Do Slate Appliances Scratch Easily? (Find Out Now!)

Do Slate Appliances Scratch Easily

So, you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen and are thinking about purchasing slate appliances. Slate is a relatively new color option and a unique alternative to stainless steel.

Many people love their slate appliances because slate has a warm earthy look and complement their kitchen cabinets and appliances. It also doesn’t show fingerprints or dirt. It is easy to clean, as you simply wipe with a soft cloth, using mild household detergent.

Slate appliances are tough and durable and do not scratch easily. As long as you follow proper instructions for care and cleaning, your slate appliances should remain virtually scratch-free. But, if you do get a scratch on your appliance, there are things you can do to fix that as well.

Let’s take a closer look at how to properly clean your slate appliances. We’ll also explain what you can do if your slate appliances do get scratched up a bit.

How Do You Clean Slate Appliances Without Scratching Them?

Slate appliances need to be cleaned regularly. In order to avoid scratching your appliances when cleaning, you must choose the proper cleaning materials. If you follow these instructions, your slate appliances will be sparkling clean without scratches.

The best way to clean a slate appliance is with a soft, damp, clean cloth. You can use a little mild, non-abrasive cleaning detergent as you clean. Gently wipe away the dirt and stains.

After cleaning your appliance, you can wipe it with a soft, dry cloth. This should effectively remove any lingering fingerprints, without scratching or marring the surface of the appliance.

Are There Items That You Shouldn’t Use When You Clean Your Slate Appliances?

To avoid scratching the slate surface, you should never use scouring pads, powdered or abrasive cleaners, bleach, or cleaners containing bleach to clean your slate appliances. These can all cause marks and scratches. A mild cleaner is all that is necessary to properly clean your slate appliances.

Is There Anything You Can Do to Prevent Scratches on Your Slate Appliances?

To keep your appliance looking good as new, it is recommended that you apply a thin coat of appliance polish wax at least twice a year. This will help your slate appliance become resistant to scratches and everyday wear and tear.

How Do You Fix Scratches in Slate Appliances?

Occasionally, no matter how careful you are, you might still notice a scratch or two on your slate appliances. If you follow these steps, you will have your slate appliances looking good as new.

Step One: Use Appliance Wax

Appliance wax can be used to repair light scratches. You can purchase appliance wax at most home improvement stores as well as online.

Step Two: Clean the Surface with a Mild Detergent

To remove the scratches, you must first clean the surface using a soft, clean, damp cloth and a mild detergent.

Step Three: Dry the Slate Appliance

Take a soft, clean, dry cloth and run over the surface of the slate appliance until completely dry.

Step Four: Use Wax

Apply appliance wax to the scratches. Carnuba wax can also be used. Using a soft, clean cloth, work in a circular motion to evenly distribute the wax. Be sure to thoroughly work the wax into the surface of the scratch. Wait for the wax to dry and then wipe clean.

Step Four: For Larger Scratches, Use Touch-Up Paint

Appliance wax might not work with larger scratches. In this case, you will need to use appliance touch-up paint. This is often available for purchase at the store from which you bought your appliance.

What Company Makes Slate Appliances?

Right now, the only company offering slate as an option is GE Appliances. Slate is a relatively new color for the appliance industry. GE now offers appliances in both slate and black slate.

A similar finish, called black stainless steel, is now being offered as an option by all major appliance brands. Slate and black stainless steel are considered high-end finishes, as they are slightly more expensive than white and black finishes.

Kitchen Appliances Available with a Slate Finish

GE makes ranges, refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, and range hoods. There are many affordable options available for each.

Where Can Slate Appliances Be Purchased?

Slate appliances can be purchased wherever GE appliances are sold. Home Depot, Best Buy, and Lowe’s all carry slate appliances.

Other Color Options Available for Slate Appliances

Yes, GE offers a black slate finish that has a sleek, black surface offset by chrome details. It’s versatile and fits with any kitchen style, from traditional to modern.

Handles and Knob Colors on Slate Appliances

The handles and knobs on slate appliances are stainless steel. This allows it to easily match other stainless steel and chrome hardware in your kitchen, such as a chrome sink faucet or stainless steel drawer pulls.

What are Slate Appliances Made of?

Slate appliances are engineered using a low-gloss, matte metallic paint finish that is resistant to fingerprints and doesn’t show dirt easily. This makes slate appliances an attractive option for those looking to update their appliances.

Are Slate Appliances More Expensive than Stainless Steel?

Slate and stainless steel appliances cost the same, although both finishes tend to be more expensive than black or white appliances. If you like the look of the slate, especially because it is more resistant to dirt and fingerprints, then slate may be the best option for you.

Drawbacks to Slate Appliances?

Because the only company offering this brand is GE, you will be unable to mix and match brands if you go with slate. So, if you like different brands for different appliances, this slate finish might not be the best choice for you.

Also, because the slate color option is fairly new in the appliance industry, there’s no guarantee that this color will continue to remain in production, which is something to consider when shopping for appliances. Other than that, slate appliances are durable, easy to clean, and hide stains and fingerprints well.

Paint Colors Coordinating with Slate

Whether you choose a modern or rustic look for your kitchen, slate appliances offer a lot of versatility. Slate appliances go well with a variety of paint colors. You can pair slate with neutral colors or colors that pop. Whatever color you choose, slate appliances work well with all of them.

What Color Cabinets Work Well with Slate Appliances?

Slate appliances look great with most cabinet colors. The warm, gray tone of slate appliances lends itself to several design options when choosing cabinet colors. Slate appliances tend to blend in with their surroundings instead of stand out.

White cabinets tend to look very modern with slate. In contrast, brown wood cabinets complement slate appliances and give off a warm, inviting vibe. No matter what color you choose, your cabinets are bound to look great with your slate appliances.

Slate appliances are becoming increasingly popular. The gray, stone-inspired slate finish blends well with all cabinet styles and colors. It also complements existing appliances. The way that slate appliances naturally hide dust, dirt, and fingerprints is another big plus.

Related Questions

Do Magnets Stick to Slate Appliances?

One thing that I didn’t like about my stainless steel refrigerator was that it didn’t hold magnets. That was another reason I went with a slate finish for my refrigerator. Slate is a low-gloss metallic paint finish over steel, so the slate surface does effectively hold magnets. Now, I finally have a place to display my kids’ artwork!

Are stainless steel appliances going out of style?

Stainless steel appliances remain as popular today as they were years ago. Stainless steel is easy to clean, germ-resistant, and has a long life-span.

How do I choose the right appliance finish?

Slate and stainless steel appliances tend to look great with most cabinet finishes, flooring, and paint colors. Considering they are similar in price, it comes down to personal preference.

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