Can You Put Lululemon In The Dryer? (Find Out Now!)

Can You Put Lululemon in the Dryer?

Lululemon is a leader in the athleisure space. They make all kinds of clothes, including tops, shorts, pants, and jackets. Their leggings are renowned, and such in part explains why individuals have a lot of questions about these.

One of the most common questions—can Lululemon leggings be put in the dryer—is answered in this article.

No, you should keep Lululemon leggings out of the dryer. The inside of a dryer can get extremely hot, and such a high heat will damage the leggings’ elastic fibers. If you must dry your leggings, you should only use the lowest heat setting and set the machine to tumble-dry. You should also monitor the dryer the whole time.

Keep Lululemon Leggings Out of the Dryer

Generally speaking, you should keep Lululemon leggings out of the dryer. Some individuals think, after drying these leggings once, that doing so is totally fine, so they make a habit of drying these leggings. Eventually, they recognize their unfortunate mistake when the leggings are no longer wearable.

And since Lululemon leggings are far from the cheapest pieces of athleisure apparel on the market today, an owner of these leggings should do whatever they can to ensure their leggings stay in good shape.

Why the Dryer Is Bad for Leggings

Lululemon leggings are made using elastic fibers, including spandex and Lycra. These elastic fibers have a lot to do with why the leggings are so comfortable, but one downside is that they’re sensitive to high heat, like that which is produced by a clothes dryer.

High heat will break down the spandex and Lycra, to the point where the leggings no longer have any elasticity. Those who constantly dry Lululemon leggings—but only for a short period each time—will find that eventually, their pants have no more elasticity, and in some cases, the leggings will sustain irreparable damage or just break down completely.

Just because you need your leggings dry does not mean you should put them in harm’s way. If you let them dry naturally, you’ll be able to wear them eventually, and you won’t run the risk of ruining them.

How Lululemon Leggings Should Dry

The best way to dry Lululemon leggings is to air-dry them. Air-drying is much gentler on fabric, especially when compared to using a clothes dryer. If you air-dry only, the leggings should remain intact and functional for many years.

And if you consistently air-dry your Lululemon leggings, you won’t have to worry about the spandex and Lycra elastic fibers getting damaged. A lot of individuals assert that air-drying leggings takes too long, but in reality, the leggings only need a few hours to dry.

Lululemon leggings are made of moisture-wicking material, and this material drys faster than other common clothes materials, like cotton, nylon, and polyester.

If you place your Lululemon leggings on a drying rack—and then expose them to sunlight—the heat will help them dry and also remove any bacteria that are on the leggings. Just make sure you don’t leave the leggings out in the sun too long, as you don’t want them to fade.

When Using the Dryer Is Unavoidable

There’s widespread agreement that Lululemon leggings should be kept out of the clothes dryer. But it should be acknowledged that there are a few rare instances when putting these leggings in the clothes dryer is the only option possible.

In such a situation, you should set the dryer to tumble-dry, and the heat setting should be as low as possible. Once you turn on the dryer, you should check every 10 to 15 minutes to see how the leggings are drying. Again, the leggings should be in the dryer for the least amount of time possible, and this is why one must monitor the drying.

If your Lululemon leggings are completely damp—and you’re putting them in the dryer to get them less wet—then you won’t have to worry like you would if the leggings were mostly dry. When the dryer heats dry fibers, it’s here when the fibers will get damaged. Some Lululemon leggings owners have even reported that subjecting these leggings to high heat can cause them to melt.

Lululemon Leggings Maintenance Tips

Lululemon leggings are widely sought after these days, as they’re comfortable, stylish, and trendy. However, they’re not cheap, and this is a main reason why a lot of individuals take good care of their Lululemon leggings once they get a pair, as doing so ensures one gets the most bang for their buck.

Here are some Lululemon leggings maintenance tips that you can take advantage of:

Wash Immediately After Sweat Exposure

As soon as your Lululemon leggings are exposed to sweat, you should throw them in the washing machine. Lululemon recommends that their leggings be washed in cold water only, as cold water will help maintain shape and elasticity whereas warm water can damage the elastic fibers in the leggings.

Avoid Washing With Hot Water

Washing with hot water will spread any stains that are present. For this reason, you should avoid using hot water when you’re trying to get a stain out of your Lululemon leggings.

Separate Your Leggings From Other Clothes

Before you wash your leggings, you should separate them from your other gym clothes. For one, you don’t want to wash spandex-based items with cotton clothes, as fuzz can come off these latter items and attach to your leggings. If your leggings are covered with fuzz, they may appear to be a different color, and few find this attractive.

When Your Leggings Are Bright/Light

If your leggings are bright and they’re constantly attracting lint, they may end up getting stained. Dark lint can stain light fabrics, even if the lint is removed.

Therefore, if your leggings are bright/light, you should wash them by themselves. If you wash them with clothes that are darker, these dark dyes could run and stain the leggings, especially if the water is hot.

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