Can You Spray Raid Inside Kitchen Cabinets? (Find Out Now!)

Ossiana Tepfenhart
by Ossiana Tepfenhart

Raid is one of the biggest names in pest control, especially when it comes to sprayable poisons. The brand’s line of poisons are famous for being effective, but they’re also known for being (kind of) risky to people and pets. Spraying them in kitchen cabinets seems risky. So, is it even doable?

If you remove the plates and glasses that rest in the cabinets first, it’s okay to spray Raid in your kitchen cabinets. However, it’s important to remember that you should try to focus on spraying problem spots first. If you have pets, use a pet-safe alternative instead.

Having pests of any type is going to be rough, which is why products like Raid are popular. Unfortunately, you still gotta watch for your health. Our guide will help you out.

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Is Raid Safe To Use In Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets are going to be a place where using any type of poison should be exercised with some level of caution. I mean, your eating utensils and food are there. So, it’s never a good idea to hold a can of Raid and just spray everything down willy-nilly, even if it would be easier to do that way.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do some spraying as long as you prep the area. Like with all things involving pest control, a little bit of prep work will make all the difference between getting sick and safely getting rid of roaches or ants.

How To Use Raid Safely In Kitchen Cabinets

Part of knowing how to use Raid involves understanding basic safety procedures. For the sake of safety, we strongly suggest that you read the instructions on the can of Raid before you begin. Always follow the instructions before you consider using ours, as our instructions are more about making sure that you generally do better with the insecticide you choose. Here’s how to prep and work your raid.

  • First, remove any and all plates, cups, and foods in your cabinetry. Remember, your spray will get everywhere in your cabinet. This includes nooks and crannies in your food as well as the surfaces of your food. Remove everything that you eat or eat off of, since you don’t want to eat poison.
  • Put any items that could pose a poisoning risk in a separate room or area. This means that you should put all the plates and food items that would otherwise be touched by the spray.
  • Clean the area carefully. This serves two purposes. First, it will sanitize the area. Second, it’ll wipe up any shells or eggs that could have been laid in the corners of your cabinetry. Cockroaches, in particular, might have this happen.
  • Take any pets and small children out of the kitchen. Place them in a separate room so that they don’t inhale the fumes.
  • Spray the Raid can throughout the area and wait. The poison will take about 20 minutes to settle. In some cases, it could take longer. Now would also be a good time to spray the pesticide behind your oven and fridge, since many pests also tend to make their homes there.
  • Once the cabinet’s interior is dry, you can place your food and plates back in. Open up a window to let out the smell of spray, and then bring your pets back in.

A Quick Note About Pesticides Like Raid

There are plenty of reasons why pesticides like Raid are falling out of style, and one of the bigger ones is the risk it poses to pets and kids. If you have a child who has asthma or have small animals, you really shouldn’t try to use Raid on a regular basis. It’s just not good for anyone’s health, and there is a genuine level of concern that people have as far as cancer-related scares go.

What Should You Do If You Have Pets And Kids Sensitive To Raid?

Honestly, it depends on what the issue is. Regularly cleaning your home and making sure that it’s not hospitable to pests is the best thing that you can do. However, we all know that an occasional spritz of Raid can help there. People who have bigger pest problems may want to check out other options.

If you have a major roach problem, it may be better to call a pest control expert to do a “one and done” spray. Should the issue recur, you might want to use a natural, nontoxic material like diatomaceous earth. This can kill bugs without resorting to cancer-causing chemicals, and can also prevent them from coming back.

Do You Need Pest Control Services?

Get free, zero-commitment quotes from pro contractors near you.

Related Questions

Does Raid cause cancer?

With Raid, the dose makes the toxin. You have to remember, this is a pesticide that is literally made to kill things. (Bugs, precisely.) It is poison by definition. Moreover, studies have shown that several key ingredients in Raid have been linked to cancer in both people and animals.Raid, when used in small doses, will not harm you or your pets. When you inhale larger quantities of it on a regular basis, you should be worried.

Is Raid effective at killing bed bugs?

Yes and no. Bed bugs are not easy to kill and there are several studies that show that they tend to adapt to poison quickly. Raid can work, but it’s not the best option in terms of general efficacy. There’s a chance bed bugs could be immune to it. If you want to have a surefire way to kill them, then you should talk to an exterminator.

Why are there ants in my kitchen?

There are several reasons why you might have ants in your kitchen, but the most common reason simply deals with having leftover food on the ground. Careful cleaning routines and preventing food from laying around can help reduce the incidence of ants in the kitchen.Leftovers aren’t the only reason for ants in the kitchen. Sometimes, it can also be a matter of ants just randomly entering your home as a way to get away from the cold.

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