Can You Put Mesh Laundry Bags In The Dryer?

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Mesh laundry bags are a must-have for washing your most delicate pieces of clothing. However, can you throw the same mesh laundry bag in the dryer afterward? Yes, mesh laundry
can you put mesh laundry bags in the dryer

Mesh laundry bags are a must-have for washing your most delicate pieces of clothing. However, can you throw the same mesh laundry bag in the dryer afterward?

Yes, mesh laundry bags are safe to use in both the washing machine and the dryer. Suitable garments to place inside include silk sheets, hosiery, bras and lingerie, bathing suits, and sweaters. To ensure that your clothing is protected, set your dryer to a low-heat setting and fasten all clasps and buckles.

Keep reading to learn how mesh laundry bags work and whether or not it’s safe to use them in the dryer. Additionally, we’ll touch on how these mesh sacks protect your clothes and which items can be used inside.

Let’s get right into it!

How Do Mesh Laundry Bags Work?

There’s nothing worse than pulling out a stretchy top or undergarment to find that your washing machine has torn it to smithereens. Clothes get caught or wrapped up in one another all the time- mesh laundry bags aim to prevent this.

Mesh laundry bags are designed with a mesh exterior to help protect your clothes from snagging on the washer’s internal mechanisms. The bag is also made of a lightweight nylon or polyester, which can be folded up for easy storage when not in use.

Typically priced at around $4-$6 per bag, mesh laundry sacks can be found at most grocery stores or retail outlets that sell home supplies.

Is It Safe to Put Mesh Laundry Bags in the Dryer?

Mesh laundry bags are intended to be used in the washing machine, but what about in the dryer?

It’s perfectly safe to put mesh laundry bags in the dryer, with or without clothes inside. However, mesh laundry bags are typically not designed to handle the heat of industrial dryers used in laundromats.

For that reason, we recommend running a low-heat cycle when drying your clothes. Additionally, mesh laundry bags that have metal pieces or accessories attached should not be used, as metal is an electrical conductor.

Do Mesh Laundry Bags Protect Your Clothes in the Dryer?

These types of laundry sacks are intended to protect your clothes from snagging and tearing in the washing machine.

The same purpose applies to the dryer- mesh laundry bags help to prevent your clothes from catching on the wiring of the dryer. If you’ve ever seen a pair of jeans or socks caught on the inside of a dryer, you know how quickly this can ruin an item.

Furthermore, this bag can be used in the same cycle as the rest of your clothes to protect more fragile items from being mixed into the rest of the load.

What Types of Clothes Can Go in a Mesh Laundry Bag?

Can you put anything in a mesh laundry bag?

These mesh laundry bags can be used across most fabric types and with any clothing item. However, the most common types of clothes used inside include:

  • Bathing suits
  • Bras and lingerie
  • Baby (or doggy) clothes
  • Hosiery
  • Silk clothes and sheets
  • Sweaters
  • Lace pieces
  • Satin pieces

You can also put jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and tops inside. They just won’t benefit as much from the protection!

Be sure to fill your bag to 75% capacity, and never attempt to overstuff it. If you do, your items won’t get clean or be dried properly.

Items that should not be placed in a mesh laundry bag include:

  • Bulky items (i.e., heavy comforters or big rugs)
  • Items that could melt in the dryer, like plastic
  • Anything that shouldn’t be machine dried

The mesh laundry bag acts as a protection mechanism but can’t save your clothes from being ruined if they aren’t intended to be dried in the first place.

Always read care labels, and follow those instructions above all.

Tips to Washing and Drying Your Clothes in a Mesh Laundry Bag

Follow these guidelines when using a mesh laundry bag:

  • Fasten all buckles and clips on bras and clothing before putting them inside.
  • Fill the bag 3/4 of the way full to allow room for water and air to penetrate the mesh holes.
  • Use an appropriate detergent (preferably one with minimal fragrance that’s suitable for sensitive clothing).
  • Wash and dry everything according to the directions on each item. Using cold water, a delicate cycle, and low heat are all safe bets.

By adhering to these rules, your clothes will remain in mint condition!

Related Questions

Can you put “dry clean only” clothes in a mesh laundry bag?

Mesh laundry bags can be used for most clothes, but it’s best to avoid putting any garments inside that are specifically labeled as “dry clean only.”Dry cleaning is a delicate process and should only be done by a professional. If you try to dry clean or wash your clothes at home, you could ruin them.

Can you put mesh laundry bags on a heavy-duty cycle?

Mesh laundry bags should not be used with heavy-duty washer or dryer settings. The bag will likely rip due to the heat and excessive pressure.Additionally, these laundry sacks are intended to protect delicate clothes that are also not safe to be processed on a heavy-duty spin.

Should you dry shoes in a mesh laundry bag?

Yes, you can dry shoes in a mesh laundry bag. However, you must remove the shoelaces first, so they don’t get tangled.Just keep in mind that pairing your sneakers together will create a lot of spin momentum and could dent or open the dryer door. For that reason, shoes are usually better left out to air dry.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a way to quickly and easily dry your delicate clothes after washing them, mesh laundry bags may be the perfect solution.

These lightweight nylon or polyester fabric sacks can be used in most dryers and help protect fragile garments from getting snagged.

Mesh laundry bags are often priced at around $5 per bag and are available at most grocery stores or retail shops!

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