5 Best Wooden Hammock Stands (Most Portable & Various Sizes)

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Nothing beats stretching out in a comfortable hammock under the shade of a tree. Many homeowners don’t have the luxury of hanging a hammock between two trees. The answer is a beautiful and functional wooden hammock stand. These are our picks for the best wooden hammock stands.

By using a hammock stand, you can set up your hammock anywhere without the need for two perfectly spaced trees. Although wooden hammock stands are heavy, most models are portable and easy to adjust. Without a stand, you’ll have to constantly adjust the knot or rope. What’s more, hammock stands add appeal to your patio or yard.

Hammock Stand

Type of Wood

Weight Capacity

Best Feature

Sunnydaze 12 Curved Wood Hammock StandRussian Pine Wood400 PoundsWill handle two-person hammocks
Petra Leisure 14 Ft. Wooden Arc Hammock StandEuropean Larch450 PoundsBeautiful Teak Stain Finish
Vivere Solid Pine Wood Arc Hammock Stand – 15 Ft.Pine450 Pounds15 ft length will handle extra-large hammocks
Petra Leisure 14 Ft. Water Treated Wooden Arc Hammock Stand (with Double Hammock)European Larch450 PoundsIncludes a Premium Double Padded Hammock in the Kit
Lazy Daze 10 Ft Russian Pine Hardwood Arc Frame Hammock (with Cotton Sling)Russian Pine Wood300 PoundsShorter size for confined spaces and includes a beautiful cotton sling hammock

These wooden hammock stands feature beautiful designs coupled with the highest quality materials. We looked for durable finishes and expert workmanship. We want you to choose a hammock stand that will give you years of comfortable use.

1. Sunnydaze 12 Ft. Curved Wood Hammock Stand – Best 12 Foot Hammock Stand

The Sunnydaze 12 Ft. Curved Wood Hammock stand is both visually stunning as well as entirely functional. The curved wood sections are strong and resilient to give you the most comfortable hammock support when assembled.

Materials and Construction

The Sunnydaze hammock stand construction utilizes Russian-pine hardwood. This premium material is well suited for building furniture used outdoors. Buyers of the Sunnydaze 12 Ft. hammock stand routinely mention the beauty of this hammock stand and the quality of the finish.

  • Fits multiple hammock sizes: This heavy-duty hammock stand fits hammocks ranging from 8-11 feet in length. The stand measures 50 inches wide, 142.5 inches long, and 51 inches tall. It also weighs 50 pounds, with a weight capacity of 400 pounds.

Hammock Capacity

Hammocks from 8 to 11 feet in length fit easily in the Sunnydaze 12 Ft. hammock stand. The stand will support up to 400 Lbs. of weight. This weight rating allows you to safely hang most double hammocks on the stand to enjoy a snooze with your partner.

Purchasers of the Sunnydaze 12 Ft curved wood hammock stand note that this stand works best with a hammock with a spreader bar. Many sling-style hammocks tend to sag slightly, and the Sunnydaze 12 Ft. stand may not offer enough hang height.

Ease of Assembly

Each Sunnydaze 12 Ft. hammock stand comes with complete instructions and the necessary tools to assemble the hammock stand. By and large, buyers of the Sunnydaze hammock stand find this hammock stand easy to assemble and the instructions understandable and complete.

The Sunnydaze hammock stand kit includes the wrenches for assembly. However, the job will go faster and easier if you have a ratchet and sockets to use when assembling this kit. Typical assembly time is around 2 hours

My Overall Impression

Overall, my impression of the Sunnydaze 12 Ft. is great.

  • Beautiful and durable materials
  • Pleasing and functional look.
  • Works best with a spreader bar style hammock
  • Sling-type hammocks may require some adjustment

2. Petra Leisure 14 Ft. Wooden Arc Hammock Stand

At 14 Ft, the Petra Leisure Wooden Arc Hammock Stand is one of the longest hammocks stands on our list. This extra length is an advantage for people who need an extra-long hammock to handle their height. The extra length also allows the use of sling-style hammocks with modifications.

