DirecTV Keeps Freezing? (Possible Causes & Fixes)

DirecTV Keeps Freezing

DirecTV is a popular satellite TV service that offers more than 240 channels in most areas. A big downside of DirecTV, though, is that it sometimes it freezes.

If your DirecTV keeps freezing, it may be because of poor weather, bad wiring, or a wrong satellite dish location. DirecTV Stream can freeze as a result of a weak WiFi connection or the app needing to be updated. All solutions can usually be resolved in under 1 hour by either you or a technician.

Keep reading to discover what DirecTV is, why it keeps freezing, and how to fix it!

What is DirecTV?

DirecTV, a subsidiary of AT&T, was born in 1994 as an American direct broadcast satellite service provider. They’re headquartered in California and have since evolved into even more.

The company DirecTV has two major service offerings. The first, satellite television (trademarked DirecTV) and a streaming service that couples live TV with on-demand capabilities called DirecTV stream.

There can be freezing issues with both, but it’s important to differentiate between the two. Issues with the satellite dish itself need to be handled by an authorized technician. However, there’s no reason for a customer to endure freezing on their remote control.

Upon doing some digging, I noticed that many customers complain about their DirecTV freezing or becoming slow when customers use their remotes. We’ll dive more into why this happens below.

Why Does My DirecTV Keep Freezing?

A DirecTV that freezes can be incredibly frustrating. It requires you to manually restart the satellite television box in order to return service.

If your DirecTV keeps freezing, it’s likely one of these five things:

  1. Poor weather interference
  2. Faulty remote
  3. Other electronic interference
  4. Satellite dish location
  5. Bad wiring

Unfortunately, you can’t control the weather, although the others are fixable.

Poor Weather Interference

Usually, bad weather is temporary, but there’s really nothing you can do to stop this.

If you’re in an area with poor weather conditions (rain or snow), your DirecTV can get interrupted when it tries to communicate with the satellite. Usually, this issue will resolve itself within an hour or two after the weather subsides. 

If you tried to record anything during such weather, I have some bad news. Typically any DVR settings will be inhibited if your satellite dish isn’t receiving signals.

The fix? After the weather subsides, reboot your TV and call a technician. Customer service may be able to do a hard reset on their end to get your DirecTV back up and running as quickly as possible.

Faulty Remote

As mentioned above, some customers experience freezing issues related to their remotes.

This can happen when users press too many buttons at once, although it is often caused by something as simple as a dead battery. 

The fix? Change out those depleted old batteries for a new pair of AAs. If this doesn’t work, try:

  • Turning your TV off.
  • Wait 1 minute.
  • Then, turning it back on again.

This should cure your remote woes.

Other Electronic Interference

Like your cell phone and cell towers, because DirecTV relies on satellite correspondence, other electronics can interfere with signals. This can cause your DirecTV to freeze.

The usual culprits of electronic interference include microwaves and cordless phones. WiFi interference also presents an issue because it broadcasts on the same frequency as DirecTV.

A sure-fire sign of this is an overheated DirecTV console or nearby electronics producing a lot of heat.

The fix? There isn’t much you can do about this except maybe turning your phone on airplane mode while you’re home (which would be a silly solution). A technician can usually come out and move the position of your satellite dish to limit interruptions.

Satellite Dish Location

Another huge related issue is an improper installation of the DirecTV satellite dish, causing it to freeze up.

One of the main reasons for this is long tree branches. If your DirecTV satellite dish is too close to a large, overgrown tree, the branches may be inhibiting signals. 

The fix? This is pretty simple but requires a professional. You have two options- have someone cut back the tree or have a technician move the dish.

Bad Wiring

Your DirecTV can freeze up, exhibit a black screen, or show a pixelated image when there is bad wiring between the receiver and the satellite dish.

The wiring can become ruined from normal wear-and-tear or long-term exposure to outdoor conditions. Even storm damage, animals chewing the wiring, tree branches falling, or birds building nests can have a lasting impact. 

The fix? If you call customer support, they’ll be able to send a technician out to confirm the damage. He or she can then lay new wiring.

Why Does My DirecTV Stream Keep Freezing?

