21 Blanket Storage Ideas (for Closets & Small Spaces)

blanket storage ideas

Having plenty of blankets on hand is a great idea, especially if you expect a lot of company throughout the year. Maybe you have family coming in from out of state, or you believe that true ‘etiquette is offering someone a blanket, especially if you’re using one. Therefore, you want to ensure you have enough of them on hand. The only issue is knowing where to store them.

The place you store your extra blankets depends on your home. You can keep them in your craft room, attic, or even under your bed in storage containers. If that doesn’t work for you, then put them in your linen closet or the 5th wheel camper you’re not using at the moment. There are plenty of places to store your blankets.

As children, we’ve always been in awe of the number of blankets our auntie has on hand or that our grandparents stack in the room when we come to visit for the week. While the number of blankets that kept pouring out was impressive, where exactly did they store them!? Well, you’re about to find out!

Why Is Blanket Storage Important?

You have tons of different blankets but no storage options for them. So, they’re most likely sprinkled throughout your home, on furniture, chairs, beds, and other places. While there’s nothing wrong with having several blankets on hand, having too many on display can make your home seem messy. All other people see is clutter. Therefore, it’s best to find a way to stow away your extra blankets for safekeeping until you need them again.

Tips For Storing Your Blankets

While storing blankets seem easy, there are a few things you can do to ensure they don’t get moldy and to keep them smelling fresh and use. Read the tips below to store your blankets the best way possible:

  • Toss in a couple of dryers sheets. If you want to keep your blankets smelling nice and fresh, a great idea is to toss a couple of dryer sheets in the space you’re storing them in. That way, you don’t need to wash them all over again before using them.
  • Vacuum sealing is best but isn’t necessary. Vacuum seal bags let you store your blankets away from moisture and pests. But, if you don’t have these available, that’s okay too. Just store them in an airtight container if you’re planning to keep them in the basement or attic.
  • Keep them in a dry place. The worst thing you can do is store your blankets in an area that has a whole bunch of moisture build-up. This will cause them to rot out with mold and mildew.

Top 21 Blanket Storage Ideas

Below are several different blanket storage ideas that you can use to keep your blanket collection out of sight so that your home doesn’t look cluttered or messy.

1. Blanket Warmer

If you love having pleasant, soft, warm blankets fresh from the dryer, then why not buy a blanket warmer to store them in? This will ensure that your blankets are ready to use while at the same time keeping them out of your way. You don’t have to have the unit on, either, if you’re looking to save power. Simply turn it on when you want your blankets toasty for use.

2. Repurposed Bookcase

There are old bookshelves all over Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and other sorts of online venues where you can get them for free and either take out shelving or add some so that you can store your blankets out of the way. Depending on the size of the bookcase, you can shove it in a closet or another corner of a room that’s not used very much to keep the clutter out of the main room.

3. Craft Room

Craft rooms are usually very well organized, with plenty of space to store more. You could always add a shelf near the ceiling at the top of your wall to stuff away from your blankets. No one would pay attention or know that they’re there unless you told them.

4. Guest Room

Guest rooms aren’t used as often as the other spaces within your home. So, while your guest room or den is unoccupied, you could toss your extra blankets in there to keep them out of sight. There doesn’t have to be any special storage arrangements; just throw the blankets on your spare bedroom or in the corner of the room (as long as the floor is clean). Then, grab the blankets as you need them.

5. Basement

If you’re lucky enough to have basement space in your home, you could always use a corner to store your blankets. However, if it’s an unfinished basement, you might want to put them into some air-tight containers first so that moisture and rodents don’t get to them. If your basement is finished and well used, you could simply toss them on a shelf down there until you need them again.

6. Attic

Most homeowners forget they even have an attic since the space isn’t as commonly used as a basement. But, most homes do have this attic space; however, the size of the attic will differ. Never put any boxes on the insulation because if it’s too heavy, it could very well fall through your ceiling. You’ll want to find or build a platform to store your container of blankets.

7. Linen Closet

Another space you could store your blankets while you’re not using them is the good old linen closet. After all, isn’t that what the linen closet is there for? Keep your blankets and sheets in the same area, so you’re not frantically searching for either when you’re ready to change your bedding.

8. Blanket Bags

If you don’t have extra rooms in your home and you’re not looking for anything fancy, there are blanket bags that you can stow your blankets away in. You can squish it down and squish it under your bed or in the bottom of a closet somewhere. Just remember where you hide them away so that you can access them without needing to track them down when you have guests spending the night.

9. Blanket Basket

Having plenty of blankets on hand is both a blessing and a curse. While you’ll have plenty of blankets on hand in case you need them, they can crowd your living room and make it look in disarray. Therefore, you could get a large wicker basket to throw your lap blankets in when you’re done with them. Or, you can hang your blankets over the edge, so you don’t have to dig through to find your favorite; instead, you can just snatch it from the top.

