Can You Wash A Moving Blanket? (Find Out Now!)

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by Brigid Levi
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can you wash a moving blanket find out now

Moving blankets protect your furniture from scratches, dents, and any other damage during the moving process. Whether you recently rented a moving blanket or invested in one, it’s useful to know how to care for it.

Most moving blankets can be washed either by hand or by machine with cool water and mild detergent. Many companies suggest vacuuming the blanket before washing. Usually, moving blankets must be line-dried. Always read the blanket’s care label or check with the manufacturer before attempting to clean a moving blanket.

Made for Durability

Though typically a blend of cotton and polyester, moving blankets are made from many different materials. Their ultimate goal is protection. This means, regardless of the material, moving blankets employ multiple layers, creating a soft barrier around your furniture.

Generally speaking, the more layers of material the more durable the blanket will be. The thickness of the blanket plays an important role in its durability. This goes for moving and for washing.

Washing a Moving Blanket

How to wash a moving blanket ultimately depends on the manufacturer’s instructions. When to wash a moving blanket depends on your rental agreement. (If you’ve purchased one, you can do what you want.) Some companies don’t require washing before returning.

The following cleaning and washing methods are suitable for most blankets. Still, it’s best to check your blanket’s care label for the most accurate instructions.

Vacuuming a Moving Blanket

Removing loose dirt and debris is always a good idea, especially before machine washing something. You can attempt to shake out the moving blanket outside. But because of its large size, it may just be easier to vacuum it. (Or you can do both!)

Spread the moving blanket flat on the floor and vacuum both sides. Try to avoid going totally to the edge in case the vacuum sucks up the blanket.

Pre-treat any stains before washing. Most pre-wash stain treatments should be safe to use on a moving blanket.

Check the Color-Fastness

Before washing—and especially if you’re renting—check the color-fastness of your moving blanket. Dip a corner of the blanket into your laundry detergent. If the color runs, the blanket is not machine-wash-safe.

Though this should be listed in your blanket’s care instructions, materials that are prone to bleeding and fading need to be dry-cleaned. That’s the only way to preserve the color. If you’re renting, the last thing you want is to send the moving blanket back in an altered color state!

Hand Washing a Moving Blanket

It’s appropriate to hand wash a moving blanket if it’s small, has fewer layers of material, or the care instructions suggest hand washing. Always use cool water and mild detergent when washing a moving blanket.

  • Fill a bathtub or large basin with cool water.
  • Mix in detergent.
  • Submerge the moving blanket, and swirl it gently to work in the soap. Scrub any stains.
  • Drain the soapy water, and replace it with clean water.
  • Rinse the blanket, gently squeezing out any soap.
  • Repeat the rinsing process until all the suds are gone.
  • After the water drains, gently squeeze excess water from the blanket.
  • Hang to dry.

Machine Washing a Moving Blanket

Washing a moving blanket in a machine is a bit trickier. With any cumbersome item, like sleeping bags or comforters, you have to be wary of interior space. Generally speaking, most home washers are too small for a moving blanket, in which case, you need to take it to the Laundromat.

Washing machines come in three popular forms: top load machines with agitators, top-load machines with impellers, and front-load machines. Because of their open drum, front-load washers are the most ideal for washing a moving blanket. There’s less of a chance the blanket will become damaged.

  • Pre-treat any stains before washing.
  • Insert the blanket in the washing machine with the appropriate amount of detergent.
  • Run a normal cycle with cold water.
  • To ensure all the soap is out, you may want to run an additional rinse cycle or two.
  • Refer to the care instructions to determine whether line-drying or machine drying is appropriate.

Machine Drying a Moving Blanket

Regardless of your washing method, you must thoroughly and completely dry a moving blanket before storing it. Any leftover moisture can develop into mold.

Line-drying is pretty self-explanatory. But just like machine washing, machine drying your moving blanket requires extra care.

A commercial dryer is really the way to go when machine drying a moving blanket. The extra room cuts down on the drying time. You can certainly try drying a moving blanket in your home dryer. Just know it might take several cycles to dry completely.

If your care instructions permit machine drying, always dry your moving blanket on the lowest heat setting. A low heat setting provides the safest option for all blends of dryer-safe fabric materials.

When the blanket is almost completely dry, add tennis balls to the dryer. Not only do they break up any clumps of fabric, but they ensure the fabric dries more evenly.

Related Questions

Are moving blankets waterproof?

Moving blankets are not typically waterproof which is why they need to dry completely before being stored. Cotton blends, the material often used in moving blankets, absorb water. Moving blankets made from absorbent material will not totally protect your furniture in situations where significant water is present.Many moving blankets are considered water-resistant, meaning they don’t absorb water as easily. Usually, water-resistant blankets feature materials like polyester or polypropylene.

How much does a moving blanket weigh?

On average, a heavy-duty moving blanket weighs around 7 or 8 pounds.

Summing It Up

While most moving blankets can be washed, it’s best to check the specific care instructions if they’re available. If you’re renting the blanket, also check your rental agreement as some companies don’t require washing before returning.

Keep in mind that the average size home washer and dryer might not be big enough for a moving blanket. The Laundromat has commercial machines just for these purposes. Additionally, you want to use cool water and mild detergent whether hand washing or machine washing.

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