Can You Return Paint To Sherwin Williams? (Find Out Now!)

Tiffany Nichols
by Tiffany Nichols

You want perfect paint for your home, and nobody can blame you. But paint can dry a different color than what you expected. So, can you return the paint to Sherwin Williams, or are you stuck with the shade you bought? Let’s find out.

Sherwin Williams offers a generous return policy. Except for custom orders, you can get your money back if you hate the paint color. However, you only have 30 days to decide. But many retailers let you return unwanted cans to one of their kiosks.

Can You Return Paint If You Don’t Like the Color?

If you’re not satisfied with your Sherwin Williams paint color, you don’t have to settle for less. Most suppliers offer an in-store guarantee and a separate return policy from the manufacturer’s. So, you’re essentially double protected against the unexpected.

It doesn’t matter if you chose interior or exterior stain. Sherwin Williams will honor your refund request if the product remains in its original packaging. That means you should keep paint cans and receipts until you’re sure about the color.

NOTE: You could complicate the return process if you tamper with the contents to mix a new hue.

Can You Return Custom Paint?

Usually, you can’t return custom paints because they’re harder to resell. Tinted paint products are also more difficult to make and more expensive than signature colors. So, most manufacturers and retailers hold a strict no returns policy on special mixtures. Check your receipt or contact customer service for more information.

That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a color you hate, though. It only means you might not get your money back. However, some stores are so dedicated to customer satisfaction that they offer replacements or in-store credit.

You can return unwanted paint to Lowes and Ace Hardware if a Sherwin Williams location isn’t nearby. That’s because any retailer that sells Sherwin Williams paint honors the brand’s return policy. However, that also means the brand’s approach could overrule the store’s agenda. So, be sure to ask those questions before you buy.

How Do You Change the Color of Paint?

Changing the color of your paint is easy. But it’s best to take your cans to a hardware store for help. Otherwise, your shade could end up too light, too dark, or inadequately mixed. Plus, most retailers use heavy-duty mixing machines to ensure a smooth blend.

Darken the color of your paint by gradually adding black. Or lighten it with a few drops of white. You can also adjust the color with a splash of the same shade in a different hue. Again, your local hardware store staff can help determine the best combination. So, show up with your perfect color in mind and consider buying samples before big gallons.

NOTE: If you take your Sherwin Williams paint to Home Depot for a color adjustment, it becomes custom. That means the manufacturer may not honor your request for returns or refunds.
Don’t throw away leftover paint or colors you no longer want. You can use them for small projects. So, pour the liquids into separate containers and be sure to write a label. Then, secure the lid, so the color doesn’t change through oxidation.

It’s also easier to touch up mistakes and damages with some leftover paint. You never know when you might need a few drops of something similar. And since you take colors to the hardware store for custom mixing, keeping spare supplies on hand makes sense.

Related Questions

What Is Tinted Paint?

Tinted paint is a specialty product that you can mix using any color. You simply add colorants to the base paint, typically white or black. Then, the shade gradually changes. However, you might have to mix intermittently to achieve your desired color. Most companies either sell pre-mixed tinted paint or tint colors in-store. You can also tint paint at home if you have the correct tools.

How Much Does Sherwin Williams Paint Cost?

On average, you can buy a brand-new can of tinted Sherwin Williams paint for about $40 per gallon. However, some specialty mixtures can cost as much as $100 per container. The price depends on the shade and collection, with higher-end options costing significantly more. However, even luxury Sherwin Williams paint is still competitively priced.

What Color Should I Paint My Walls?

You can paint your closet and walls any color you desire. But you should make sure the shade coordinates with the rest of your decor. For example, your walls need to compliment the furniture and fixtures in your room. So, choose a range of hues or develop a complementary color scheme to add dimension.

Why Is Choose Paint So Hard?

You’re not the only one having trouble picking out the perfect paint color. That’s because we all see colors differently. Plus, the lighting in our homes can shift throughout the day. So, a shade that looks great in the morning might not look the same at night. And that can cause some people severe stress when designing a space.

Get the Best Sherwin Williams Paint Color

Painting isn’t cheap, so be sure to choose the best colors first. And if you end up with something you don’t like, try to return it. You should get a refund if you honor the policy, keep the can, and show your receipt.

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