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Polyvinyl chloride pipe, commonly known as PVC pipe, is offered at Lowe’s in a variety of options. Customers that consider going to Lowe’s for their PVC pipe needs likely want to know if Lowe’s will cut the pipe when the customer wants to make a purchase. The short answer to whether Lowe’s cuts pipe is “yes,” Lowe’s will cut pipe. Another answer is that it may depend on what you want when you shop for pipes and fittings and other needs at the store.

The answer to questions about whether Lowe’s cuts PVC pipe is a little vague on their website. They offer to cut some types of pipes, but no, Lowe’s does not cut PVC pipe. The store sells nearly 1,200 PVC pipes, fittings, and related items in their stores and on the company website, including tools for customers to cut their own PVC pipe to the correct size.

A visit to the services page on the company website shows that Lowe’s offers an outstanding variety of services for individual customers and professionals. Pipe cutting is one of those services mentioned on the website. The company states that the store “offers FREE pipe threading and cutting for any size galvanized or black iron pipe.”

The company website further explains that, “The process involves a machine‐based cutting operation with a metal wheel that creates threads in the ends of pipes. This service is specifically designed to both thread and cut pipes. No blade is involved in the process.”

But that statement does not mention PVC pipe cutting services, does it? A visit to the Lowe’s Pro Store Services page reveals that the same statement is on that page. Therefore, it appears that while Lowe’s will cut galvanized or black iron pipe purchased at the store, they do not offer to cut PVC pipe.

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Lowe’s PVC Pipes Selection

Lowe’s sells PVC pipes in an array of sizes, and also sells fittings, adapters, couplings, elbows, and other PVC miscellaneous pipe needs. The store offers some advice to customers before they come to a Lowe’s store to buy PVC pipes.

The company explains that they offer a variety of sizes of PVC pipe, including 6-inch PVC pipe fittings, 12-inch PVC pipe fittings, and schedule 80 PVC pipe fittings. Customers are advised to reference a PVC pipe fittings chart to make sure that they are using the right dimensions of PVC pipe fittings. So, before you go to Lowe’s to make PVC pipe purchases, make sure that you have everything that you need in regard to dimensions for all your PVC pipe needs.

The store offers a variety of PVC pipe cutting tools for the person that has the expertise to cut the pipe themselves. Customers can make sure that they get the right tools for cutting their size of PVC pipes from a Lowe’s associate.

Lowe’s PVC Pipe Delivery Services

There are many PVC pipe products that Lowe’s will deliver to your home or to another location. Make sure that when you select your PVC pipe products online, that the green “Delivery available” statement is listed on that particular product. Several items indicate that there is also free delivery services offered to local locations.

If the “delivery available” statement in green text is not listed for the PVC pipe products that you need, either call the store or go to your local Lowe’s store and ask if delivery is available for the specific pipe that you need for your project.

When you select the right PVC pipe items, there is a possibility of having it delivered for free, but this is another point that you want to check before just assuming that because there is a “free delivery” statement listed for some PVC pipe products that it applies to all of them. You do not want to get stuck with a delivery fee that you were not counting on because you failed to confirm that your PVC pipe did indeed qualify for the free delivery service. If you have the means to pick up your purchase, Lowe’s associates will help you load it into your vehicle.

Stores That Off PVC Pipe Cutting Services

Pipeworks is a relatively new business. They have a warehouse location in Kansas City, and another warehouse in Orlando, Florida. The company offers a variety of PVC pipes, structural and furniture grade PVC accessories, connectors, and fittings, which they claim is the “best on the planet.” Pipeworks offers customers the opportunity to have their purchases shipped to their door or whatever other locations where they want the company to send their purchases.

The company offers helpful guides for customers that purchase PVC pipes. One of them provides information on learning how to cut PVC pipe, while the other guide reveals information on how to connect PVC pipes and fittings. However, the company does not offer PVC pipe cutting services.

The Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Company offers pipes for commercial and retail sale, but does not offer PVC pipe cutting services. Several other companies also sell PVC pipes for a wide range of uses. Ferguson is one of those companies. The company indicates that it is the largest distributor of plumbing supplies, PVC, and other types of products. Ferguson offers pipe fabrication, pipe cutting, and end preparation services. The company seems to primarily serve commercial and mechanical contractors. They have a link on their page to find local Ferguson locations, and a link to contact the company online.

Does any other store or company offer to cut PVC pipe? We were not able to find a chain home improvement store or another retail location where customers can get someone to cut PVC pipes for them. It seems that while there are endless options to consider when the need arises to purchase PVC pipe products, but not to have someone cut the PVC pipe for you.

Does Home Depot Cut PVC Pipe?

Home Depot, like Lowe’s, offers an outstanding variety of PVC pipe products, including flexible PVC pipes and furniture-grade PVC pipes. However, also like Lowe’s, Home Depot does not provide PVC pipe cutting services.

The company does offer some helpful how-to pages on their website. One of them is featured on the home page, and is titled, “How to Cut Pipe and Tubing.” The other project guide page is titled, “How to cut PVC pipe.” Customers that have the experience of cutting PVC pipe, or that are confident enough to take on the task themselves, may find these project guides helpful to get the PVC pipe to the perfect size. Some sources also indicate that at least some Home Depot stores offer a station where customers can cut their own PVC pipe in the store. There was no information available about whether Lowe’s offers this same service.

The Cost to Cut PVC Pipe

The cost to cut PVC pipe depends on where you cut it at, and some other factors. If you are fortunate enough to find a self-service station where customers can cut their PVC pipes inside of Lowe’s or Home Depot, or another store, then you are able to cut the pipes to the right size at no additional cost to you.

Do you find that you have to cut PVC pipe yourself? There are several options for pipe cutter products, including ideal product options for cutting PVC pipe, available at Lowe’s stores. The cost and the particular style of these products vary, so consult a Lowe’s associate for the right products to cut your PVC pipe. Another point related to the cost associated with purchasing the right pipe cutters for your project is your budget. There are budget-friendly options and other options that are available at higher prices.

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Related Questions

Is it difficult for the average person to cut PVC pipes?

There are several stores that offer how-to guides related to cutting the PVC pipe. Consider reading some available project guides before you purchase your PVC pipe and again when you get ready to cut it to size for your specific project needs. Home Depot suggests that customers follow the workshop adage to “measure twice, cut one.”

How do I know what size PVC pipe to purchase when I go to Lowe’s?

It may seem overwhelming to determine the proper size for your PVC pipe product needs. Consult a PVC pipe fitting reference chart, as suggested by Lowe’s, to make sure that you are purchasing and using the right dimensions.

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