How Much Does Bilco Door Installation Cost? (Find Out Now!)

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In order to make your basement a more functional part of your home, you must improve how accessible it is. To pull that off, you will need to install a set of basement doors.

Several basement/cellar doors are available on the market, but Bilco offerings are among the most highly regarded. You can find them covering the basement entryways of many homes throughout the country. If you want a set of Bilco doors of your own, you must be willing to make a significant investment.

Different variants of Bilco basement doors are available, but they generally cost somewhere in the range of $400 to $1,000. Labor costs related to installation could tack on an additional $3,600 to the price tag of the whole project. If you’re getting accessories for your Bilco cellar doors, you can add about $300 to your list of expenses.

Basement doors can be highly stylish and functional additions to your property. Bilco basement doors in particular stand out as great options to install. Learn more about how much it will cost to add them to your home by continuing with this article.

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Average Bilco Door Installation Cost

Bilco Door Price RangeCreating New Door Frame CostsReplacing Door Frame CostsPrice of Accessories
$400 to $1000$710 to $910$810 to $1,010$226 to $296

Cost of Bilco Basement Doors

Bilco Door SizeBilco Door Price
O-Size Doors$400 to $600
B-Size Doors$600 to $800
C-Size Doors$800 to $1,000

To get things started, let’s first turn our attention to the cost of the Bilco Doors themselves. You have several options to choose from in that regard.

Smaller O-size Bilco Doors are the cheapest ones available. You can probably find some options available for $400.

The B-size Bilco Doors are the mid-range options from a pricing standpoint. They are typically priced in the range of $600 to $800.

C-size doors are the largest options you can purchase at this time. Expect them to be priced in the range of $800 to $1,000.

Bilco also offers Classic Series Basement Doors, Classic Series Sloped Wall Basement Doors, and Basement Doors from their Ultra Series. Choose carefully because there may be a specific type of Bilco Door that suits your basement.

Classic Series Basement Doors will fit over just about any type of opening. They are designed to be code-compliant and blend into the exterior of your home.

The Ultra Series Basement Doors are quite similar to the Classic Series Doors in terms of design. However, they also come bundled together with interchangeable side panel inserts.

Those side panel inserts make it easier to alter the layout of the area near the cellar door. They can save you from having to re-size or customize the basement door frame multiple times.

Bilco’s Classic Series Sloped Wall Basement Doors are more limited in terms of application. They are only meant for spots where sloped sidewalls are built into the foundation. You should opt for a different type of Bilco door if your home’s layout differs from that.

Labor Cost for Bilco Door Installation

Labor CostsHourly Rate
Low-End Estimate$115
Mid-Range Estimate$145
High-End Estimate$165

You may have to hire two types of professionals to complete the Bilco Door installation. First off, you will need a contractor to handle many of the tasks related to this undertaking. Hiring an electrician may also be required.

Contractor rates are tough to pin down because they’re heavily dependent on where you live. You may find some contractors who offer their services for as low as $40 per hour. Others may charge $90 and in some cases may even exceed that number.

Your contractor can probably point you in the direction of an electrician if you don’t know one already. Hourly rates for electricians are typically at $75.

The contractors can handle tasks such as creating a new frame for your basement door. They can also repair the frame if it has been badly damaged. If the frame for the basement door has to be re-sized, you can count on them to handle that as well.

Other tasks that may be necessary in this kind of project include removing the existing door and repairing the stairs. Typically, licensed contractors can handle those jobs. There’s also a chance that the contractor you hire will bring in a specialist to work on the stairs.

Electricians may be needed to fix the setup near the new basement door. The wiring close to the entryway may have to be changed to accommodate the new addition.

Cost of New Door Frame for Bilco Doors

A basement door may not have been included in your home’s original design. That means it will have to be carved into the topside of your basement. On the plus side, you will get the chance to add a completely new door frame.

Expect to pay around $250 for a new basement door frame. If you add the necessary labor costs, you may have to spend something in the range of $710 to $910.

Call the contractor ahead of time if you want a new basement door. Give them an opportunity to measure the opening and see what kind of frame will be required. Most contractors will build that frame off-site, but they can also do that on your property if you prefer.

The final cost of the new door frame is going to depend on its size. Frames that are meant to support C-size doors will require more materials and hours. They are the most expensive ones to order.

Obviously, you can save more on the O-size Bilco Doors. The contractors should be able to get them ready in a shorter amount of time as well.

Frames for Bilco’s Sloped Wall Basement Doors are tougher to create and the contractor may charge you more for them. Consult with your contractor beforehand if you need that kind of addition for your home basement.

Cost of Replacing Door Frame for Bilco Doors

Do you already have an existing doorway to your basement? If so, creating a new door frame may no longer be necessary. You may just have to replace the existing one instead.