Unless you have a Smart TV with DirecTV Stream built-in, most customers use the DirecTV Stream App from their phone. That’s where most of the problems lie, so we’ll focus there.

Here are the reasons your DirecTV Stream keeps freezing:

  1. App needs to be updated
  2. WiFi connection is weak
  3. Your phone needs to be updated
  4. Coax cable is loose 
  5. Channel is malfunctioning

Fear not; there’s a fix for all of these related issues.

App Needs to Be Updated

We’ve all been there when the dreaded app update message flashes across our phones. It’s tempting to hit ‘X’ and forget about it (in fact, that’s usually what happens), but we’ll pay the price down the road.

One of the best ways to keep your DirecTV Stream from freezing is by updating your app. This will allow the app to utilize the latest technology without interruption. It will be much easier for you to enjoy your favorite shows. 

The fix? If an upgrade isn’t available, try deleting and re-downloading the app.

Also of note- typically, a Smart TV with DirecTV built-in has far fewer issues. This is because they don’t require Bluetooth or cell phone signals to be working flawlessly.

If you’re experiencing frequent and constant freezes and nothing seems to be working, then it might be time for you to change providers. This brings me to my next point- WiFi.

WiFi Connection Is Weak

There’s really nothing worse than poor WiFi. Sometimes you get unlucky, and the apartment you’re renting or the new home you bought ends up in a dead zone.

Weak WiFi is one of the leading causes of your DirecTV Stream being frozen. If the app can’t communicate using WiFi, it will often stop working, or you’ll get an error message.

The fix? There’s not much you can do about weak WiFi except to switch providers (which is expensive) or have a technician come out to troubleshoot. Sometimes turning the modem off and on or doing a hard reset will improve your connection.

Your Phone Needs to Be Updated

It seems like every phone update that solves the previous version’s bugs comes with a new set of problems.

Bluetooth connection between your phone and television has been known to cause DirecTV Stream to freeze. One of the main reasons is interference from other devices in the area. This will result in your TV not being able to find and connect with your phone (the remote).

The fix? Usually, updating your phone will help avoid these issues. Typically it will be done overnight while your device is connected to power. This should take about an hour.

Coax Cable is Loose

Sometimes, coax cables are not securely fastened on the back of your TV or to the wall.

A loose coax cable can cause DirecTV or DirecTV Stream to freeze because there’s not a strong enough signal to go through two devices at once.

The fix? All you have to do is tighten the cable connectors. If that doesn’t work, replacing your coax cable for $15 may be the next step.

Channel Is Malfunctioning

Sometimes if your DirecTV Stream is freezing, it has nothing to do with the app at all.

DirecTV Stream offers over 240 different channels on-demand or live. Sometimes the channel you’re trying to watch freezes or isn’t working correctly for some reason. Each channel is operated by its own software and may sometimes experience unrelated issues.

The fix? You can try reporting the issue to DirecTV customer service, although they will probably tell you to wait it out. You can also attempt to delete and re-download the app.

Related Questions

Why won’t DirecTV stay paused?

If your DirecTV won’t stay paused, either the remote is low on batteries, or there is a software issue. If you’re having problems with the DVR, reboot your DirecTV console. Perform these steps:

  • Unplug your receiver’s power cord from the outlet.
  • Wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in. Press the Power button on the front panel of your receiver.
  • Wait up to 2 minutes for your receiver to restart.

Why won’t DirecTV Stream let me log in?

Your DirecTV Stream might not be letting you log in if you have rebooted your television. Additionally, if you change your WiFi password, the app may kick you out and require you to log in again. You’ll need to update this on your phone. Always keep your login information handy for circumstances like this.

In Summary

DirecTV is an excellent option for television viewers who want to be able to watch their favorite programs on the go.

Unfortunately, some customers have reported that it freezes when trying to stream TV shows or movies. This could be due to your internet connection quality- if you’re experiencing this problem, try upgrading your provider’s internet plan. Other issues include your phone’s software and coax cable connection.

If these don’t work, then the channel itself might not be working properly. Regardless of the problem, if you can’t fix it yourself, DirecTV offers 24/7 customer service!

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