickets. You can go all out, if you wish, and give your children their own personal backyard oasis. Include a slide for them or a secret entrance. If they are older, they can climb a rope instead of having a ladder or stairs leading to it.

You could include built-in furniture with some windows, a slide or two, a pulley system for their belongings, and have some secret stash spots. Take it a step further and hide a child-friendly safe in them for them to stow away their favorite action figures.

16. Epic Layout

Are you looking for the perfect place to have a hideaway with the hubby or wife? Play some games, have a glass of wine, or hideaway for a private conversation away from the family in an epic treehouse. This is the Queen of all treehouses.

You can build a two-story treehouse with multiple rooms if you do not have enough support for ample flooring space. You can also spawn off mini treehouses from the main treehouse. There is a wide variety of ideas! Tap into that creativity.

17. Off The Grid

Families that live off the grid do not often have enough room for the children to have their own space, which is why it would be perfect for building an off-the-grid treehouse. The privacy aspect is vital as this is your child’s and only your child’s personal space, so the entire contraption should have four walls.

Let the kiddo make their own rules, and if that’s ‘no parents allowed,’ then come up with a system that lets them know it is time for them to come down, whether that is a whistle or ringing a bell. However, of course, when they are not occupying the space, you can always ask their permission for you to use it.

18. Modernized Treehouse

If you do not want the average, rustic-style treehouse, then perhaps a modern treehouse would be a better choice. This helps it to feel homey, as it’s built using a different angle. However, the cost of this is quite expensive and can only be done if you are willing to spend the money to do it. But it is worth it.

19. Cabin Style

No style of treehouse is better than a cabin style! You could build the walls out of hollow logs so that they are not as heavy, and make sure you reinforce the floor. Stain the outside to make it appear as a cabin. This would be perfect for you and your children, and it would match your home.

20. Open Tree House

Something else that is easy to build, although not weatherproof, is an open-style treehouse. It is perfect to hide away in and turn into your own personal oasis. The roof would be similar to a pergola, while the walls would be created out of lattice. It is perfect to tan in peace and hideaway for some of the days.

Make Your Tree House Even Cozier With These Tips

  • Add furniture for functionality. Comfort is one of the most important things when it comes to treehouses. It is not always comfortable to sit crisscross on a hard floor made of wood. However, you probably cannot fit a couch up in the treehouse. But you can buy several bean bags, chairs, and fold-out tables.
  • Make it cozy. The point of having a treehouse is to make it like home. While lighting candles is not a great idea, you can purchase those LED candles to ensure safety. Also, decorate the interior and make the space inviting.
  • Stack the snacks. Nothing is worse than getting up into the treehouse only to realize you are hungry. Something you can do is leave a few bottles of water up there and Gatorade and include a few small bags of chips, peanuts, or candy bars. That way, your hunger or thirst does not interrupt your relaxation time.

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