20 Cabin Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

Cabin Bathroom Ideas

Ah, cabins. They are the final frontier of interior design. Wait…no, they tend to channel the frontier side of interior design. That’s it! Yep. Well, no matter how you look at it, the word “cabin” tends to inspire thoughts of the rustic, idyllic world of pastoral bliss. There’s something incredibly beautiful about the picture of a warm, cozy cabin.

Cabin bedrooms and kitchens are a cinch to design. So are cabin living rooms. Bathrooms, on the other hand? They can be a bit hit or miss simply due to the inclusion of porcelain accents. Needless to say, new cabin owners are often a bit stumped when it comes to this part of their room. Are you having a hard time outfitting your cabin’s toilet area? We got you with some inspiration…

20 Cabin Bathroom Ideas

1. A Royal Cabin Experience

Okay, we don’t even know what to call this. Neo-Victorian? It has a chandelier, but it has raw wooden log supports and clay too. Or, is it a fusion style? Maybe. Whatever it is, we love it. The bold look of a standalone tub and chandelier make this otherwise rustic (and at times even rugged) area look neat.

According to our sources, this was actually a bathroom that was part of a luxury hotel and spa setup in Tanzania. Whoever was in charge of designing it clearly had good taste. Any cabin that takes a cue from this design will be bound to enjoy a little luxury with every dip.

2. Killer Contrast

When people think about cabins, they tend to think of bold, almost orangey wood finishes. Usually, this is combined with a white porcelain wash countertop. This bathroom concept turned that classic look on its ear two different ways. First off, the designer chose a way lighter wood for the majority of the bathroom’s walls.

Second, they chose a dark brown (almost ebony) vanity finish and flooring color. The end result is a look that makes you go “Hmmm…” It’s a look that is spa-like, but it also makes the place look super modern.

3. For The Daring

Being able to catch a good glimpse of the great outdoors is a major part of cabin life, but this might be pushing it compared to most other designs out there. This designer decided to go a little bit crazy with a bathroom that has a bunch of one-way windows surrounding the tub. (Or at least, we are hoping that’s the case!)

This is a good way to open up a room. Obviously, if you want to freak out your neighbors, you can use regular glass. However, we don’t suggest doing that. Even so, the idea of bathing in sunset does sound pretty nice…

4. More Cottagey?

While there’s definitely a certain aesthetic cabins tend to have, you don’t always have to go that route when designing your bathroom. You can also go for a more cottage-y feeling by getting a plain drywall wall setup with wooden cabinets. Getting the right wood stain and the right countertop color is a must if you want to try this.

If you are outfitting a bathroom for a cabin, you definitely should try to keep the rustic look of stained wood. This helps tie the look of the bathroom to the rest of the cabin. With that said, some people might find the flow of this bathroom to the rest of the bathroom to be a bit jarring. Approach this concept with a little caution, if you choose to do this.

5. Simple Bamboo

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you probably have noticed that bamboo is in. Bamboo flooring, bamboo shower stools, bamboo walls…It’s all in vogue because it’s sustainable and surprisingly resistant to water. If you have an eco-friendly cabin, then you might as well bring sustainability to the forefront with the right materials.

This tends to work pretty well with the modern style of cabins as well as Swiss chalets. One thing we’re sure of is that you can always bank on bamboo to make a hot tub or jacuzzi look good. After all, this is one material that oozes spa style.

6. Gone Full Lumberjack

Welp, this is about as rustic and as cabin-y as we could possibly imagine a bathroom getting. I mean, literally, everything has the look of hewn logwood, including the cabinetry and the walls. While we’re not 100 percent sure the walls are actually wood, the general look of this bathroom leaves nothing to the imagination: it’s a cabin bathroom.

When it comes to the overall feel of a cabin, this bathroom can’t get more rugged and rustic. Despite all that, the luxury tub and the spacious surroundings keep things human. Even the biggest and baddest lumberjacks are going to need to do a little washing once in a while.

