What Is The Cost To Replace A Main Water Shutoff Valve?

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by Dennis Howard

Many homeowners take the water supply system that serves their homes for granted. How often do we think about what it takes to get water to the tap when we want a drink of safe, clean water? The water supply system is one thing. The piping, valves and fixtures supplying your home are another. At the heart of that system is the main shutoff valve where the water supply enters your home’s system.

The average cost to replace a main water shutoff valve is $600, but it only costs $181 if there is easy access. Homeowners spend an average of $875 you need to dig a trench to reach the main water shutoff valve with difficult access. It only costs $200 to replace a main water shutoff valve in the basement.

Perhaps the biggest factor in the cost of replacing the main water valve is the location of the valve in your home water supply system. These locations vary based on the region of the country, the local building codes, and the age of the home. Many factors associated with the valve location can add cost to the replacement job.

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Locating your Main Water Shutoff Valve

You may be able to go down the stairs into your basement and walk directly to your main water shutoff valve. If so, consider yourself lucky. In many areas of the country, the main water shutoff valve is not easy to find or access.

In the Basement

Home with main water shutoff valves located in the basement is often the easiest to access and repair. In these instances, the average cost of replacing a main water shutoff valve is usually between $180 and $220.

Outside the House

The water shutoff valve box location may be close to the house where the water line enters. In some subdivisions, you will find the valve box at the edge of the property near the property line. In some cases, there may not be a box or vault and the main water shutoff valve is buried underground.

Near the Meter

One popular location in some regions is adjacent to the water meter. In southern climates where freezing is not a concern, the water meter and main water shutoff valve live in a box below the ground surface.

Many southern municipalities have easements for utilities that run behind or in front of the homes. Since the water meter is a water utility property, the meter is usually in the easement. Many builders elect to place the main water shutoff valve immediately adjacent to the water meter.

What Type of Valve do you Have?

A full-open valve maintains the consistency of water flow through the pipes and into your home. To ensure an adequate water flow, a full-open water valve must be at least 85% of the cross-section area of your water pipes.

Main water shutoff valves are usually one of two types. Your main water shutoff valve is probably either a ball valve or a gate valve.

How is the Valve Attached?

Is the valve threaded, or does it require a sweat joint for the installation? The valve position and the attachment method can dramatically increase the number of hours it takes to repair. In some cases, repairing a main water shutoff valve requires additional work to bring the plumbing into compliance with local building codes.

Typically, sweating a joint on a copper pipe is more time-consuming and requires more skill than replacing a threaded valve. A repair to a valve that involves unsoldering and soldering a new valve into place may cost an additional $45 to $200 per extra hour the job requires.

The Easiest Repair – A Basement Installed Main Water Shutoff Valve Replacement

In many ways, the easiest and often cheapest main water valve replacements are those located in a basement. A basement location usually gives easy access to the damaged valve. In general, the average cost to replace a main water shutoff valve in a basement breaks down like this.

Job ServicesNational Low-End CostNational High-End Cost
Basic Labor Cost$147$179
Basic Materials and Equipment Cost$34$39
Total Average Costs$181$218

These national averages reflect a best-case scenario where the valve is easy to access, and the repair doesn’t require any other parts or services. In some cases, corrosion or age may require much more than just replacing a faulty valve.

If piping must be replaced or accessing the valve requires demolition, costs can escalate rapidly.

Outside Main Water Shutoff Valves

The challenge of replacing outside main water shutoff valves is the location. A valve buried under several feet of soil, in a tight vault or box underground, or in a utility easement that requires permits from a water utility to access adds expense to the project.

Overall, the cost of replacing the main water valve in one of these outdoor locations varies from region to region. The range of costs in the national average reflects these regional differences.

Shutoff LocationAverage Low CostAverage High Cost
Basement with Access$181$218
Close to the home and relatively shallow$210$413
Deeply Buried with no Vault$237$1,000
Vault or Box Installation$200$750
At the Water Meter (in-ground)$175$500

Moderate Climates and Shallow Installations

It isn’t unusual for a main water shutoff valve to be in the ground close to the house in moderate climates that don’t see many freezing temperatures. Most of these water valve installations are inside a vault or box set in the ground over the valve and straddling the water pipe.

Repairing a main water valve in these installations is relatively straightforward. In many cases, the repair is possible inside the vault without doing any digging. Depending on the type of valve and installation method, the national average cost ranges from $210 to $413.

