40+ Modern Cabin Kitchen Ideas (with Photos)

Cabin Kitchen Ideas

Many people run to mountain living to escape the hectic busyness of the city. Most of the time if homeowners are in the market for a cabin home, they are outdated and in need of renovations. The kitchen is one of the main areas of the home where we spend most of our days. We spend time making breakfast, preparing lunches, snacks, and dinner for our families. If you’re toying with the idea of updating or renovating your cabin kitchen, there is a lot of inspiration out there to get you started. Remember, logs are optional when designing your cabin kitchen.

Having a cabin lifestyle is a personal decision. It is a life of comfort, rustic, and calmness. To go ahead with your project when updating your cabin kitchen, you don’t always have to design around wood. There are a variety of options you can choose from.

About Log Cabins and Why People Live In Them

Historically, log cabins were built using logs that were laid together and then interlocked using cog joints. There we some country cabins that were even built by being nailed together, but they didn’t provide the stability that was needed to hold the structure. Country log cabins became an icon of mountain living. There are also western-styled country cabins that were beautifully built that represent a lot of nature such as trees, animals, and even fishing.

People live in log cabins because it is cheaper and a lot healthier. Those who have been asked have reported feeling calmer, spent less money, and overall have better health. One of the reasons homeowners flock to log cabins is because of how beautiful they can become. They require less to build the home but can be decorated and updated to your liking on the inside. Log cabins can be a great long-term investment because they can last a long time. There are log cabins in Europe that are still standing after 800 years! Amazing, right?

40+ Cabin Kitchen Ideas

Cabins can be found in the countrysides and by those who can commute close to work or make a living from working off their lands. These people can be farmers, loggers, or even hunters just to name a few. Some homeowners choose to live in lakeside cabins only during the summer season. No matter the reason for living in a cabin, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Here are some ideas to make your cabin kitchen truly you.

1. Keep it Simple

Kitchens don’t always have to be fancy and overdone. This log cabin has updated appliances and kept the wall of their cabin as their kitchen backsplash. The tile floor separates the kitchen from the living room area.

2. Kitchen Island Stove

Stoves don’t always have to be on the outside of your kitchen. In this area, the homeowners installed a gorgeous kitchen island where their stovetop is on. This may make preparing large meals a lot easier and within arm’s reach.

3. Natural Light

Add a large kitchen window for natural lighting and lighter shades.

4. Log Beams

Many ceilings have your standard rectangular beams. For cabins, you can keep it traditional and install log beams for your ceiling area.

5. Archway

For large cabin kitchens, add an archway that can separate the rooms in your cabin, as well as bringing a historical touch to your home.

6. Marble With White

You can still update your log cabin kitchen by installing white cabinets with marble countertops. Here we have a clean white kitchen, while the doorways still kept that cabin touch.

7. Shiplap Ceiling

Still, want to achieve a farmhouse look for your cabin? You can create a white ship-lapped ceiling to complement the rest of your kitchen.

8. Old School Appliances

Your entire kitchen doesn’t have to be updated with all new appliances. You can opt for an older style to keep a look of simplicity for your design.

9. Brick Walls

Here we have a beautiful brick wall as the main focus of this kitchen. It blends lovely with the light-stained kitchen cabinets and red refrigerator.

10. Rug Runner

If you have long pathways, add a long rug runner to add decor to your space. This will also help if you’re on your feet preparing long meals.

11. Distressed Look

Rough up the look of your kitchen furniture to give it that cabin glow. For cabin appeal, some homeowners like to leave rooms looking traditional.

12. Wine Storage Island

This area has a large island with incorporated wine storage. Most storages are designed separately so this is a unique feature.

13. Fireplace

Update your kitchen fireplace with neutral, calm tones.

14. Hardwood Flooring

This floor isn’t your typical hardwood flooring. This homeowner installed hardwood flooring and kept its original look.

15. Floating Shelves

Add floating shelves to your kitchen to help with decor and other dishes.

16. Vaulted Ceilings

Vaulted ceilings can provide a modern, but traditional appeal to your cabin kitchen. Try a dark-stained ceiling with stainless steel appliances for a modern look.

17. White Appliances

Install white appliances to match with traditional log furniture and cabinets.

18. Crossed Beams

Instead of installing standard beams, consider adding a crossed approach to bring a shaped design to your ceiling.

19. Dark Rustic

If you’re working with a large blueprint, dark colors can be used since they won’t shrink the look of your kitchen. Add a dark stain to your cabinets and furniture to achieve a warm, welcoming vibe.

