Can I Delete The SmartThings App? (Find Out Now!)

Can I Delete the SmartThings App

Many Samsung smartphone users got the SmartThings App at the same time they got their phone. While the SmartThings app has a lot of great points for making your home life easier, not everyone uses or even wants its services.

Instead, you may just want your house to be your house (without an Android controlling it), and you may want to use your phone’s memory in other ways. But is it possible to delete this app or are we stuck with it forever?

If your SmartThings App came pre-installed with your phone, it cannot be removed permanently unless you root your phone. You do have a few other options to try though, such as leaving the app, a force stop, or disabling your SmartThings app.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at your options for getting free from the SmartThings App.

Is It Possible to Delete the SmartThings App?

Although some love the options the SmartThings app has to offer, others just can’t wait to get it off their phones. Many SmartThings fans have used the SmartThings Hub for running their household devices since it came out as an independent Kickstarter start-up in 2012.

Since Samsung is a well-known name in the appliance world, it only makes sense for their app to be the one you would choose to control all these household devices.

Samsung also chose this year to take their hands off of the SmartThings hub and hand over its controls to Aeotec. While Aeotec still allows you to work with all the same devices, unfortunately, the migration to Aeotec hasn’t been as seamless as some may have hoped.

For example, v1 SmartHub users are left uninstalling each device, and adding them back into the newer version one by one. This has left many frustrated and just wanting to get rid of the app to move on with their lives.

But is it possible to let the app go? Or will the app just continue to hang out on our phones as a phantom reminder of what it once was, and continue to hog our memory space, and drain our batteries? The good news is you have a few options that can set you free.

Your Options to Remove SmartThings

If your SmartThings app is an add-on that you chose to download onto your phone, you have the easy out of simply deleting it like you would any other downloaded app.

For others that have SmartThings in their phones direct from the factory, there are a few solutions for you to try.

You can:

  • Leave the SmartThings App
  • Root Your Phone
  • Force Stop
  • Disable the SmartThings App
  • Contact Support

Leave SmartThings App

This is a pretty straightforward solution and would probably be the first option I would try. By choosing to leave the SmartThings App, you are erasing your data from the app and deleting the SmartThings service from your account with Samsung.

Rooting Your Phone

If you want the SmartThings app permanently out of your life, you can root your phone to remove the unwanted bloatware. This is the most permanent solution to kiss the SmartThings app goodbye.

But it isn’t the most viable option for most because it is a more invasive fix.

In order to root an Android, you will need some pretty expert skills to get into your phone’s system, accomplish what you want, and get back out. Alternatively, you could phone a friend with tech skills to help you out.

The Cons of Rooting Your Phone

The downside of this option is that it takes your entire phone down to pretty much factory level and you will not be able to update your phone after rooting it.

So, on the one hand, you may be saving more memory space by permanently getting rid of the SmartThings app. But, overall, rooting may cause your phone to perform poorly because it no longer has access to the updates that it needs to function properly.

Force Stop

You can also force stop the app, which will keep the app from constantly running in the background. This isn’t usually a permanent solution, and it won’t return much usable memory to your phone… although it should end many of the annoying alerts. This option should also help you save some battery life.

Disable SmartThings App

One of the best options for regaining control of your phone is to disable the app. This will give you back some of your memory space. Also, you can easily enable the device at any time if you want to use it again.

With this option, the app will still be there, but it will be taken down to its factory level. Disabling the app will also delete old updates and prevent new updates from overtaking your phone’s memory.

How to Disable the SmartThings App

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select the Apps option.
  3. Find the SmartThings app.
  4. Select the Disable button.

This is one of the best routes if your phone version allows you to use it. Some customers have reportedly had success with disabling the SmartThings app, while others complained that disabling their app on their phone version was not possible.

Samsung Support

If all else fails, you can always contact a Samsung representative to walk you through the best solution for your app and phone version.

Related Questions

Do I have to pay to use SmartThings?

No, there is no additional monthly fee for using the basic SmartThings services. However, extra services and devices that are available through the app may include additional costs.

Is the SmartThings Hub discontinued?

No, SmartThings hub is not discontinued, but it underwent some major changes in December 2020. It is now being developed by Aeotec and is known as the “Aeotec Smart Home Hub.” It is still compatible with the same devices and services as before, though.

Is it possible to migrate from SmartThings v1, v2, or v3 to the Aeotec Smart Home Hub?

If you still have v1, unfortunately, the answer is no. You will have to manually unpair all your devices and add them one by one to the Aeotec Smart Home Hub.

For v2 and v3, you can contact Aeotec services to automate the transfer of your devices.

Is SmartThings also available for iPhones?

Yes, SmartThings is a universal app. It will work on both Androids and iPhones to control SmartThings compatible devices. However, there are some differences in the app’s functions between Samsung and non-Samsung platforms.

If I root my phone to delete the app, can I later undo root with a factory reset?

No, a factory reset will not unroot your phone. It is possible to reverse a phone root, though, by going into your system and using a SuperSu app option. This will undo the root and get you back to Android’s stock recovery.

Summing It Up

The SmartThings Hub can be a useful device if you are looking for one system to be the head honcho over all of your appliances. Sadly, not all are into that life.

If you are like me, you may be still holding out for the Jetson’s to create a Rosey Robot that will make your bed… and breakfast, too.

For those of you who are wanting to get the overachieving (but often unnecessary) SmartThings app off your phone, we’ve given you a list of options to try. You can try leaving the app, rooting your phone, pressing force stop, or in the best-case scenario, disabling the app.

When you reign in SmartThings, it allows you to get your phone and house under control. And you also regain some of your phone’s memory and battery life to use how you want!

We hope our suggestions help you get free from SmartThings and allow you to get back to your next house repair.

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