Materials and Construction

You won’t find a more attractive wooden hammock stand than the Petra Leisure 14 Ft. wooden arch stand. The European larch wood features teak-colored stain and top-grade waterproofing for years of trouble-free service. Comments from purchasers of the Petral Leisure 14 Ft. wooden arch hammock stand note the finish and color as one of their favorite things.

  • Wooden Stand is 14' long. Beautifully Stained & Water treated. Coffee Stain Finish.

Hammock Capacity

At 14 Ft., the Petra Leisure Hammock stand will accommodate hammocks from 9 to 11 feet in length. The ability to handle extra-long hammocks gives many users more options who have found shorter hammocks to be a problem.

The Petra Leisure 14 Ft. hammock stand will carry up to 450 Lbs. of weight safely. Hang your double hammock and two people can easily enjoy the gentle sway as you relax. The extra length of this hammock stand works with both spreader-bar and sling-type hammocks.

Ease of Assembly

Users of the Petra Leisure Arc Hammock stand give this kit high marks for ease of assembly. Most report that the kit arrived complete and with clear instructions. The labels on the parts make assembly easy. The overall impression of most purchasers of this product is high and reflects well on this hammock stand.

The hardware to hand your favorite hammock is included and is adjustable to fit almost any hammock. Most people can un-box and assemble the Petra Leisure 14 Ft. Wooden Arc hammock stand in less than 2 hours.

My Overall Impression

For the price, the Petra Leisure 14 Ft. wooden arc hammock stand is a great option.

  • Top-notch materials suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • European Larch construction gives a beautiful finish
  • Well-constructed and easy to assemble
  • This is not the cheapest stand but is probably the best overall value.

3. Vivere 15 Ft. Solid Pine Wood Arc Hammock Stand – Best 15 Foot Hammock Stand

The Vivere Solis Pine wood arc hammock stand is the longest stand on our list. The extra length of this hammock stand may require more room in your yard or on your patio. However, the extra length allows more flexibility in the hammock style and size you can hang on this stand. No more suffering with short, uncomfortable hammocks for your taller family members.

Materials and Construction

Made from solid pine, the Vivere 15 Ft. Solid Pine wood arc hammock stand is a visually stunning piece of patio furniture. The look of this hammock stand makes it work in your home as well as on your patio.

  • Raw outdoor look with refined professional finish is truly the best of both worlds

The finish of the Vivere hammock stand is superb. The eased edges of the lumber give a smooth look and feel. The surfaces of the hammock stand feature a high-performance wood oil finish that provides superior protection. In addition, the Vivere sources the lumber from FSC lumber providers.

Hammock Capacity

At an overall length of 179 inches, the Vivere 15 Ft. hammock stand can accommodate the longest of hammocks. The length and height of the stand allow the use of spreader and sling-type hammocks.

The Vivere hammock stands easily accommodate double hammock styles and weights up to 450 labs in the hammock. With the extra length and weight capacity, you can look forward to many comfortable times in your hammock.

Ease of Assembly

The Vivere 15 Ft. hammock stand comes unassembled and requires the purchaser to follow the included directions. Buyers of the Vivere hammock stand find the instructions easy to follow and the parts easy to fit together. By and large, the reports are that the holes all align, and the hardware goes together quickly.

Some users report that the Vivere hammock stand’s size is easier to assemble if you have another person to help. Invite a friend to help assemble your Vivere hammock stand and then enjoy the hammock with you for the rest of the afternoon.

My Overall Impression

The Vivere 15Ft wooden arc hammock stand is the most expensive stand on our list.

  • The fit and finish of this hammock stand reflect the extra cost.
  • You won’t find a more elegant or well-finished hammock stand.
  • The edges of this stand are eased for a furniture look and feel.
  • The overall length of this stand may make it difficult to find enough inside your home.

4. Petra Leisure 14 Ft. Water Treated Wooden Arc Hammock Stand – Best Two Person Wooden Hammock

If you don’t already have a hammock to hang on your new hammock stand, buying a complete kit may be your best bet. The Petra Leisure 14 Ft. water treated wooden arc hammock stand with a double hammock is a great value. The included quilted style double padded hammock is the perfect companion for this wooden arc hammock stand from Petra Leisure.