20. Candlelit Chandelier

Mostly found in castle-like settings, you can add two candlelit chandeliers above your kitchen island for extra lighting fixtures.

21. Bright White

Paint your kitchen walls and ceilings bright white for the natural lighting to brighten up your space. If you have more than one window, this is a great route to take to keep your space as bright as possible.

22. Breakfast Bar

You can use your kitchen island not only as a cooking area but as a breakfast bar. Add a few stools for your family or guests to sit and enjoy their meals.

23. Log Crafted Dining Table

Instead of purchasing a brand new dining room, you can craft your own using log materials to complement the rest of your kitchen space.

24. Track Lighting

Lighting fixtures don’t always need to be recessed lighting or hanging lights. If you are opting for a farmhouse look, track lighting will still do the job.

25 Shiplap Breakfast Bar

In this kitchen, we have a ship-lapped white island that delivers a farmhouse look. It blends beautifully with the wide farmhouse kitchen these homeowners have installed.

26. Red Cabinets

Sometimes all you need for an update is a new set of kitchen cabinets. You can have new ones placed in, or you can even paint them on your own picking the shade of your choosing. Painting cabinets can sometimes be a timely process, but now they do have one-step paint options if you don’t have much time available.

27. Less is More

When it comes down to appliances, less can be more. In this kitchen space, the homeowners chose to go with only a few options since they were working with a small countertop space.

28. Open Shelves

The majority of homeowners have closed cabinets for their dishes. If you’re the type of person who is working on the minimalistic side and don’t have a lot of clutter on your shelves, try going with an open concept to show just how organized you can be.

29. Clean Backsplash

Here we have beautiful gray cabinets, marble countertops, and a white, clean backsplash that becomes the focal point of this kitchen area.

30. Dividing Wall

If your blueprint is a large area, try adding a dividing wall to separate areas. Here we have a tall blue diving wall that separates the kitchen from the living room area. Very unique and gives extra privacy.

31. Small, but Mighty

If you have a small space to work with, keep it traditional with wood options. Try adding a splash of color as shown here for your countertops and other added pieces of furniture to provide your personal touch.

32. French Doors

One of my most favorite additions to a kitchen is a set of french doors. As opposed to an open concept, I love how this provides somewhat of a sound barrier to a room.

33. Hanging Lights

Previously we saw chandelier options that hung over islands. If you don’t want to add a chandelier, as sometimes it can be a bit much depending on your space, try a set of these hanging light fixtures.

34. Vaulted Windows

Here we have vaulted ceilings with windows installed on the ceiling. This homeowner was working with minimal light and wanted to add more natural light to their kitchen area. Having windows on your ceiling allows a direct hit of natural lighting to occur.

35. Dark Modern

Even if you’re in a cabin, you can still create a modern feel for your kitchen. Here we have stone backsplash and walls, with dark cabinets and dimmed lighting that provides a warm, inviting ambiance.

36. Round Breakfast Bar

If you are working with a large kitchen, try expanding your breakfast bar area in the shape of a half-circle. This will provide extra cooking space and even extra seating for family and guests.

37. See-through Cabinets

Similar to one of our previous kitchen models, if you’re the organized type, see-through cabinets could be an option for you. This homeowner decided to add see-through cabinets to her upper level.

38. Farmhouse Country

Here we have a farmhouse country-inspired cabin kitchen. There’s plenty of countertop space, cabinets for storage, and a small dining room table that seems like the perfect spot to have a morning cup of coffee.

39. Corner Shelving

If you’re limited on shelving to add to your decor, try this corner shelving space that provides plenty of decor storage.

40. Small Island

If your kitchen area is small, try this smell island option placed right in the middle that still leaves plenty of space for moving about and cooking areas.

Tips For Remodeling a Kitchen

A kitchen can become so much more than fancy cabinets or backsplash. When creating your dream log cabin kitchen, make sure it is easy to live in and functional.

  1. Walkway Design – Paths in your kitchen should be wide enough that you are comfortable walking through. Make sure your pathways are at least thirty-six inches wide. In your cooking area, make sure they are forty-two inches wide for a one-cook kitchen type, and forty-eight inches for a two-cook kitchen type. If you’re considering adding a kitchen island, configure those floor plans accordingly.
  2. Island Function – If you’re installing an island, think ahead of what exactly you’ll use your island for. Will it be for cooking or eating on?
  3. Keep it Plugged Up – Make sure you install plenty of kitchen outlets if you have countertop appliances you want to store and use daily.
  4. Color Selection – When selecting a color, be careful about which color you want to use and for what kind of areas. Using a dark color in a small space can make a room look even smaller. If you’re updating a small cabin kitchen, consider using light shades and adding more natural light.
  5. Focal Point – Pick a focal point for your kitchen design that will complement other areas of your kitchen.

