50+ Driveway Edging Ideas (with Photos)

Driveways are a statement piece for your home. The edging is just as important as the driveway itself, and it makes all the difference. Whether it be slanted, granite, or stacked-stone, let's take a look at the best driveway edging ideas to consider.

driveway gateway ideas

If the edges of your driveway are in bad shape, or you don’t have any edging all and are looking for a new project, we have you covered. Driveway edging can be a simple solution for many problems such as rain or tire tracks. For as long as we can remember, putting borders on pathways has always been a thing.

Living in the world we do today, driveway edging is a great way to protect your driveway. Read more on how installing driveway edging can benefit your home.

Benefits of Driveway Edging

Here are the benefits of having driveway edging.

  1. Protects your lawn: edging will give your driveway a barrier, meaning people will be less inclined to step across it. This will encourage your guests to walk on your driveway and not your lawn.
  2. Protects your driveway: edging that is made out of stone and brick will help keep the pavers in your driveway in place. It also helps prevent cracking and chipping.
  3. Prevents soil erosion: edging will help keep your soil and plants in place. This will help your lawn from washing away.
  4. Landscape planning: edging can help if you have a landscaping project in place. This will help give your lawn and garden its appeal and shape and create certain sections to work with.
  5. Increases your home value: one of the biggest ways to help increase the value of your home is to work on the outside of it. Edging is inexpensive depending on if you’re using stone or other landscaping options.
  6. Less maintenance: edging will help reduce the maintenance needed on your lawn and driveway. If you don’t have edging, you’ll continuously need to hoe or shovel around the edges of your driveway. This will save you money and time.
  7. Boosts curb appeal: when you look at your driveway, you’ll immediately notice if your driveway has appeal after its upgrade. You have one chance to make a great first impression and having a beautiful edging for your driveway and lawn is important.

Driveway Edging Ideas With Landscapes

Here are some driveway edging ideas with landscapes to give you inspiration for your home project.

1. Wooden

This driveway was designed with a wooden driveway edging. Since the landscape of the home is mulch on the other side, this will prevent mulch from slipping out when it rains.

2. Double Stone

Photo Credit: Kindra Clineff

This driveway edging is designed with regular stone. Not only does this divide the landscape of the home, but it will set boundaries from the home next door.

3. Gray Pavers Border

Photo Credit: Cricket Pavers

This driveway is designed with a border, inlay, and regular pavers. The driving edger has a gray border with rocks on the outside in the landscape.

4. Brick Herringbone

Photo Credit: Cricket Pavers

This driveway is designed with a brick herringbone pattern. The outside edging has the same style of brick that is used in three layers to distinguish it from the driveway.

5. Stone & Gravel

This white stone is perfect for bright green landscapes. Install this on both sides of your driveway and instead of cement as your paver, use gravel.

6. Gravel

Photo Credit: Richfield Blacktop

Instead of using a type of brick or stone, to set apart your driveway from the landscape, you can use gravel as an outside border.

7. Cylinder Shaped

Edging doesn’t always need to be in a rectangular or squared shape. As shown here, these cylinder-shaped edging interlocks run throughout the entire driveway.

8. Metal

Photo Credit: Straight Curve

Metal edging is great for lighter driveways and light-colored mulch. To brighten up the mulch make your choice of selected greenery.

9. Contrasting Gray Stones

Photo Credit: Goldleaf Landscape

This gorgeous driveway is stunning! The driveway edging is a light gray and runs through the middle of the driveway with the dark herringbone design.

10. Affordable

Photo Credit: Kolin Smith

This is one of the affordable options for driveway edging if you’re on a budget. At Lowes, this stone runs about $1.38 per stone. So depending on how much you need and if you’re making this a DIY project, this is right down your alley of being affordable.

11. Oyster Blend

Photo Credit: Goldleaf Landscape

This driveway has a border in a style called Oyster Blend. The inlay portion is gray and the rest of the driveway is designed using the same oyster blend stone.

