Can You Put An Electric Heater In A Bathroom? (Find Out Now!)

Tiffany Nichols
by Tiffany Nichols

It can get pretty cold in the bathroom, especially after stepping out of the shower. So, keep the room cozy with an electric heater that’s safe and effective. However, don’t use anything that could put your loved ones in danger.

You can use electric heaters in your bathroom as long as you’re careful. Don’t let the cords get wet and limit the vapor in the air with fans or open windows. Also, check the heater’s label for specific information before you plug it in.

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What Kind of Heater Is Safe to Use in a Bathroom?

Choose from a variety of electric heaters that work wonders in a small bathroom. But keep in mind that not all electric units are waterproof. That means you can’t expose the components to more moisture than is in the air. And you have to check the owner’s manual for details about other precautions.

The best electric space heaters for bathrooms feature enhanced safety, advanced technology, and user-friendly controls. However, none of them are the same. And some homeowners might not feel safe with hot appliances on the floor. So, consider these alternatives just in case:

  • Propane Units – Keep the heat coming without plugging cords into the wall.
  • Baseboard Heaters – Harness old-school technology to warm small spaces gradually.
  • Panel Heaters – You build the heat source directly into the wall for radiant warmth.
  • Towel Radiators – Uses your storage racks to heat a cold bathroom and warm towels.
  • Heated Floors – Step out of the shower onto cozy flooring instead of an ice-cold surface.

NOTE: Some propane heaters aren’t safe for indoor use. And you can’t build cabinets over baseboard heaters. So, read your owner’s manual to be sure. Then, find a way to heat your bathroom without remodeling the layout.

Warm your bathroom even if you don’t have a space heater. First, try throwing your towels in the dryer on “high heat” for about 20 minutes. You’ll have a steamy covering when you step out of the shower. Plus, you’ll save money on energy costs for the room.

You can also invest in a towel warmer to heat your clothes and the space simultaneously. And hot showers create steam that can drive up temperatures as well. But if all else fails, warm the room by reversing the direction of ceiling fans or covering the floor with a thick fabric.

Do You Need a Heating and Cooling Contractor?

Get free, zero-commitment quotes from pro contractors near you.

Get Clean, Stay Warm

You don’t have to take showers in an icy room. There are ways to warm the space without putting loved ones in danger. So, weigh the pros and cons of putting electric heaters in your bathroom. Then choose the best unit and pay attention to what it says in the owner’s manual.
Tiffany Nichols
Tiffany Nichols

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