Ideas For Kitchen Themes


Having a tranquil theme can be perfect for almost any kitchen space, especially if you’re working with a smaller kitchen. Tranquil themes can be achieved when you’re using light colors with paint, decorations, or lighting options. Colors featured include gray, cream, greens, and even blue shades. For a tranquil kitchen, try white cabinets or light-colored wood options and countertops.

The goal you should be trying to achieve with this theme is for it to be refreshing or modern. If your kitchen has enough natural lighting, this would be the perfect option for you.

Modern Farmhouse

When creating a modern farmhouse theme, you will use the best rustic decor. You can incorporate old and new items to create an authentic cabin farmhouse kitchen. You can use reclaimed wood, farmhouse sinks, sliding barn doors, and any antiques you may want to add. The key point of your farmhouse kitchen will be its color. Both light and dark shades can go well with a farmhouse theme.

Once you decide on a set color scheme, the rest of your space will fall into place. For a lighter shade of farmhouse try white kitchen cabinets with a gray backsplash. One other feature you can add to give your kitchen a little more pop to write grocery lists is an added chalkboard.


Similar to tranquil kitchens, coastal themes are light with a touch of drama. Coastal kitchens bring an inviting vibe with their shades of color such as creams, blues, and gold that tie together. Depending on how light or day you want your kitchen to appear, you can do your cabinets in either a white or gray shade. With an added touch to a coastal theme, consider adding a reclaimed wood island to the center of your room.


Homeowners tend to lean towards a minimalist theme if they are upgrading a small kitchen area. The color scheme uses only one or two colors. For minimalism, build your cabinets into your refrigerator appliance. Choose stainless steel appliances and install recessed lighting. Even though we’re working minimal, don’t be scared to add an island or a fancy backsplash to your kitchen. A minimalist theme doesn’t need to be boring, you are still able to add personality to it.


For contemporary kitchens, you can use both light and dark colors combined. You can use dark-colored cabinets such as black, dark brown, or dark gray. Adding white countertops will add the perfect mix that creates just enough depth that will draw you in. For your lighting, make sure it is bright and intense. This will help you balance out both the light and dark colors. Similar to the minimalist kitchen, contemporary kitchens are not to be cluttered with decor items. This doesn’t mean you can’t add some eye-catching items throughout the room.


When using a rustic theme, you can use A LOT of wood and metal. Rustic is the combination of both comfort and roughness that blends well. You can use dark cabinets with light countertops, with low lighting that will bring just the right ambiance to the space. To add a wood accent, you can add wooden beams to your ceiling area, along with a chandelier for a lighting fixture.

Since rustic uses a lot of detail, it’s not recommended for small kitchens as it can take away from the space and make it seem like there is too much going on. As a cheap option for decor, consider adding antiques around the room on shelving units.


Industrial kitchen themes are a rustic kitchen, just without the rustic added. For an industrial kitchen, don’t be afraid to use metal. Be creative with this space as there are a lot of options available. For shelving units, you can use pip shelving, create light pieces using dangling lights, and pipes for other areas of the kitchen.

A great color combo to use for this kind of kitchen would be bronze and black. You can also even add different brick patterns and gears for a personal touch. For industrial kitchens, you can just about add anything your heart desires. To add a fun idea to this space, consider adding copper countertops.


For Tuscan theme kitchens, you can bring a natural landscape to life. For the Tuscan theme, don’t afraid to bring it and be bold! The Tuscan kitchen uses shades like red, purple, brown, and tan shades that will accent your kitchen. Your cabinets, islands, and any bar areas should be designed using wood with added accent colors. When designing a Tuscan kitchen, it is very important to add decor that is lined up perfectly. The decor may require a little more planning on your end. For the backsplash, the area surrounding the stove, and even your floor area, you can use a stone option that you simply cannot go wrong with.

When designing your dream cabin kitchen, remember you don’t need to have a full renovation to achieve the look you want. Something as little as painting cabinets, using peel and stick backsplash, etc could easily give you the look you want, and on a budget too!

Designing a kitchen may seem overwhelming since there are many details involved. Remember to choose your theme, color scheme, appliances, materials, and decor. Take it one step at a time and just remember to have fun with your design. With each step you take, you will surely get your dream kitchen.

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