12. Beige Stone

Photo Credit: Home Depot

This driveway has thick, beige rectangular stone and flows down into the driveway area to act as an inlay design. At the end, it runs into a large driveway pillar.

13. Flat Brick

Photo Credit: Youtube

This edging as you can see is very easy to lay. As you can see, create a dip in the ground where you’re choosing to lay your brick and gentle hit with a mallet to keep in place.

14. Three Deep

Photo Credit: Richfield Blacktop

Many times when you’re viewing someone’s driveway edging, it’s above ground and one layer. Here we have a border that is laid into the driveway and is three layers deep before you get to the landscaping area.

15. Distressed Wood

Photo Credit: HGTV

Earlier we saw a standard piece of decorative wood for edging. If you don’t want such a sleek look, go for distressed wood. These would be perfect for cabin driveways.

16. Mulch

Photo Credit: The Family Handyman

This driveway has opted to use basic mulch and planted landscaping to serve as the driveway border and edging. You’ll see this a lot with larger-styled homes.

17. DIY Driveway

Photo Credit: DIY Network

When upgrading your driveway, you’ll want to install your edging or border first, as shown here. Perfectly line up your brick or stone before you lay the cement.

18. Edge To Ground

Photo Credit: Haddonstone

This driveway landscape has a white-colored stone that flows from the edging into the ground. This will help give your home more curb appeal.

19. Wall of Wood

Photo Credit: Claire Lloyd Davies

While some choose to lay flat wood, sometimes you will see edging that has tall wood that resembles cabins. This looks great for both modern or farmhouse homes.

20. Large Pavers

Photo Credit: Colin Poole

While it’s most common to use small bricks or stones for your driveway edging, some people will opt to use large pavers to serve as their border. You’ll see this when the edging and driveway use the same materials.

21. With A Twist

Photo Credit: Haddonstone

This type of driveway edging would look gorgeous for a colonial-style home. It has a twisty design that runs into pillars at the corners.

22. Spaced Out

Photo Credit: Fine Graden Creations

This driveway edging has large stones that are spaced out on the ground. While the edging is upright and touching, the ground border is spaced out to provide a unique appeal.

23. Rubber

Photo Credit: SFA

This large gravel driveway is surrounded by a barely noticeable rubber edging. Rubber edging is one of the best options to keep your landscape from running into the driveway.

24. Modern Gray

Photo Credit: The New Driveway Company

This modern gray stone would look gorgeous with both gravel and greenery landscapes. Instead of it have a roughed-up stone look, it has a smooth texture.

25. Granite Curb

Photo Credit: Swenson Granite

We’ve covered both small and medium-sized edging options, but here we have long granite options that make for easy installation.

26. Stacking Stone

Photo Credit: Swenson Granite

Stacking stones is one of my favorite options for using in driveways, landscapes, and garden options. This driveway has stacking stone that runs uphill with pops of color in its landscape.

27. Water Fountain

Photo Credit: Swenson Granite

For larger homes, you can install a water fountain in the center of your driveway and install edging in a round shape to make a gorgeous first-time impression for your guests.

28. Curve Appeal

Photo Credit: Swenson Granite

Driveway edging doesn’t always need to be in a straight line. You can get fancy with your granite design and create some twists and turns.

29. All the Right Angles

Photo Credit: Swenson Granite

If you have twists or turns in your driveway, angles are also another option to consider. Angles make for an appealing design paired with gravel driveways.

30. Fencing

Photo Credit: Swenson Granite

If you wanted to take your driveway design up a notch, install a granite edging that unlocks with a wood fence to serve as your outward border.

31. Cobblestone

Photo Credit: Swenson Granite

Cobblestone is a great selection for country-side homes. They are on the more expensive side but will increase the value of your home. It can also work well as one of 13 Farm Driveway Entrance Ideas.

32. Slanted

Photo Credit: Swenson Granite

Slanted driveway edging is a great option if you have a larger driveway that needs separation. Add some curves and twists and you can create an island-like landscape in the middle of your driveway.