Replacing an existing frame for a basement door can run you about $810 on the low end. For larger doors, expect to pay something closer to $1,010.

You may be wondering why replacing an existing basement door frame costs more than creating an entirely new one. Well, that’s mainly because more work is required.

Aside from creating the door frame, the contractor may also have to re-size the opening. The Bilco Door you purchased may not fit properly into the currently available opening. Making the opening wider and taller may be necessary.

Cost of Removing a Basement Door

After years of neglect, your old basement door may have gotten stuck over the entryway. Removing it in that state will be difficult. You may end up doing damage to the frame and the surrounding area if you’re not careful.

The contractor you hired can also handle the job of removing the basement door. A contractor will need more time removing an exterior door because of the additional elements in place. You may have to pay $180 for their two hours of work.

Disposing of the door is another matter to discuss. Old basement doors are usually not fit to be reused or recycled anymore. They have to be handed over to the appropriate disposal company and that may add another $30 to your bill.

The hope is that your current basement door is still in decent condition. Removing and recycling that will be less expensive.

Cost of Repairing Basement Stairs

A staircase is often located right next to the Bilco Door to make accessing the basement as easy as possible. If you want your new Bilco Door to be useful, the staircase next to it must be in good condition.

The cost of repairing the basement staircase can be quite affordable or another big expense. If you just have to get some steps repaired so they stop shifting, you’ll likely have to pay around $70. If there are big cracks that have formed on the stairs, you are probably looking at a bill closer to $300.

Also note that we’re just talking about the treads here. The railings of your basement staircase may also need to be repaired. It may also benefit from being re-finished.

Those additional repairs won’t come cheap. Repairing your basement staircase may cost closer to $500 if every part of it will be fixed. Find out what a bulkhead basement is.

Cost of Replacing Basement Stairs

Your basement stairs may no longer be in any condition to handle regular use. Repairing them would just put off the issue temporarily. Replacing the staircase completely is needed if you want reliable access to your basement from the Bilco Door.

Be prepared for a big investment if you want to completely replace those basement stairs. Even on the low end, a new staircase will cost about $900. Homeowners looking for a new staircase with railings and a good finish will have to spend close to $3,000.

Cost of Accessories for Bilco Door

Bilco Door AccessoryPrice
Bilco Basement Door Keyed Lock Kit$66
Bilco Basement Door Weather Strip Kit$52
Bilco Foundation Plates$108 to $178

Adding accessories to your newly installed Bilco Basement Door will transform it into a more functional part of your home. So, which of those accessories should you buy? Let’s go over the top Bilco Door accessories below.

Bilco Basement Door Keyed Lock Kit

You’re probably going to use the basement to store some of your valuables. Keep those important items safe by purchasing the Basement Door Keyed Lock Kit from Bilco. The aforementioned kit is available for $66.

A special finish applied to the lock prevents corrosion from setting in. The cylinder cap also keeps water outside of the keyway so you can enter the door even as rain pours overhead.

Those Bilco locks are also easy to install on your own. Using just basic tools, you should finish installation in half an hour or so.

Bilco Basement Door Weather Strip Kit

Small openings along the perimeter of the Bilco Basement Door may still be present after installation. You cannot ignore those openings as they will allow rain, dust, and even some insects to enter your basement. To seal up the perimeter of your Bilco Door, you can use their Weather Strip Kit that’s on sale for $52.

Apart from preventing the entry of moisture and debris into the basement, the Weather Strip Kit also provides other benefits. For instance, it can soften the sound of the door slamming shut. Adding the weather strips will also prolong the life of your Bilco Basement Door.

Bilco Foundation Plates

The Bilco Foundation Plates are useful for concealing the area around the basement door. They can also provide support for the door itself.

Bilco’s Foundation Plates are available in different sizes. The smaller ones are available for $108 while the larger plates are on sale for $178. You can also choose from a few color options when selecting a foundation plate.

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How Long Can You Expect Bilco Basement Doors to Last?

The longevity of your Bilco Basement Door will depend in large part on the quality of its installation. Improper installation can lead to the Bilco Door wearing down after only a few short years. Consider yourself lucky if the Bilco Door lasts for 10 years if it wasn’t installed the right way.Conversely, proper and careful installation can work wonders for the Bilco Door’s longevity. They could last for several decades if they were handled correctly. Don’t be surprised if the Bilco Door remains in good condition even 30 to 40 years after installation.

How Do You Remove Rust from a Bilco Basement Door?

Have you seen patches of rust appearing on your Bilco Basement Door? Rust forming over the door is not good. Thankfully, you can remedy that problem.Pick up a wire brush and some sandpaper then use both items to scrape away the rust. Follow that by using a rag soaked with warm water to wipe the surface of the door clean. Wiping the door once more with a dry rag should get rid of any rust residue.

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