Can You Put A Regular Toilet Seat On An RV Toilet? (Find Out Now!)

Dennis Howard
by Dennis Howard

As an ardent RV owner, I know some of the frustrations that plague RV owners. One of the most talked-about is RV toilets and especially the seats. Many people find that toilet seats are small, flimsy, and uncomfortable. Many RV owners question whether they can install a regular toilet seat on their RV toilet.

Under some circumstances, you can retrofit a regular toilet seat to the toilet in your RV. However, the location of the hinges may make this impossible. Size may also be a problem if your RV bathroom is small. In some cases, your RV toilet design requires a special toilet seat for the toilet to function properly.

Making your RV more liveable and comfortable occupies a lot of time for many RV’ers. The toilet is a popular upgrade in many cases. There are some tips and tricks that may help you when you consider upgrading the seat on your RV toilet to a regular toilet seat.

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Understanding The Issues, RV Toilets are Not Like Regular Toilets.

Before modifying your RV toilet, it is important to understand how it works and what makes it different. The design and operation of RV toilets are much different than the toilet in your home. These differences often make adding a regular toilet see to your RV toilet difficult or impossible.

RV Toilets – Designed for Size and Weight

Typical RV toilets are smaller, lighter, and have a different operating mechanism than a standard residential toilet. The entire flush system is also different, which gives an RV toilet a different shape.

RV manufacturers look for every way possible to save weight. This extends to the bathroom, where the fixtures are made of plastic instead of porcelain. The sides and back of many RV toilets are much smaller and thinner than you might think. This difference in thickness and strength can make putting a standard toilet seat on your RV toilet challenging.

The Whole Flush System is Different

Your home toilet generally has a tank behind the toilet seat that holds a water reservoir for flushing. The flapper valve opens when the handle is pushed, and water rushes into the toilet to flush away the waste. The rush of water serves other purposes as well.

Your residential toilet has a built-in P-trap that holds water all the time to prevent sewer gases from coming back into your home. When the toilet is flushed, a siphon action pulls the flushed water through the P-trap, creating a much stronger flushing action.

Your RV toilet doesn’t have these features. There is no water tank and no P-trap. A spring-loaded valve maintains a seal between the bowl of the RV toilet and the black water tank. When you press the lever to flush, the valve opens, and the waste drops through into the black water tank. A stream of water from your pressure water system flows through the toilet to help clean the bowl.

Special Designs for RV’s

Many RV toilets have specially designed seats and lids particular to the toilet. Standard toilet seats typically have a hinge and bolt mounting system. The mounting bolt is part of the hinge on the toilet seat and lid. This mounting bolt is secured from the bottom of the outside of the toilet rim.

Most RV toilets don’t have these holes on the rim of the toilet and no space to make holes for the standard toilet seat. Adding a standard toilet seat to the standard RV toilet will require modifications to the toilet or the toilet seat to fit it properly.

Consequently, retrofitting a standard toilet seat to an RV toilet may be impossible. Attempting to modify the toilet may weaken the toilet. Great care must be taken when trying to add a standard toilet seat to an RV toilet.

What Are the Options?

There are other options to increase the comfort and stability of your RV toilet. Unfortunately, adding a standard toilet seat to your RV toilet is usually not one of these options. If you find your current RV toilet seat too small, too flimsy, or too uncomfortable, you may need to consider one of these options.

Look for an Upgraded Toilet Seat from the Manufacturer

RV manufacturers have an annoying habit of installing the cheapest toilets available. The toilet manufacturer may often offer upgrades to your current RV toilet to make it more comfortable and more efficient. You should be able to find the model number and name of your RV toilet manufacturer on the toilet or in the documents that came with your RV.

Contact a local dealer or search the internet for upgrades to your current toilet that may fit your needs. These upgrades are often relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

Search for an Aftermarket Upgrade to your RV toilet

The aftermarket accessory business is booming. There are many companies offering aftermarket upgrades for almost every part of your RV. Toilets are not forgotten by these manufacturers.

A search of the internet returns hundreds of products and accessories for your RV, including toilet seats that will fit almost any brand of RV toilet. We have even seen padded and heated RV toilet seats for many of the most popular brands of RV toilets.

Replace the Entire Toilet

It may sound extreme, but it is a choice taken by many full-time RV’ers. There are several companies offering replacement RV toilets that are more substantial. Some of these replacement toilets are larger and sturdier than the RV manufacturer’s cheap RV toilets.

Some of these replacement toilets look much like a standard home toilet. Some even use the same seat and lid mounting arrangements that allow you to replace the toilet seat and lid with one of your own choosing

Most of these aftermarket replacement toilets adhere to the same standards. This makes replacement easier than adapting a standard residential toilet to an RV. In many cases, it is just a matter of a few bolts, a water connection, and some seals to replace. The replacement is usually well within the skills of most RV owners.

Do You Need to Install or Repair a Toilet?

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More Comfort In Your Future

In some cases, it may be possible to put a standard toilet seat on your RV toilet. However, in most instances, your RV toilet isn’t compatible with a standard toilet seat and lid. In these cases, your best option is to find an upgraded lid for your RV toilet or install a better RV toilet for your comfort.

Dennis Howard
Dennis Howard

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