Materials and Construction

Petra uses European larch wood in the construction of these hammock frames. Larch wood is a durable and beautiful choice that will provide years of trouble-free use for most people. The wood in the Petra Leisure 14 Ft hammock stand features water-resistant treatments and a beautiful, stained finish.

  • Wooden Stand is 14' long. Beautifully Stained & Water treated. Teak Finish.

Most users of the Petra Leisure hammock stands find the construction to be above average. These kits are complete with all hardware needed and the necessary tools to do the assembly.

Many purchasers complete the assembly in less than two hours.

Hammock Capacity

The double hammock included in this kit has a capacity of 450 Lbs. making it a perfect choice for an afternoon nap with your partner. The spreader bar style hammock is comfortable and well made. The 14 Ft length of the stand accommodates the 7-foot long hammock and easily handles most people.

Ease of Assembly

Buyers of Petra Leisure hammock stands find that the assembly of these kits is easy and quick. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. The kits are well constructed and fit together easily using the included tools in the kit.

In most cases, users of the Petra hammock stands need about 2 hours to complete the assembly. The process may go faster if you have help handling the parts as you assemble the stand.

My Overall Impression

Petra Leisure has already made this list with one of their hammock stands. The inclusion of a Petra Leisure spreader bar into a hammock stand kit is a natural progression.

  • The design and the craftsmanship allow easy assembly
  • The quilted hammock is comfortable and durable
  • Double spreader-bar style hammock included in this kit
  • The assembly will go faster with the help of a friend

5. Lazy Daze 10 Ft Russian Pine Hardwood Arc Frame Hammock (with Cotton Sling)

Many homeowners are space confined and find a 12 to 15-foot hammock stand takes up too much space. The Laze Daze 10 Ft. Russian pine hardwood arc frame and cotton sling hammock can solve the space problem easily and quickly. This shorter-length hammock stand fits easily into even the smallest yard to apartment patio.

Materials and Construction

Lazy daze has chosen Russian pine hardwood for the frame of this hammock kit. The Russian pine hardwood promises a long durable life for your hammock stand. The fit and finish of these stands are above average. Many users of this hammock stand absolutely cherish the beauty of the wood and its quality finish.

Hammock Capacity

The Lazy daze 10 Ft. Russian pine hammock stand is designed for sling-style hammocks. The stand and included hammock accommodate weights up to 300 lbs. At almost 81 inches, the cotton fabric hammock is comfortable for any but the tallest of your friends and family.

Ease of Assembly

Lazy Daze includes all the hardware and tools necessary to assemble your hammock frame and hang your hammock. Purchasers of the Lazy Daze kits routinely report that the kit is easy to assemble by following the included directions. By and large, comments reflect that the parts fit together well, and one person can finish the assembly.

My Overall Impression

Where space is limited but you still want to enjoy a lazy afternoon in a hammock, the Lazy daze 10 Ft. hammock and stand is a great solution.

  • Excellent materials get high marks from users
  • Construction quality is above par, making assembly easy
  • Small enough to fit in the tightest spaces.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Another Alternative When Space is Extremely Limited

If your home is extremely space limited, but you still want to enjoy the motion of relaxing in a hammock, you should consider a hammock hair. Hammock chairs provide the comfortable and relaxing motion of a hammock with the long space requirements. Our choice as an alternative to a full-size hammock and frame is the Petra Leisure Teak Stain Hammock Chair Stand

Alternative Solutions – Petra Leisure 7 Ft. Teak Stain Hammock Chair Stand

This indoor/outdoor option for those without space for a full-sized hammock and frame is a great choice. The Petra Leisure 7 Ft Teak stain hammock chair frame fits easily onto most small townhomes, patio homes, or apartment spaces. The frame is stylish and elegant and provides an aesthetic space for you to relax.

The Petra Leisure hammock chair stand is made of European Larch wood. The finish is beautifully stained to match teak for a long-lasting look. This hammock chair frame will handle weights up to 265 Lbs.

Buyers of the Petra Leisure hammock chair frame that the kit is easy to assemble and comes with all the necessary hardware and tools. Assembly is easy for one person and takes about an hour to complete.

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