7. Stone And Wood

There seem to be two different approaches to making a cabin. Well, it’s more of a spectrum of rustic versus modernity. On one side of the spectrum is the ultra-rustic, lumberjack-style look that would inspire #6 on our list. On the other end of the spectrum are cabins that look like they were designed by people who want to blend high-tech goodness with nature.

This bathroom is a good choice for people who want to go for the latter type of cabin. The crisp look of the stone against the wooden accents give this a nature-based yet modern vibe. While it’s not meant for a typical cabin, it still works well for “glamping” types of homes.

8. Ski Lodge Style

Alright, back to lumberjack-style cabins. This bathroom is the epitome of a classic, woodsy-outdoorsy cabin’s bathroom. You can literally see the wooden support beams that were added as a part of the home’s structure. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to settle for less in terms of style. The honey oak that the bathroom was made of is actually quite inviting.

The big draw behind this bathroom, aside from the heavy emphasis on wood, is the layout. It has a separate tub with water jets, a walk-in shower, a nice toilet, and a beautiful sink. It’s easy to feel like you’re outdoor royalty here.

9. Gone Green

One of the most common themes that you’ll see with bathrooms inside a log cabin is the overwhelming use of wood and iron. It’s a bit much, to be honest. That’s why we’re loving this fresh take on a cabin. The designers here gave the bathroom a coating of tile, but only partially. This gives your cabin a modern look without sacrificing the beauty of wood.

Of course, there’s another twist that you might have noticed. This is also one of the only bathroom designs we’ve seen to use mint green as a contrast to the wood. The light green (and white) both work to tone down the bathroom area without removing the forested feel of the cabin. Besides, green is kind of in. So it works on a number of levels.

10. Papered Up

Cabin Bathroom Ideas

Back in the olden days after World War I, many German families didn’t have enough money to afford wallpaper. Inflation made the German mark too worthless to use. As a way to save on home renovations, families often would use fiat money as a form of wallpaper. This cabin took a similar concept—newspaper—and rolled with it.

The end result was something that is remarkably pretty in its own right. The newspaper wallpaper actually helps add a gritty vibe to this cabin’s bathroom. Meanwhile, the woven rug and luxury fixtures make sure that people are well-aware of the fact that it is an elegant little nook in an elegant little cabin.

11. Do You Have The Brass?

via NORD

Cabins are often marked by a heavy emphasis on wood—which this particular bathroom has. However, it’s not your typical bathroom by any means of the word. Along with hardwood flooring (or tiles that look like wood), you can see a walk-in shower and a gorgeous copper patina sink. Of course, that’s not what’s really grabbing all the attention here…

It’s the brass tub. And the cool tub accents. We have no idea what those cylinders are for, but it’s definitely a cool cowboy-steampunk look. No matter how you look at this bathroom, it’s an incredibly artful look.

11. Reclaim Your Wood!

via StyleMotivation

It’s clear that wood is going to play a big role in most cabin bathroom designs, but we never said that it had to be the same wood that the cabin itself is made from. This designer decided to go a little green with their design by adding cabinetry that was made from reclaimed wood. To help even out the flow, the designer also used reclaimed wood for the wall behind the sink.

The look of reclaimed wood is something that adds a little grittiness to any cabin’s design. Since it is a darker wash than what you might find in other parts of the home, it’s also a statement piece. Chic!

12. Fairytale Style

via Akkrab

Is there any other way to legitimately describe this? The log cabin that this bathroom graced must belong to a Disney princess. At least, that’s what we’re imagining. The stone facade on the bathtub, the walk-in shower, and the counter add a very fantastic touch to the bathroom. To further add whimsy, the designer added a bunch of flower accents.

As for the lighting? The chandelier was a nice way to wrap things all together in a castle-like setting. Of course, it’s hard not to feel like a queen if you are able to bathe in a place like this while you’ve got the great outdoors nearby.

13. Rustically Red

via Houzz

So far, we’ve witnessed quite a few cabin baths that were all wood and porcelain. We’ve also seen a fair share that were wood and stone. Some, too, were mostly tile. Though the designs were different, they all tended to veer towards shades of green mixed with different wood hues. If we were lucky, we even saw greys and beiges. This bathroom is different.

