Curtain Ideas for 3 Windows Side by Side (Amazing Picks!)

curtain ideas for 3 Windows Side by Side

Our home is our paradise, and this paradise deserves to be beautified with modern, chic and elegant home improvement ideas. One such idea is 3 side-by-side windows paired with beautiful curtains.

These large windows possess the power to liven up any room and house. Not only will these liven up the area, but also make the room appear bigger and larger. However, pairing up these windows with equally excellent curtains can often be an ordeal.

You can either use one lightweight curtain or three different curtains for every single window. A wide array of curtain ideas is available for your 3 side-by-side windows, and the burden of choice lies on your shoulders. Make sure what you want, and find the right curtains to complement your walls and your windows.

Do you want to find curtain ideas for 3 windows side by side? You are in the right place.

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How to Hang Curtains for 3 Side-By-Side Windows

You cannot choose random curtains for your wide windows. Here are some helpful points to help you choose curtains for 3 side-by-side windows.

Fill Out the Edges

You can fill out the edges of large windows with a standard set of curtains. Use two different panels for both ends. Hang standard sets of curtains on both edges. This way, you can draw them towards the middle and cover the windows.

More than One Lightweight Panels

Instead of using one huge panel, you can use 3 different panels. You can use one panel for each window. This way, you can hang three sets of the same curtains on every window. It will make the room and the windows look bigger and larger.

Use Sheer Curtains

If you want curtains for large windows, you can use sheer curtains. These curtains are lightweight and look chic. Moreover, these curtains are also quite affordable for everyone.

One of the best things about these curtains is that they need no additional drapes. These can cover the windows on their own. These curtains are also lightweight, so minimal light will pass through them all the time. This way, your room will be filled with natural light all the time.

Go for Window Scarves

Window scarves go with all types of windows. Therefore, these will be amazing curtains for 3 side-by-side windows in your home. However, window scarves don’t offer much privacy. If your window is next to another building, window scarves are not for you.

Get Mixed Colors and Fabric

You have a large window to cover. Thus, you can try different colors and fabric for curtains. You can use a different color and fabric for the outer edges. But, you can use a whole new color and fabric for the middle part. The final choice is yours.

Use Shades with Curtains

Do you want more privacy? In that case, choose shades to go with curtains. Shades also offer insulation during the winter season.

You can use shades, drapes or bamboo shutters for more privacy and insulation. These shades will offer privacy. Moreover, these will keep you warm during the cold season.

What Are Some Curtain ideas for 3 Side-by-Side Windows?

Curtain shopping may sound fun. Yet, there are countless elements and variables at play. You have to take into account several factors, such as:

  • the height and length of curtains
  • the width of the window arch
  • the type of panel
  • the color of the surrounding walls, etc.

After a careful examination of such factors, you can finally decide which curtains will go best with your windows.

When choosing curtains for 3 side-by-side windows, you have to understand that the traditional two window curtains will not do the job. You have to think about:

  • the arch height
  • the panel fitting
  • the overall length of the windows from one end to the other

Let’s take a look at some of the best curtain ideas for 3 windows.

Ethereal Curtains

If you want to employ a luxurious vibe around your curtains, you need to try the ethereal curtain style.

These curtains are slim, long, and look matchstick in appearance. Moreover, these curtains also look minimalistic in appearance and offer a clean look to the entire window panel.

Secondly, if you decide to go with ethereal curtains, you cannot go wrong. There are only a few options for these curtains. Additionally, all of them go well with any window style. For your next home improvement project, you can choose ethereal white curtains for 3 windows side by side.

Moreover, ethereal curtains are light. This is why they are perfect for hot seasons, such as summer and spring. You can just fling them in front of the open windows and enjoy the fresh air inside your house. These will stop any of the pollutants from creeping in through the windows.

Fashionable Valances

Fashionable valances are the next best thing for your large windows. Valances can enhance the look of the room. These also appear futuristic and chic at the same time.

Modern valances are created from delicate materials. They can add to the beauty of large windows. They don’t take up too much space. You can enjoy the shade in hot seasons, and can just toss them open whenever you want. Since these do not reach the full length from arch to the ground, the room looks open, clean, and breathable.

Bamboo Curtains

These may look big, but they offer 100% eco-friendly and long-lasting material at your disposal. Bamboo products are all the hype right now since the world is slowly taking a step towards a greener and environmentally-friendly options.

Bamboo curtains can lighten up the entire room, block the air with ease, and still offer great breathability for an airy environment.

Once you make the choice of using natural elements in your design, you can give the natural bamboo curtains a shot. These curtains for 3 side-by-side windows are 100% natural, offer ample shade and look beautiful on your windows as well.

What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions?

Choosing curtains for 3 side-by-side windows may not be as easy as you think. People have a lot of questions sometimes. So, here are some popular FAQs.

How can I get more privacy with curtains for large windows?

Use shades, drapes, or blinds with curtains. If you want more privacy, you can also use dark colors and heavy fabric for your window curtains. You can also use blackout curtains.

How much should the track extend on each side?

When it comes to 3 side-by-side windows, the track should extend from 20cm to 25cm. This way, you can draw back your curtains and let the natural light into the room.

How can I measure my windows?

Measure the curtain rod from one end to the other. Generally, the curtain width is twice the width of your rod. This way, you can pull them back or draw them in with ease.

What are the blackout curtains and light filtering curtains?

Blackout curtains stop all the light from coming in. However, light filtering curtains reduce the amount of light. There is still some light coming into the room.

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The Bottom Line

Choosing curtains for 3 side-by-side windows is a huge task. You need to understand every aspect of selecting the curtains. You can’t buy curtains every other week. So, you need to finalize the measurements, design, and the fabric of your curtains before you purchase them.

Also, you need to make sure that the color goes with the overall design. It should not go against the interior design. Choose lighter colors for a soft design. But, choose darker colors for bold interior design. At the end of the day, the choice depends on your personal taste as well. Choose wisely and choose carefully.

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