Does Lowe's Make Keys For Homes? (Find Out Now!)

Ossiana Tepfenhart
by Ossiana Tepfenhart

In the world of friendly neighborhood big box hardware stores, there are two names that regularly come to mind: Lowe’s and Home Depot. Lowe’s is newer, but has been gaining a lot of traction due to their affordable prices. Most people already know their competitor makes keys, but aren’t always certain that this classic locksmithing service will be at Lowe’s. So, what’s the scoop?

There is good news on the horizon for clients who want to get a new set of keys: Lowe’s makes keys every day, and some locations even have a convenience key-making machine for simple housekeys setup. The entire process is super streamlined and can be found in their hardware section.

Lowe’s comes in clutch when it comes to a wide variety of different services and products. If you’re new to an area with Lowe’s hardware, here’s what you need to know.

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Two Different Ways To Get Keys At Lowe’s

If you need to get keys done, there are two different ways to have it happen at Lowe’s. Let’s take a closer look at how it’s done in each scenario.

Using A Key Kiosk At Lowe’s

Did you lose a house key, or do you need to make a new one for the babysitter? We’ve all been there, and Lowe’s makes a point of making it convenient to do via key-making machines. Lowe’s key machines automate the process and are usually found close to the entrance and exits of the store. Sometimes, though, they’re in the key and hardware aisles.

You will need to bring a key you want copied to the store. From there, the machine will be able to walk you through the process.

Getting A Key Professionally Made At Lowe’s

If you have a need for a specialty key (like a car key) or just don’t have a key kiosk at your nearby Lowe’s, it’s time to walk towards the store’s key section. This is usually found near the door section or the lock section. When you get to the key-making portion of the store, you will need to pick out the key base, ask the staff member to copy your key, and then (usually) pay upfront.

Like with the electronic kiosk, you will need to have the original copy of the key you want to make.

How Much Does Getting A New Key Cost?

If you’re heading to Lowe’s for a new key, you’re not going to have to pay much. A typical new key set at Lowe’s costs anywhere from $1.98 to $6.00 per key. “Vanity” keys that are painted with cool designs, car keys, and specialty keys are going to cost more. Standard housekeys will cost closer to the lower end of the spectrum.

Help! I Don’t Have The Key I Need To Copy!

If you do not have a key that you need to copy for a specific lock, you might be able to fix the problem by getting a new lock at Lowe’s, or by rekeying a lock you recently purchased. Much like Home Depot, Lowe’s often has a staff member who’s ready to rekey locks. However, you still need to buy the lock from their store to “unlock” this perk.

One thing we want to emphasize here is that you need to have a key to copy in order to make a new key. This means that you can’t make a new key from scratch. If you lost the key and need that specific lock unlocked, you might be out of luck.

When Should You Call A Locksmith?

While Lowe’s is a great go-to place for anything that’s related to getting a new key, there are limits to what they can do. They are, after all, a hardware store. They’re not locksmiths! Wondering whether or not you should call a locksmith instead of going to Lowe’s? Here’s the scoop:

  • You’re locked out of whatever you’re trying to access. This can include being locked out of a car, being stuck outside of a specific room in your home due to a lost key, or because you just had a safe that is locked down. All of them involve some kind of need for professional help.
  • There’s a broken key in a lock. While you can get a broken key out of a lock yourself, this isn’t always doable. If the tip of the key is stuck in the lock, you might need the help of a locksmith.
  • The lock-in question is not entirely analog. If you have a smart lock, an electrical lock, or an otherwise digitally-enhanced lock, then the actual mechanical parts are not going to be the only thing that you probably need to have addressed. While you can still make keys for some of these locks in Lowe’s, actually fixing the lock may not be something you can do at this store.
  • You need to have an attendant actually come out to your home. Most of the time, you will be able to figure out when one of these situations arises. Lowe’s doesn’t allow staff members to travel to your home. When you can’t figure out how to bring the part to the store, it’s locksmith time.

Are There Any Alternatives To Lowe’s Key Making Service?

Lowe’s is a great store to frequent, if you have a store near you. The problem is, not all of us are blessed with this store in our vicinity and that means that you may have to find an alternative to Lowe’s near you that offers key services. These major stores below are often a good start:

  • Home Depot OR Ace Hardware. The most obvious answer is usually the best one here. Other options that you can use include Home Depot, Ace Hardware, or most other hardware stores. Even mom and pop shops sometimes make keys.
  • Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is one of the largest big-box stores in the world, and it’s a good go-to choice for almost any type of service. Along with the standard pharmacy stuff, Wal-Mart also has a key kiosk in almost every store. The drawback here is that the kiosks only make house keys.
  • Locksmith Shops. These are pretty rare to find, but they absolutely will be able to give you the keys that you want to get.
  • Dealerships. If the key in question is for a car, a car dealership is usually the best place to get a key replacement.
  • Local Grocery Stores. This is a long shot, simply because it’s not the norm. Most grocery stores don’t have key services, but some do. This is most common in areas that have a lot of need for hardware in a one-stop-shop.

Do You Need to Hire a Locksmith?

Get free, zero-commitment quotes from pro contractors near you.

Related Questions

Can Lowe’s make a car key for a key with a chip in it?

It depends. If you choose to get a car key at Lowe’s, it’s important to know that the chip portion cannot be made. This means that cars that are turned on via a computer chip won’t work with the key you get. You will need to go to a car dealership for this.On the other hand, if you were just hoping for a standard key that can open up a door and turn on an analog-powered car, then Lowe’s will be more than capable of helping you out.

Is it illegal to sell a car with only one key?

It’s not illegal, per se, but it’s not a good idea. Some cars actually need more than one key in order to be operated. If you are buying a car with only one key, double-check that you can use the car entirely and make a copy of said key as soon as you can. You can never be too careful.

How long does it take to copy a key?

A key doesn’t have to take too long to copy. Most analog keys can be copied in a matter of 2 to 5 minutes at the very most. If you have a key that needs to be programmed, or a particularly complex key, you may need to wait for up to 25 minutes for it to be completed.

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