Do IKEA Bed Frames Fit Regular Mattresses? (Find Out Now!)

An IKEA bed frame is the perfect solution for homeowners looking to save money, but it is hard to figure out if they’re compatible with standard mattresses. Unfortunately, IKEA bed frames are meant for IKEA beds and there is a 1-3 centimeter difference compared to standard mattresses. Whether it be taking measurements or finding the right fit, let’s explore why IKEA bed frames are not ideal for all mattresses.

Do IKEA Bed Frames Fit Regular Mattresses

IKEA is what most people would consider a thrifty man’s paradise. It’s the kind of place that offers up really pretty, shiny furniture that you can see on a magazine cover. The only thing is, you have to put it together. Beds are one of their most popular products, but a lot of people tend to be nervous about buying their first IKEA bed. This is primarily due to the worry about mattress sizing, and rightfully so. Here’s why.

While IKEA mattress sizing is named after standard sizing, it’s not a perfect fit to standard US sizing. Most IKEA mattresses will be 1 to 3 centimeters off the official measurements for standard American mattresses. A typical IKEA bedframe might have a harder time fitting a non-IKEA mattress. So, be careful when you order a mattress.

You can usually use an IKEA mattress in a regular bedframe, but it’s not going to work the other way around. Before you run to everyone’s favorite Scandinavian store, you need to learn about what you should expect.

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What Are Ikea Bed Frame Measurements Supposed To Be?

IKEA bed frames are meant to fit their mattresses. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really bode well for people who want to have a regular mattress. When it comes to standard IKEA mattress sizes, here’s what you need to know…

US Mattress Name Width In Metric IKEA Width +/- Length In Metric IKEA +/- Width In Imperial IKEA +/- Length  IKEA +/-
Single, Twin,

or Bunk

99 cm -2cm (97 cm) 191 cm -2cm (189 cm) 39 in -1/4 ” (38 1/4 “) 75 in -5/8 ” (74 3/8 “)
Queen 152 cm The same (152 cm) 203 cm -1cm (202 cm) 60 in -7/8 ” (59 7/8 “) 80 in -1/2 ” (79 1/2 “)
King 193 cm The same (93 cm) 203 cm -1cm (202 cm) 76 in Same (76 “) 80 in -1/2 ” (79 1/2 “)

Can You Use A Regular Mattress On A Typical IKEA Bed Frame?

For the most part, the answer is no. As you can see, the sizes are slightly different. If you choose a bed frame that’s meant to stick to the mattress for a snug fit, you probably will end up with a mattress that’s too large for the bed frame that you bought. However, there is some good news on the horizon.

According to multiple sources, IKEA is currently working on creating bedframes that are compatible with mainstream American standard mattresses. There are three ways that people typically find IKEA bed frames that work with mainstream groups in this store:

  • Ask a sales associate whether it can fit mainstream mattresses. Plenty of IKEA beds will also be marketed as capable of working with standard mattress sizes too.
  • Buy a bed one size larger. This is a good idea if you want to have a mattress that’s a twin or queen size. However, it’ s not doable if you have a king mattress you want to accommodate.
  • Check out the measurements. If the bed frames have a little extra room, then they will be able to fit standard measurements. A good way to determine how much mattress a specific bed frame can hold is to measure the space on the frame while you’re there. It may be overkill, but it’s a surefire way to make sure that you will be able to fit the mattress in.

What’s The Best Way To Make Sure Your IKEA Bed Frame Has A Mattress That Fits?

This should be a pretty obvious one, but let’s just be honest. The best way to make sure your mattress isn’t too large for a bed frame bought from IKEA is to buy both from the store. That’s the plain and simple truth. IKEA has plenty of supportive mattresses that you can choose from, so it’s not that bad an idea.

However, if you want to get a specialty mattress like a TempurPedic, you might want to splurge extra for a standard bedframe. IKEA is more about saving money than it is about sticking to standard measurements.

Another Note About Buying An IKEA Bed Frame For A Regular Mattress

While there are a lot of reasons that you might want to skip out on getting an IKEA mattress, we have to point out that sometimes, it might not work. This is true, even if you try to measure things out or if you get a bed size larger than what you’d expect. The good news is that IKEA has a pretty lenient policy when it comes to returns.

If you find that the mattress is too big and the package is not yet opened, you can bring it back within a year. If you opened the package and just laid out the parts that would hold the mattress to find that it was to small, you have a whopping 180 days to return it. So, even if you aren’t 100 percent sure it will fit, it may still be worth your time to pursue it.

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Related Questions

What returns won’t IKEA accept?

While IKEA has good return policies for most items, they won’t allow you to take back food, plants, certain textiles, or items that have been sold as-is. If you aren’t sure whether or not they will allow you to bring something back, the best thing you can do is call up their hotline to find out the policy. Regardless of what you return, you do need to bring back a recipt or proof of purchase.

Do you need a box spring for an IKEA bed?

Nope. IKEA is famous for not needing box springs. They do not sell them. The mattresses they sell are the only thing you need in order to get a good night’s sleep. So, if you want to skip the box spring, don’t worry about it.

How long does the warranty last on an IKEA mattress?

Believe it or not, IKEA has a ridiculously long warranty on their top tier mattresses. If you buy a mattress from IKEA, you get a warranty that lasts for as long as 25 years for free. The warranty covers all types of parts that are involved in the creation of the mattress, but will not cover damage that you do to said mattress. Shocked? We were pretty stunned, too.

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