10. Built-In Bed Drawers

What better place to store your extra blankets than under your bed? Only this time, you don’t need to spend the time sucking them up with vacuum space-saving bags, but instead, in the drawers that are installed under your bed. If you already have your clothes hanging up in your closet or another dresser, then your under-bed drawers are perfect for storing your extra blankets in.

11. Repurposed Entertainment Center

You can always turn your old entertainment center into its own sort of linen ‘closet’ if you don’t already have one built-in. However, if you’re using it solely for blankets, then it’s best to use an entertainment center full of cubbies rather than drawers that you can’t use. But, if you want to store other things such as pillowcases, then one with drawers would be great.

12. DIY Blanket Storage


There’s nothing more simple than DIY shelf stands. You can build a simple three-tier shelf and buy some containers from the dollar store or Goodwill. Then, tuck your blankets away in the baskets and put the baskets on the shelves. Or, you could always just store the blankets on the shelves without containers as well.

13. Under Carts

If you loved the idea of tucking your blankets away into built-in drawers under your bed, but you don’t have the built-in drawers, you could buy some rollaway drawers that go under the bed instead. That way, you can still store them the way you want, but without leaving them sitting on the floor, and you don’t have to put the effort into building the drawers.

14. Storage Containers

Storage containers are always the way to go when you’re looking for ways to store your extra blankets. They’re especially ideal if you’re tucking your blankets away in an attic or basement, too, so that they keep the moisture and mice away from your belongings.

15. Blanket Racks

A blanket rack is suitable for those blankets that you need to store but that you use frequently. Simply drape the blankets over the rack when they’re not in use. Then, when you need them, grab them off the rack to use them and put them back when you’re finished. This is simple, easy, and also cost-effective.

16. 5th Wheel Or Camper

RV’s and 5th wheel campers usually sit for three-quarters of the year until you decide that you want to head south for the winter or take a summer road trip. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to store all your extra blankets and other belongings. This keeps the blankets out of the way entirely since they’re out of your house but also easily accessible by walking out to your camper to grab them.

17. Dresser

Many people overlook the idea of using a dresser for storing blankets since most people assume that they’re only used for clothes. However, this is the perfect place to keep them as they can add character to any room’s aesthetic. Plus, you can store things on top of them as well.

18. Blanket Chest

Out of sight, out of mind. A blanket chest is an ingenious storage idea that they came up with between 1650 to 1700 AD, and we still use this idea today. Find a chest that complements the colors of your room, or build and paint one yourself. Either way, you’ll have a place to store your extra blankets.

19. Armoire

If you want something taller and narrower than a dresser, you could get an armoire to store your blankets in. There are different styles and heights that you can choose from, including vintage armoires. So, while it’s another piece of furniture, they actually don’t take up much room. Plus, there is plenty of shelving in them to set your beloved blankets on.

20. Foldout Closet

Have you ever seen a fold-out closet? They come in different sizes and have built-in shelves as well. They’re just aluminum poles with mesh shelving material and an encasement that slips over and zips up. These types of closets are great for blankets, sheets, pillowcases, and even clothing.

21. Vacation Home

Let us just begin by saying that if you have a timeshare in the Mal Dives but live in Connecticut, this option obviously won’t work for you. But, if you have a cabin that your family runs away to once a month or so, you could always store your extra blankets there. Then, as you need them, grab them to bring home with you.

Why Does Storage Make Blankets Stink?

When blankets smell after they’re stored for a while, this is due to the skin cells and oils that get on them and start to break down. Even if you used the best laundry detergent, it’s nearly impossible to get this smell out as once they’ve broken down, they make their way into the fabric.

What Can You Do?

Even though you can’t entirely remove the cause of the smell, there are several things you can do. First, you’ll want to wash the fabric using cold water to ensure any of the particles are off and then thoroughly wash them on high heat. If you’re able to, toss it in the dryer but first check the instructions.

If the smell is still strong, then make some baking soda paste using baking soda and water, and then put it on the smelly areas of the blanket before washing again.

Related Questions

How can I freshen my comforter without washing it?

If you want to freshen your comforter without actually washing it, you can dampen it with some water before you put it into the dryer. Then, put a dryer sheet in with the comforter and run it on the fluff cycle for about 20 minutes. Then, you’ll have a warm and fresh comforter to keep you warm at night.

Are you supposed to wash your comforter?

It’s a good rule of thumb to only wash your comforter once or twice a year, but to refrain from doing it if you haven’t spilled anything on it. This is because it can stress out the comforter fabric. However, the cover will need to be washed at least once a week unless you use a top sheet, then it would only need to be washed one or two times a month.

How often should you wash your comforter if you have dogs?

If you have a dog or cat that sleeps in the bed with you, then it’s a good idea to wash your comforter more often to remove any of the pet dander, fur, and odor. Otherwise, if you don’t do this, then the smell will forever be embedded in your comforter.

It’s a good practice to wipe their paws off before they jump up on the bed. This can help to minimize the grime that gets into your bed and on your blanket. Make sure you also bathe your pets for the best results.

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