Can You Put Foil In An Air Fryer? (Find Out Now!)

Nick Durante
by Nick Durante

Air fryers are a revolutionary convenience that has made it easier and quicker to cook in the kitchen. Now, homeowners can utilize a small and simple piece of technology to cook foods that they’d normally need a full kitchen for. They have become more and more common, and many homeowners are wondering: can you put foil in an air fryer?

Yes, you can put foil in an air fryer, but you must be careful when doing so, or you’ll create a problem. Allowing your foil to get too close to the heating element on your air fryer can cause combustion and lead to a fire. It’s best to weigh down your foil with food so that the foil doesn’t become trapped in the heating element.

You can put foil in an air fryer, but you must be careful. Let’s explore the ins and outs of putting foil in an air fryer, and when it works best.

Putting Tin Foil In Air Fryer

Putting tin foil in an air fryer is possible, but only if you do it safely and correctly. For example, you should never attempt to put tin foil in an air fryer when frying acidic food. That is because acidic food has properties that can cause the foil to break down leading to a major mess in the fryer.

Many people do use tin foil in their air fryer, and they only have problems when they come to the heating element. The heating element in an air fryer is powerful, and exposure to tin foil can cause combustion and fire which can be quite dangerous. In that case, make sure that your foil is not directly exposed to the heating element, or in a position where it could move towards it.

It’s understandable to be apprehensive about using foil in an air fryer because of what we all know about microwaves. While air fryers are quite similar to microwaves, they are different in their maximum temperature output. If you exceed temperatures of 360F, then keep a close eye on the foil and be sure not to block airways in the fryer.

Can You Cook Foil Packets In An Air Fryer?

Yes, you can cook foil packets in an air fryer, but it is important to exercise caution while doing so. Foil packets are popular amongst campers and outdoorsmen, but now you can use them in your kitchen. Just like at the campfire, you simply assemble your ingredients and wrap them in foil, and you’re good to go.

The important thing to remember when using foil packets is to keep them away from the heating element. Heating elements are generally along the sides of an air fryer, and you should avoid direct contact with the foil. Be sure that you aren’t using anything too acidic and that there are no puncture marks in the foil.

How To Put Foil In An Air Fryer

You must follow a few quick and simple steps when you put foil in an air fryer. If you neglect following the proper protocol, it could lead to your foil combusting and causing a fire.

1. Place the Foil

When you place the foil, it’s important that you only put it at the bottom of the fryer basket. If the foil is along the sides, it could overheat quickly and lead to combustion. Lay your foil at the bottom so that it isn’t touching the sides.

2. Avoid the Pan

The pan beneath the cooking basket where grease and oil drip down to. Make sure that your foil is not falling into the greased pan. The best way to do that is to place the foil in the basket evenly so that it doesn’t sag.

3. Leave Room

Make sure that there is plenty of room on the basket that is not covered in foil. Placing the foil in the center of the cooking basket is the best way to ensure that you have space left over.

4. Weigh It down

You should only use foil in an air fryer if it’s going to be weighed down with food. Try to use only as much foil as you can have weighed down with food. Excess foil means that there will be a greater chance for combustion.

What Cannot Be Cooked In Air Fryer?

Everything from broccoli and oversized meat roasts should not be cooked in an air fryer. Air fryers are a major convenience, but you still need to be careful about what you put into them. Let’s take a look at the main foods that you should avoid putting in your air fryer.


It may be tempting to fry up some bacon in your new air fryer, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work well. That is due to the large quantity of grease that is created as a byproduct of cooking bacon. Air fryers utilize air movement and heat to get the job done, and when it comes to bacon, that creates a mess.

When you cook bacon in an air fryer, it leads to a greasy mess all over the insides of the unit. The combination of the air quickly moving and the intense heat cause grease splatters that are hard to clean. Not to mention, it could wind up damaging the airways and heating element if it creates too much grease.


Food that contains a lot of cheese can also be a problem when cooking with an air fryer. Due to high temperatures, cheese can quickly melt in an air fryer and eventually spill out. With all of the hot air moving quickly, melted cheese can lead to a serious mess in your air fryer and possibly damage it.

Food items such as mozzarella sticks lend themselves to air fryers because they are encased. In other words, the batter around the mozzarella often creates a barrier so that the cheese won’t melt. However, you should adhere to cook times even with mozzarella sticks because too much heat can cause the cheese to melt out.


Rice can be cooked in an air fryer, but not if it is dry and raw. Raw, dry rice can lead to burns or at the very least an unevenly cooked meal. If you’re able to mix rice with some vegetable oil, you can avoid burns and possible uneven cooking.

When you cook rice in an air fry, it will only work if you give the rice even surface coverage. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with half of a batch of edible rice while the rest is uncooked. If your power air fryer fan is not working, you also will have a hard time getting your rice to cook evenly.


Some roasts, such as chicken or large beef roasts, do not work well in air fryers. Roasting a chicken in an air fryer often leads to uneven cooking which can be unsafe. Due to the layout of an air fryer, some parts of the chicken may be overdone, while others may still be raw.

If your heart is set on roasting meat in the air fryer, go for small chickens or meat that’s already cut up. It’s much easier to roast some chicken breasts or thighs than to throw a whole chicken in there. That way, you won’t have to worry about which part of the chicken is burning up, and which part is still raw.

What Did We Learn?

You can put foil in an air fryer, but only if you are careful. You must weigh down the foil with food so that it doesn’t get sucked into the heating element. Be sure that you know how to clean an air fryer because you will make a greasy mess occasionally.

Avoid using foods such as bacon with foil, or in general, because it can overload the fryer with grease. Foil packets are great for air fryers but avoid letting the foil touch the sides of the fryer. As long you keep the foil in the center of the cooking basket, your food will be safely cooked.

Don’t hesitate to put foil in an air fryer, just be sure to follow the proper protocol. You should have no trouble with putting foil in your air fryer if you are safe.

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