5 Best Trough Sinks (for More Bathroom Functionality)

Dennis Howard
by Dennis Howard

Trough sinks in bathrooms have come into their own in recent times. The popularity of trough-style bathroom sinks has grown. In many new homes, a trough sink has replaced the double sink installation in master bathrooms. What is the best option for a trough sink in your home?

Trough sinks have become popular for several reasons. The length of trough sinks makes the sink more useable, especially in bathrooms serving large families. Trough sinks make an architectural statement. As a design element, trough sinks bring a certain flair to bathrooms. Combining a trough sink with more exotic materials can bring a distinctive feel to a bathroom.

Comparing the Best Trough Sinks

Trough Sink ModelTrough Sink MaterialTrough Sink SizeWhat Makes this Sink a Great Selection?
LACAVA Aquagrande Undermount Trough Style SinkDouble Glazed PorcelainW – 24”

D – 16”

H – 8 ¼.”

Undermount designs present a sleek and modern look
Nameeks Scarabeo Gaia 34-1/4″ Ceramic Drop in Bathroom SinkCeramicW – 35 ½. “

D – 13”

H – 6 7/8”

A Traditional Self-Rimming sink with elegant styling and ceramic construction
Weibath, 47 Inch Wall Mounted Double Sink Stone Resin Trough Bathroom SinkStone ResinW- 47.24”

D – 13.75”

H – 5.91”

A modern interpretation of a trough sink that saves space in small spaces
ALFI brand AB36TR 36″ White Above Mount Fireclay Bath Trough SinkCeramicW – 35 1/2 “

D – 17 ¾”

H – 7 7/8”

Surface mount design creates a stunning visual effect in a bathroom
Hammermarc 35 Inch Hammered Copper Trough Bath SinkHammered CopperW – 35”

D – 10”

H – 6”

Stunning hammered copper and unique design add a distinctive feel to any bathroom

Picking a trough sink for your bathroom is more of a personal esthetic than a practical choice. The addition of a trough sink to an existing bathroom can dramatically alter the look and feel of the whole room. The sink is a focal point and becomes an anchor for the rest of the décor and design. Let’s look at our picks for the best trough sink.

Best Undermount Sink – LACAVA Aquagrande

LACAVA is a Chicago-based company with a long history of designing and constructing cutting-edge fixtures. With a reputation for quality production and flawless customer service, LAVAVA has a great reputation among designers and installers.

Design Features

The LACAVA Aquagrande trough sink is a true under-mount sink. Undermount sinks are perfect for use with natural or manmade counter materials. The design creates a clean and modern look and makes cleaning the countertop easy and quick. With no rim around the edge of the sink, you can sweep debris into the sink without hindrance.


Installing the LAVACA Aquagrande undermount trough sink follows the same techniques for installing other undermount sinks. Many homeowners manage the installation of an undermount sink without a problem. There are a few simple steps to install an undermount sink successfully.

  • Make the cutout on the countertop. Use the template supplied with the sink to ensure the proper size.
  • Turn the countertop upside down.
  • