How Much Does It Cost to Sandblast an Exterior Surface?

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Certain parts of homes simply don’t get as much attention in terms of regular maintenance. Outdoor areas, in particular, are frequently overlooked because we don’t spend a lot of time hanging out on driveways or walkways. Eventually, those areas will be covered in dirt and debris and they will need serious cleaning.

Sandblasting could very well be the cleaning method you need to use on those exterior surfaces. It’s a highly effective cleaning method and it can make spots like they were just installed recently. So, how much will have you to pay for professional sandblasting?

The average cost to sandblast an exterior surface is around $3.50 per square foot. Wrought iron surfaces cost the most to clean at about $6 per square foot. Silica is commonly used for sandblasting and it costs approximately $1.60 per pound. Other commonly used sandblasting media include corn, cobs, glass beads, and steel grit, and they cost around $1, $2, and $2.20 respectively.

Homeowners should realize that sandblasting is a more than viable option for cleaning exterior surfaces. Given how grimy and dirty some exterior surfaces get, sandblasting may even turn out to be the best option. Get more information on the cost factors that affect exterior sandblasting prices by continuing with this article.

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Why Should You Choose Sandblasting to Clean Exterior Surfaces?

If you’re unfamiliar with sandblasting, you’re probably asking why you should pay up for that service. Sandblasting can be quite pricey so it’s not something you will probably try just out of curiosity.

The reasons below explain why sandblasting can be beneficial to your property. Check them out and see if sandblasting makes sense for your cleaning needs.

Sandblasting Removes Rust, Grime, and Oily Substances

Have you been cleaning your concrete driveway regularly? If you haven’t, chances are that it’s already covered in layers of dirt, grime, and oily substances.

At that point, hosing your driveway down with water and soap may not do much. Sandblasting is more effective because it forces those nasty substances off of the target surface. Deep cleaning exterior surfaces is possible if you pay for professional sandblasting.

Spots near metal fixtures may also be covered in layers of rust. You can get rid of all that rust with the help of sandblasting.

Sandblasting Prepares Exterior Surfaces for Painting

Do you need to paint an exterior surface? Before doing so, you should consider sandblasting that exterior surface.

Sandblasting will remove small bits of debris from different kinds of surfaces. With those bits of debris, the paint can adhere better and last longer.

Sandblasting Can Be Done Quickly

Compared to other outdoor cleaning methods, sandblasting is very quick. Even large exterior surfaces can be properly cleaned in just a couple of hours through sandblasting. Save time on cleaning by paying for sandblasting.

Cost of Sandblasting Per Square Foot

Estimate TypeCost Per Square Foot
Low-End Estimate$2
Mid-Range Estimate$3.50
High-End Estimate$7

Most of the time, professional sandblasting services base their charges on the area to be cleaned. To be more specific, they present a rate based on square footage. On average, professionals charge right around $3.50 per square foot for sandblasting.

It’s not exactly a cheap service. Thankfully, you don’t need to pay for sandblasting frequently so it won’t drain your bank account.

You may find some sandblasting services that prefer to charge hourly instead. The average hourly rate for professional sandblasting is close to $60. If you think you can save more by partnering with services that charge hourly rates, you can look for them first.

Cost of Sandblasting Based on Surface

Type of Exterior SurfaceCost Per Square Foot
Wrought Iron$6

Although it’s not the most impactful factor, the type of surface you’re sandblasting can still affect the final cost. We’re going to talk about sandblasting costs for some of the more common exterior surfaces. Account for the discrepancies in prices so you know how much you’ll likely have to pay for sandblasting.

Brick Surfaces

Brick walls are commonly found on properties and they can get covered in grime as well. Sandblasting a brick wall will cost you about $2.80 per square foot.

You may think that brick can hold up to sandblasting at any intensity, but that’s not the case. Increase the pressure too much and the brick surface could wind up exposed. Professionals know how to calibrate the pressure just right to clean the brick surface properly without leaving it bare.