Protecting Outside Valves from Freezing

The cost to repair the main water valve shutoff is proportional to the burial depth. Trenching and dirt work can be expensive, often costing hundreds of dollars per excavation foot. This amount can rise if done during the winter when frozen ground and bad weather factor into the equation.

The cost of dirt work and trenching are the chief reasons for the variance between the low and high price of a main water valve repair. Nationally, prices to repair a buried main water shutoff valve are as low as $237 and may approach or exceed $1,000.

Box or Vault Installations and Repairs

Some areas have building codes that specify the main water shutoff valve installation include a vault or box near the connection to the water main. Installing the main shutoff valve in a box or vault has its advantages. Making repairs to the main shutoff valve in a vault or box eliminates the need for trenching or digging. Usually, the valve is easily accessible to the plumber.

This ease of access translates into repair costs that range from $200 to $750. The upper ranges of these costs relate to the depth of the vault or box in the ground. Many building codes require the vault or box installation below the typical frost line for the area.

In an Easement

In the south-central US, where the climate is warm, and ground frost lines are relatively shallow, many regions may find the water shutoff valve located in a utility easement. Often these easements include an alleyway behind houses in a residential subdivision. The main water shutoff valve location is a shallow box in conjunction with the water utility meter.

Repairing a damaged main water shutoff valve in these installations is often quick and easy, making them relatively inexpensive. Nationally, where water meters and main shutoff valves co-locate in an easement, the costs range from $175 to $500.

The upper range of these costs reflects the necessity of having the water utility company shut down the entire water system serving a neighborhood to affect the repair. Often getting the water shutoff in this manner requires a permit and the associated costs.

Other Costs and Considerations

A few of these other costs you may incur are related to other damage that may have occurred to your water system because of the leak. In some places, replacing a main water shutoff valve may require upgrading your plumbing to meet current building codes. We can discuss some of these costs, but your plumber can give you the best information about these additional costs.

Collateral Damage – The Cost of Leaks and Freezing

Many times, additional work must accompany a repair to a main water shutoff valve. Leaks and freezing can often damage pipes above and below the valve. Replacing piping can be expensive, depending on the extent of the damage. The cost of digging or trenching can add costs rapidly.

If the main water line is damaged and must be repaired or replaced, costs escalate rapidly. On average, repairing a leak in the main water line while replacing a main water shutoff valve costs $750. A full main water line replacement often exceeds $1500.

Upgrades and Building Codes

In some municipalities, replacing the main shutoff valve requires obtaining a permit. It is not uncommon for the permit to mandate certain additions to the main water service to meet current building codes. Your plumber will understand these requirements and can give you an estimate of the costs involved in the upgrades.

Depending on the extent of the upgrades, bringing your main water system up to code can range from the cost of a new ball valve for the main water shutoff to installing a pressure regulating valve. Most ball valves cost approximately $8 to $15. A pressure regulating valve usually ranges from $100 to $400, depending on the building code requirements.

Is This a Repair I can Make?

In large part, your skill level and confidence dictate if you can make a repair to or replace a main water shutoff valve. Before you attempt any plumbing repair, you should consult with the local permitting office. The officials in the permit office are the best source of information about homeowner performed plumbing repairs.

To Permit or Not to Permit

In most cases, you should obtain a permit if required, even if you do the work yourself. Part of the permitting process is an inspection that ensures you perform the work to specification. If there are problems, the inspector can often tell you how to remedy the situation.

Nationally, homeowner permits cost between $50 and $500. The cost of the permit depends on the extent and type of plumbing work you perform. Check out the Seismic Gas Shutoff Valve Installation Cost.

Skills and Tools

The skills necessary to make a repair to or replace a main water shutoff valve require some knowledge. If the main water valve is sweated onto the water pipes, removing the damaged valve, and installing the new valve requires expertise and equipment many homeowners don’t possess.

If you choose to repair your main water shutoff valve yourself, the extra costs of tools can range between $100 and $1,000. If you must rent a trencher or excavator to reach the valve or replace lines, the cost can grow rapidly.

Access to the Valve

If your main water shutoff valve is in a basement with easy access, the repair may be straightforward and within your abilities. However, if the valve location is four feet underground, accessing an area large enough to repair may require more effort and equipment than you can muster.

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Keeping the Water Flowing Where You Want it and When you Want It

The main water shutoff valve in your home’s plumbing system is a vital part. If you experience leaks or damage to your plumbing, the main water shutoff valve is your defense against further damage. It pays to keep this important part of the system in good order and properly repaired.

The cost of replacing a damaged or non-functioning water shutoff valve, even at its most expensive, can be much less than not having a working valve.

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