33. Ocean Blue

Photo Credit: Joanne Dale

Here we have a driveway edging and border that is designed using stone that is in a mix between ocean blue and oyster blend. Instead of choosing one color, mix up your color section to create more style. Check out the cost of an automatic driveway gate.

34. Tall Granite

Photo Credit: ThomBal

If you’re considering have the driveway of your business upgrade, you can’t go wrong with this look. Here we have a tall granite option with large rocks to surround and add curb appeal.

35. Marble

Photo Credit: ThomBal

This marble-styled driveway edging is perfect for townhome settings. Here we have a rectangular landscape surround by marble edging and large pine bushes for greenery. Find out how much heated driveway installation costs.

36. Let There Be Light

Photo Credit: Russel L. Robinson

If you wanted to keep it on the affordable side, you don’t have to install stone or brick at all. Consider these driveway lantern lights that light up your driveway at night. This provides a driveway edging look and barrier without all of the work.

37. Curvy & Flat

Photo Credit: ThomBal

This driveway has a mixture of a curvy and flat stone design. On the outside of the driveway, the curvy design serves as a landscape edging, while the flat stone is the border before the rock landscaping. Pair curvy and flat stones with any of the 11+ Types of Pavers for a unique driveway design.

38. Overgrown Dip

Photo Credit: Orest Lyzhechka

This driveway I like to call the overgrown dip. This edging has a landscape that towers over the edging portion that makes it barely noticeable. For this look, you’ll need to dig further down into your property to create the “dip” look.

39. Textured Brick

If you don’t want to purchase a standard regular brick, shoot for a texture option as shown here. Textured brick looks great either alone or stacked.

40. Capping Illusion

While some landscaping jobs give you the option of adding capping to your designs for an extra cost, this driveway gives you the illusion of driveway capping as its edging.

41. White Marble

White marble is a great selection for those who are more on the minimalistic side. If you’re not a fan of darker stone, you can’t go wrong with white marble and your girlfriends will love it.

42. Capping

This driveway edging doesn’t give you the illusion this time but gives you actual capping options. The stone is stacked in four layers and capped with a smooth gray capping texture.

43. Smooth Natural

This driveway has a smooth natural driveway that blends right into its edging. As you drive up further, the landscape has a small rubber portion to protect its bushes and trees.

44. Double Inlay

You’ll see many designs that have an inlay in edging photos, but it’s very rare, but beautiful to see a double inlay. The driveway edging here is designed using light gray stone, then has two smokey gray inlay designs.

45. Greenery

If you live in a climate that the landscape stays green all year round, consider adding shaped bushes as your driveway edging design. As you can see for this cottage home, the gravel driveway is surrounded by square-shaped greenery.

46. Round Bushes

This driveway is gorgeous. There are no popup edging stone designs like other driveways, however, evergreen bushes have been planted to create edging and sections throughout the front of the home.

47. Stones and Shrubs

The front of this home has a combination of two edging options. The first is on the left as you come to your destination. It has regular white stone installed to hold as a barrier for the rose bushes. In the very front, we have L-shaped bushes that also serve as an edging barrier.

48. Circular Greenery

This large home has plenty of driveway space as you can see. In the center, the greenery has been shaped in a circular shape to serve as an edging to its unique statue.

49. Stepping Bricks

For this driveway, on the right side, we have brick edging that is a staircase design. As you move further up to the home, the brick becomes higher and stays level with the large bushes.

50. Drains

If rain has become a problem for you, you can install an edging color of your choice as shown here, along with a drainage system. This driveway has smooth gray granite edging, with a drainage system as you move inward.


When properly installed and cared for, driveway edging offers a number of benefits for your property. Not only does this add value to your home, but it also helps improve its appeal and makes it beautiful. Whether you recently purchased your home, or are looking to make upgrades to your current home, driveway edging should be considered as one of the first projects on your home list. Paired with gorgeous landscaping, your home will be the best looking on the block!

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