Connecticut Vs. Colorado: Which State Is Better to Live In?

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Between historic venues and charming towns found in Connecticut and beautiful vistas and outdoor adventure in Colorado, it can be tough to choose a winning state. Considering the high quality of life in each, coupled with the opportunity for growth, both of these states are top contenders.

Ultimately, Connecticut is the better state to live in because of the low crime rate, phenomenal schools, and the relatively affordable cost of living. This state is steeped in history and has loads of potential for future job growth. Plus, this state has a diverse culture and a comprehensive public transit system throughout the state, making it easy to move around.

Of course, Colorado should not be ignored and offers some of the best opportunities for outdoor recreation. The state has a higher cost of living and a very strong potential for future economic and job growth. Talking with a real estate agent is a great way to take a deeper dive into each state to determine the pros and cons of living in each.

Which State Is Better: Colorado or Connecticut?

Trying to determine which state is better can be a challenge, especially with two states as similar as Colorado and Connecticut. We want to consider the whole state for our purposes, assuming that much of the population will be centered in the cities. We think about how a resident will live and move throughout the city, and we want to give an accurate depiction of what normal life will be like for the typical person.

Quality of Life

While the cost of living in a new state is certainly something to consider, it is equally essential to ensure that you will enjoy living in a new state. Quality of life often examines the intangibles that are extremely important to keep residents healthy and happy. Comparing these two states, residents will find that Colorado has a much higher quality of life. Not only do residents get to enjoy more purchase power, but they also generally experience a better workday commute.

However, residents in Colorado have to pay for higher housing costs. Comparatively, Connecticut experiences a better climate and less pollution, but residents do have to combat a significant amount of snow. Healthcare quality will be about the same between the two states.

Winner: Colorado

Cost of Living

Generally speaking, Colorado has a higher cost of living compared to Connecticut, with about 25% higher prices. Housing is largely responsible for this discrepancy, but expect to pay more for transportation as well. Residents of Colorado will, however, get to enjoy a lower healthcare expense. In Connecticut, groceries are more expensive, as well as utilities.

Winner: Connecticut

Housing Costs

Despite the higher income and wealth accumulated in Connecticut, housing is still extremely affordable. Compared to Colorado, Connecticut housing is about 27% higher. Rental for a one-bedroom apartment is proportionately less, which helps make the high cost of living in this state more palatable.

Median House Price$390,000$305,391
Average Rent 1 BDRM$1,670$1,463

Winner: Connecticut

Job Market

Connecticut may have a higher median family income and personal income amount, but the potential for job growth isn’t as strong as Colorado’s. With a high 45% growth rate in Colorado, it is hard not to see the booming opportunity around every corner. Plus, Colorado has a lower unemployment rate which also helps to strengthen this state’s job market.

Colorado’s primary industries are agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and tourism. Manufacturing jobs make up most of the available jobs, with 5.8% of all jobs related to manufacturing. Connecticut comparatively has central finance, insurance, and real estate industries. The area’s most popular jobs right now are nurse practitioners, web developers, and operations analysts.

Projected 10-Year Growth45%32%
Median Household Income$68,592$78,833
Median Personal Income$39,806$45,359

Winner: Colorado


Much of Colorado’s culture is based on outdoor adventure. Many people in the state like to live an active lifestyle and do just about anything to simply get outdoors. Much of the cuisine has a Hispanic or Native American influence which is also felt through the area’s art and music. Colorado also has a booming craft beer industry which brings visitors from all over the world.

Comparatively, Connecticut culture is rooted in history as one of the first colonies in the new world. This city came to prominence as a maritime powerhouse, and strong maritime culture remains even today.

Winner: Colorado


Colorado has loads of leisure and entertainment opportunities, with several outdoor venues. Catch a concert at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater, or visit several parks and outdoor recreation areas. There is an excellent chance to catch some Colorado wildlife everywhere you look. There is a great craft beer scene in the state with loads of available breweries to visit.