Concrete Surfaces

Concrete driveways and pavements are routinely exposed to dirt and debris. They can benefit from sandblasting as well. The average cost of sandblasting a concrete surface is about $3 per square foot.

Compared to other materials, concrete can take quite a beating. Because of that, concrete is also easier to clean.

Stucco Surfaces

Sandblasting a stucco surface costs around $2 per square foot. It’s slightly cheaper to clean compared to other surfaces.

Stucco surfaces are delicate so the cleaners have to be careful with them. The sandblasting options for stucco are also fairly limited because of how easily damaged that surface is.

Wooden Surfaces

The average cost to sandblast a wooden surface is approximately $2.50 per square foot. Extra care is also required if you’re sandblasting a wooden surface. You don’t want to use too much pressure or use the wrong medium because doing so could damage the wood.

Wrought Iron Surfaces

Sandblasting a wrought iron surface costs more relative to the other surfaces we’ve already discussed. Expect to pay close to $6 if you need to sandblast a wrought iron surface. Sandblasting your wrought iron railings or walls is a great idea if you want to get rid of unsightly rust spots.

Cost of Sandblasting by Medium Used

Medium UsedCost Per Pound
Aluminum Oxide$2.30
Corn Cobs$1
Glass Beads$2
Steel Grit$2.20

Different sandblasting jobs call for the usage of different sandblasting materials. Sticking to only one sandblasting medium can lead to improper cleaning. Read on to learn more about the different media and identify the best one for your intended application.

Aluminum Oxide for Sandblasting

Aluminum oxide costs around $2.30 per pound. It’s the exact type of material you want to use for heavy-duty cleaning. The hardness of aluminum oxide makes it especially effective when it comes to removing stubborn stains.

You can only use aluminum oxide for tough surfaces like concrete. Go with a different blasting medium if you know the target surface is susceptible to damage.

Corn Cobs for Sandblasting

Compressed corn cobs can be used for sandblasting and they only cost about $1 per pound. Aside from being inexpensive, a lot of people also like using corn cobs for sandblasting because they are eco-friendly.

Note that corn cobs aren’t suitable for heavy-duty sandblasting. Limit their usage to delicate surfaces if you want to maximize them.

Glass Beads for Sandblasting

Next up, we have another eco-friendly option in the form of glass beads. The glass beads used for sandblasting are priced close to $2 per pound.

Glass beads are pretty strong so they can handle tough surfaces. They should work well on any brick walls you have around your property.

Pumice for Sandblasting

Pumice is among the pricier sandblasting media. You will have to pay close to $3 per pound if you want to use pumice.

Choose pumice if you want to remove rust from weathered metal surfaces. It also features decent hardness so it can work on a wide variety of materials.

Silica for Sandblasting

Silica is another expensive sandblasting medium as it only costs around $1.60 per pound. However, the sandblasting services in your area may no longer offer silica as a potential medium. Because of the threat posed by silica to people and the environment, you may not be able to use it for home cleaning.

Steel Grit for Sandblasting

Lastly, you can also use steel grit for sandblasting. Steel grit is priced right around $2.20 per pound.

You should select steel grit if you need heavy-duty cleaning. Steel grit can remove stains from all kinds of metal surfaces.

Just avoid using steel grit on delicate surfaces. If you make that mistake, you may end up obliterating that element of your home.

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Related Questions

How Much Is a Sandblaster Rental?

Handling the sandblasting yourself is generally not recommended, but it is an option. You can rent a sandblaster for about $12 per day while the mask you’ll need costs approximately $33.

How Much Does It Cost to Sandblast a Swimming Pool?

The average cost of sandblasting a swimming pool is $1.50 per square foot. Sandblasting pools is cheaper because those projects typically involve cleaning tiles. Cleaning those tiles requires a more delicate touch, but the project can still be finished rather quickly.

Will the Cost of Sandblasting Change Based on Intensity?

Yes, the intensity of the sandblasting that is required for cleaning will affect how much the service ultimately costs. Heavy-duty sandblasting is the most expensive at around $11 per square foot. Very light cleaning is the most affordable option as it’s priced close to $2 per square foot.

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