This bathroom focuses on adding a burst of rusty red to the cabinetry, accessories, and door. The ruddy color might seem a little bit “rednecky” at times, but it’s hard to deny the Southern charm it imparts to the room. Red offsets the golden tones of the wood, too. So, it’s kind of a double win.

14. Mountain Spa

This is a cabin bathroom design that takes a subtle cue from Eastern European homes. On one side, we see a stone wall that ends in a stone bench. On the other hand, we see the cream-colored drywall against wooden logs that is prevalent out in the countryside of many Eastern European homes.

The luxury touches of a standalone tub, a designer sink, and pillows on the bench? Oh yeah, you’ll definitely see those at upscale spas in “the old country.” No matter where you come from, all these accents spell luxury.

15. Heavy Metal!

Before we begin, yes, that is in a real cabin. No, it’s not a sci-fi backdrop from the 1950s. This is the newest trend to come up in upcycling circles. This trend features using corrugated steel to create a hyper-rustic backdrop for a cabin bathroom. In this particular bathroom, they used the metal as a backdrop for a massive two-person walk-in shower.

While you do not need to have multiple spaces for multiple people, it’s definitely a concept that is worth considering. If your cabin is a shipping container-log cabin hybrid, this is basically a “well duh” option. If you are a fan of going for something edgy, then you might want to try this out regardless of whether you have a cabin or not.

16. Say It With Floral Tiling

via Design & Living Magazine

Bathrooms that are attached to log cabins tend to be surrounded by wood. After all, they *are* in cabins, right? While most cabin bathrooms tend to have hardwood flooring or tiling that mimics wood, you don’t have to stick to that look. In fact, you don’t even have to stick to the standard stone look of tile that typically graces bathroom floors.

If you want to add a cool twist of color to your bathroom without going “whole hog,” then you can grab some painted tiles. The pattern of painted tiling gives your cabin a cute, quirky, and slightly exotic look. We suggest going with a floral print, like the one above.

17. Texture It

via Breckenridge Vacation Homes

Sometimes, cabins are mostly characterized by the texture of the wood that they have lining their walls. This is not the case with the bathroom of this luxury log cabin vacation home. The designer of this cabin bathroom chose a slew of different tiles that have their own color and textures.

The glass tiles help give privacy between the shower and bathtub. The pink and white tiles give the counters and bathtub area a nice amount of depth. Overall, it’s a cool look that’s pretty doable for most log cabins.

18. Different Woods

via Log Cabin Living

In many cases, we’ve seen log cabin bathrooms that used stone as a tiling material or as a facade. That’s great, if you want to keep the look of a tiled home in your cabin. Sometimes, though, you might want to use stones in other ways. This home designer decided to bring the outdoors inside using a rock garden.

If you take a closer look at the rock garden, you’ll notice something else they did. The garden has two hidden gas-powered flames that act as mood lighting. While we are a little nervous about the fire safety issue, we can’t help but love the concept.

19. Upscale Lighting, Yo

via Design Trends

Cabins don’t have to be maximalist to make a major splash. Sometimes, you can give a bathroom a serious makeover by simply working with the right lighting. The concept behind this cabin bathroom is pretty simple compared to others on this list. I mean, you’ve got wood and slate stone tiling. You have a white porcelain bath with a metal exterior, big whoop.

What makes this cabin so unique is the way that the lighting makes the room feel. The spot lighting and recessed lighting are what really make this bathroom a major draw.

20. It’s A Little Bit Country

via Pinterest

Rustic red wood stains, brick-ish stone shower accents, and creamy white accents make this cabin bathroom a bit more country than foresty For many of us, that country vibe is very attractive, especially when it doesn’t involve too much lumberjack vibe. After all, if you’re in a cabin, you already spent the entire day outdoors.

So, maybe this isn’t a cabin-y bathroom. It’s more of a country-Western look if we were going to be real. However, it will still look phenomenal in the right log cabin. After all, cabins are country. The pretty blue accent decorations just help bring this design to a new, cowboy-approved level.

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