How Much Does It Cost to Build a Gazebo?

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Do you want to take full advantage of the backyard space you have available? One way to do that is by building some structures that will help define and beautify that available space. Consider building a gazebo if your goal is to maximize that part of your property.

A gazebo can be a fantastic addition to your outdoor landscape. Place some comfortable pieces of furniture in your new gazebo and turn it into your favorite spot for relaxation. You can also opt to build a bigger gazebo and turn it into a kind of outdoor dining area.

The materials you will need to build your new gazebo cost an average of $6,800. The average labor cost for building a new gazebo is $8,500. Other factors such as the shape and size of the gazebo will directly impact the final cost of the project. Expect to spend $25,000 on an extra-large gazebo that features a complex design.

A new gazebo can serve as the centerpiece of your property’s outdoor landscape. It will also do more than take up space as it can be a functional addition. Learn more about the cost of building a new gazebo by continuing with the rest of this article.

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Cost of Gazebo by Material

Material UsedCost
Reinforced Concrete$13,000

On average, homeowners will have to pay $6,800 if they want to secure the materials needed to build a new gazebo. It’s not a cheap price by any means, but you can easily argue that it’s worth it considering what a gazebo can do for your property.

Before work can begin on your new gazebo, you’ll first have to decide what material to use for it. There are more than a few options to choose from so let’s take a closer look at them.


Brick is the first type of material you can use to build your new gazebo. It’s also the cheapest option available as you can purchase the bricks needed for just $3,500.

The gap between brick and the second most affordable option is quite sizable. That alone may convince many homeowners to choose brick for their building project. Apart from its low price tag, brick is also a good choice because it’s highly durable and requires minimal maintenance.


Next to brick, composite is your best bet if you want to keep costs down for your new gazebo. Homeowners spend an average of $5,000 to acquire the composite materials needed for this particular backyard addition.

Composite can be a tricky material to work with. Fail to install it correctly and it may take on too much moisture. The outer layer of the composite may start to peel off because of that.

As long as you handle the installation process properly, a composite gazebo can be a terrific addition to your home. You can also count on it to remain a fixture on your property for a long time.


You can also choose fiberglass as the main material for your new gazebo. If you do choose fiberglass, your material-related expenses will hit $7,000.

Fiberglass is a sturdy material that should hold up well when used in your new gazebo. Still, the main selling point of fiberglass is how resistant to different weather conditions. The elements will not be able to wear down a fiberglass gazebo easily.


Metal is another popular material choice for building gazebos. You’ll have to pay $6,000 to get all the metal materials needed for this project.

Note that you can choose different types of metal for your new gazebo. Among the most popular metal options are aluminum and steel.

Using metal for your gazebo may not be a good idea if you live in a rainy or snowy area. All that moisture can have an adverse effect on the metal, thus causing it to weaken earlier than expected.

Reinforced Concrete

You will have to pay a premium if you want a gazebo made from reinforced concrete installed on your yard. The exact price you’ll have to pay for the required materials is $13,000.

So, is it worth paying that much for a gazebo built using reinforced concrete? In terms of durability, it’s easy to see why reinforced concrete costs that much.

Reinforced concrete excels when used outdoors. The concrete holds up well against the elements while the included rebar gives the material added stability. That combination of qualities will allow your gazebo to remain a fixture on your property for many years to come.


Vinyl is the next material option we’ll be examining in this article. You will need to spend $6,500 if you want to use vinyl for your gazebo.

Using vinyl for your gazebo makes sense because it resists the elements very well. That’s why you’ll often see it used it as siding for many homes. Just know that vinyl tends to get hot so the interior of your gazebo may get uncomfortable during the summer.


To finish up the list of material options for building gazebos, we’re going to talk about. Wood is a relatively cheap option as it only costs $5,500.

The exact type of wood you’re using will affect the quality of your gazebo. If you want something very durable, go with oak or cedar. Pine and bamboo are good options if you’re going for specific designs and don’t mind sacrificing a bit of durability.

Cost of Gazebo by Shape

Gazebo ShapeCost

While trying to figure out how much your new gazebo will cost, don’t forget to consider the shape of the structure. Unsurprisingly, some shapes cost more because they require more work and more materials.

Take some time to talk to your contractor before choosing a shape for your gazebo. Tell them about your plans for the gazebo and ask for some suggestions regarding which shape will work for you. Allow us to briefly discuss the difference between the gazebo shapes in this section of the article.


Building a gazebo in the shape of a dodecahedron will cost you $10,500. The expensive price tag should not come as a surprise since gazebos with that shape are tough to build.

Dodecahedrons also have 12 sides so you can imagine how much coverage they provide. Building a 12-sided gazebo is a fantastic idea if you want to use it for entertaining.


Hexagonal gazebos will cost $7,000 to build. A hexagonal gazebo is a nice compromise option if you want something with a complex design that doesn’t use too much space.

The hexagonal shape gives these gazebos a more symmetrical quality. They can provide some good contrast when set against the rest of your yard.


Appropriately enough, you can build an octagonal gazebo for the average price of $8,000. Why should you choose the octagonal shape for your gazebo?

For starters, the octagonal shape is a classic choice for this kind of outdoor structure. Just like hexagonal gazebos, octagonal gazebos also provide some interesting contrast. They also offer a decent amount of space so they work for outdoor dining.


Gazebos can also feature a more rectangular shape. If that’s the kind of gazebo you want, you’ll have to pay $7,500 to get it built.

Rectangular gazebos are ideal for entertaining. You can fit an entire dining area inside a rectangular gazebo and perhaps even carve out room for a cooking station.


It probably comes as no surprise that round gazebos are the least expensive to build. You’ll only have to pay $5,000 for a round gazebo.

Round gazebos are mostly built for decorative purposes. They are too small to serve as outdoor entertainment areas.


Try something different by building a triangular gazebo on your gazebo on your property. Triangular gazebos are also reasonably priced. You can expect to pay $6,500 if you want a triangular gazebo.

The unique appearance of the triangular gazebo is its main selling point. If you’re not a fan of that, you should go with a different option.

Cost of Gazebo by Size

Size (In Square Feet)Cost

How big do you need your gazebo to be? That’s an important question you must answer because it will affect how much you’ll have to spend.

The rule for gazebo pricing according to size is pretty simple. Prices will increase along with the size of your desired gazebo.

Ask your contractor about gazebo sizes early on. They can tell you what size gazebo will fit your property and how much building it will cost you.

Do You Need a Gazebo or Freestanding Porch Installers?

Get free, zero-commitment quotes from pro contractors near you.

Related Questions

How Much Does a Contractor Charge to Build a Gazebo?

The average cost of labor for building a gazebo is $8,500. Homeowners who want dodecahedron gazebos that cover a lot of ground may have to spend as much as $11,000 on labor alone.

Is It Cheaper to Build a Gazebo or Buy a Kit?

Building a gazebo will cost significantly more than buying a kit. You may have to spend $15,000 to build your new gazebo from scratch. A gazebo kit costs $2,500 on average. If you’re paying a professional to assemble the contents of the kit, you can add $500 to your total.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Gazebo?

Professionals will need about four to six hours to construct a conventional gazebo. A gazebo that features an intricate design will take longer to build. It may take the workers eight hours to finish that project.

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