How Much Does It Cost to Install Landscape Curbing?

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Backyards can serve as fun blank slates to work with for creative homeowners. All kinds of possibilities can be explored when you are first designing that part of your home. While putting your plans together, don’t forget to consider the addition of landscape curbing.

Landscape curbing can add a new dimension to your property while also defining that space. The landscape curbing you add works as a decorative element without being too disruptive. If you’re wondering how much landscape curbing costs, you’ve come to the right place.

Homeowners usually spend $1,400 to install new landscape curbing on their property. Concrete is an especially popular choice to use for landscape curbing, with precast curbing costing $1,000. Landscape curbing made from poured concrete is more expensive at $1,300. You can also splurge and get landscape curbing made from decorative concrete that’s priced at $1,700.

When designing your backyard, don’t shy away from exploring all the available decorative options. Additions such as landscape curbing can make such a big difference for your property, especially if it is installed properly. Learn more about the cost of landscape curbing and the ways it can improve your home by continuing with this article.

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Cost to Install Concrete Landscape Curbing

Type of ConcretePrice
Precast Concrete$1,000
Poured Concrete$1,150
Decorative Concrete$1,650

Concrete is often the material of choice when building landscape curbing. Homeowners can choose from different types of concrete. Landscape curbing made from precast concrete is the most affordable at $1,000.

Precast concrete is the cheapest because it’s the easiest to install. The blocks of concrete are made elsewhere and they are only transported to your home when they’re about to be set. You should also opt for precast concrete if you want the project finished quickly.

If you cannot find a contractor who will transport the precast blocks to your property, you can go with poured concrete. Poured concrete will be mixed at the job site and set when it’s ready. You can get landscape curbing made from poured concrete for $1,150.

Poured concrete is more expensive than precast because it’s added work for the contractor and their employees. They may even have to bring in special equipment to mix the concrete on your property.

Last up is landscape curbing made using decorative concrete and it costs $1,650. Decorative curbing, as its name suggests, comes with additional elements that enhance its appearance. That explains why you have to pay a premium if you want to use that material.

Cost to Install Landscape Curbing Using Non-Concrete Materials

Material TypePrice

Concrete is the most popular choice for landscape curbing, but it’s not the only option available. For instance, you can also choose brick for your landscape curbing and pay around the same price. To be more specific, standard-sized landscape curbing made from brick will cost $1,000.

Brick is a good option because it’s durable and affordable. It doesn’t offer much in terms of looks, though. You’ll have to be careful when choosing plants so they don’t clash with the bricks.

Granite landscape curbing is significantly more expensive at $2,500. The distinctive look of granite is something a lot of homeowners covet. That explains why this material almost always comes with a high price tag attached.

Steel is often the priciest landscape curbing option at $3,000. Considering how durable steel is, you can easily argue that the price is worth it. The decorative flourish it brings is also unique.

If you’re looking to save some money, feel free to use wood for your landscape curbing. The contractors can create the landscape curbing for $875.

Diligent maintenance is required if you choose wooden curbing. Neglect its upkeep and it could get worn down very quickly.

Labor Cost to Install Landscape Curbing

Estimate TypePrice
Low-End Estimate$350
Mid-Range Estimate$410
High-End Estimate$500

Isolating the labor costs related to installing landscape curbing reveals that you’ll pay $410 on average. If the project went smoothly, the contractor may only charge you $350. On the high-end, these types of installations can cost homeowners $500.

The disparity in labor costs can be attributed to certain factors. The most important of which is your choice of material for your landscape curbing.

Brick and wood curbing are relatively easy to install so contractors may not charge as much for them. Precast concrete can also be installed easily, although transporting it to your property can be a lot of work.

On the flip side, the decorative and poured variants of concrete are harder to handle. The contractor and their employees will need more time to install your landscape curbing if you selected one of those materials.

Granite and steel must be handled carefully as well. Choosing those materials for your landscape curbing will cause your expenses to rise.

Cost of Curb Cutting

While installing new landscape curbing, you may realize that you also need a curb cut. Curb cutting can turn out to be another significant expense. On average, curb cutting costs $8 per square foot.

That cost is just for labor. You may also need to secure a permit if you want a curb cut added to your backyard.

Curb cutting is necessary because it connects your driveway to the road below. By neglecting to cut the curb, your vehicle may fly off the curb and slam onto the road. You probably don’t want to keep damaging your car that way so cutting the curb is a must.

Also, note that the cost of curb cutting will change depending on the materials involved. Contractors will likely charge more if you’re asking them to cut through materials like concrete, granite, or steel.

Benefits of Landscape Curbing

Installing landscape curbing isn’t cheap. So, is the project worth it? Read up on the benefits of landscape curbing detailed below and decide for yourself.

  • Enhance Curb Appeal – Installing landscape curbing is a great way to instantly improve the appearance of your property. Use those additions to create a more defined area that will wow your guests and potential buyers.
  • Increase Property Value – Speaking of potential buyers, you can present them with a higher asking price thanks to your landscape curbing. The initial investment you made into those additions will continue to pay off for a long time.
  • Easier Maintenance – Using landscape curbing to house the plants in your backyard can make maintenance significantly easier. You can reduce the amount of time you spend working on your yard thanks to those additions.
  • Define Your Backyard – It’s easier to realize your desired design for your backyard with the landscape curbing present. The landscape curbing makes it possible for you to try out all kinds of design schemes.

DIY vs. Pro Installation

Can you install landscape curbing on your own? Well, that will depend in large part on the materials you want to use.

Installing brick and wood landscape curbing is a manageable task even for inexperienced DIYers. You can line the dirt patches with those materials and create a relatively simple form of landscape curbing. That landscape curbing will not much add in terms of aesthetic value, but it can still segment your yard effectively.

For materials like poured concrete, granite, and steel, you should consider hiring a professional. They can get those materials in place without damaging them beforehand.

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Related Questions

How Do You Fix Landscape Curbing?

To fix landscape curbing, you must start by chipping away the broken pieces using a chisel. After that, you need to spray the curbing with water to get rid of debris then let it dry completely.Coat the area you worked on with a bonding agent then start filling the gap with new concrete. Smooth out the filling so it’s in line with the rest of the curbing.Finish by covering the curbing with a tarp. You can remove the tarp after about a week or so. The concrete you added should be dry by then.

How Do You Remove Landscape Curbing?

Start removing the landscape curbing by first digging up the dirt around it. Remove enough dirt so you can easily access the curbing.With the landscape curbing, you can start pulling it out by hand. You can also use a hammer to knock the blocks out of place. If you used material like poured concrete, you may have to chip away at the curbing using a chisel.

How Long Does It Take to Pour Concrete Landscape Curbing?

Pouring the concrete for your landscape curbing should not take that long. The pouring itself should be done in about an hour. Of course, you still have to let the concrete dry before doing anything with it.

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