Connecticut also has several outdoor activities, but many of these center around the iconic coastline and beaches. Rich in history, residents will have the chance to visit the seaport Museum, Mystic Aquarium, or the Peabody Museum. Several small towns dot the coast, making it fun to explore the unique and artistic towns throughout the state.

Winner: Tie


Transportation throughout Colorado is effortless with the numerous opportunities for public transit. There is a light rail system and a bus system that helps get people through the major cities. A new plane to train system connects the Denver Airport to outlying residential areas and the central city. There are also great highways that help to connect Colorado to the rest of the country.

Not to be outdone, Connecticut also has a great system for public transportation. This state has both bus and rail services. There is a subway that is widely used, yet it is limited. The subway system helps to connect New Haven, Danbury, and Waterbury.

Winner: Tie


While the individual cities in Colorado are incredibly diverse, the state lacks the ethnic diversity that big cities like Denver and Boulder boast. The state is made up of 86% White population, 4% Black, 3.5% Asian, and 1.6% Native American.

Although Colorado lacks diversity, Connecticut more than makes up for it. This state is 66% White, 10% Black, 9% Hispanic, and 4% Asian. Connecticut is extremely highly educated compared to other states in the nation, with over 30% of the population holding a Bachelor’s degree.

Winner: Connecticut


Colorado has a solid public school system that is ranked in the upper tiers of the nation. The schools are 17th in the country. Not only are grade schools in the upper levels when it comes to education, but higher education is top-notch in this state. Students can choose to attend the University of Colorado, Colorado State University, or Colorado College.

Not much can compete with the public schools in Connecticut, though, which are routinely ranked as some of the best schools in the nation. Not only are public schools exceptional, but this state has several opportunities for students attending higher education. Yale, Connecticut College, and the University of Connecticut are all wonderful colleges and universities.

Winner: Connecticut


Colorado is home to some pleasant weather, even though the state receives its fair share of precipitation. Summer months are usually in the low 70s, while winter months will drop to an average of 16 degrees F. This state sees well over 100 inches of snow every year, making it a delight for winter sports enthusiasts.

Connecticut, not to be outdone, has an even wider range of temperature swings compared to Colorado. Summers are hot and humid and will usually average about 85 degrees F. Winters are downright frigid and will average around 10 degrees F. Although this is a northern state, Connecticut only really sees about 48 inches of snow each year.

Winner: Colorado

Crime Rates

Colorado is a relatively safe state, and much of the crime statistics are on par with the rest of the nation. There are 381 violent crimes committed for every 100,000 people. Similar to national averages, there are 2,972 property crimes in the state per every 100,000 people.

For comparison, though, Connecticut boasts a much lower crime rate that is even lower than the national average. For every 100,000 people, they experience just 143 violent crimes. Property crimes like burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft are also well below the national averages.

Winner: Connecticut

Related Questions

Are there dangerous animals in Colorado that I should be aware of?

Colorado has a unique outdoor atmosphere, and the culture promotes outdoor activity. There are a handful of animals in Colorado that can be potentially dangerous to humans. Bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and coyotes can be dangerous. Several poisonous spiders, including the Brown Recluse and Black Widow, can be potentially dangerous. Surprisingly, one of the smallest insects, the tick, is the most dangerous because it can easily transmit Lyme disease to humans.

Is Connecticut a wealthy state?

Compared to the other states in the country, Connecticut has the highest per capita income. Most of the people in this state are considered middle-class residents. Much of the wealth has been accumulated in this state due to prime real estate investments and prestigious local schools.


Choosing between Connecticut and Colorado is complicated, with so many benefits of living in each state. At the end of the day, though, Connecticut is the clear winner. Not only is this a very safe state, but there is plenty of diversity, excellent schools, and a fantastic outdoor environment that harbors exploration and adventure. With a low cost of living, the potential for future earnings helps to make up for the additional cost of living expenses.

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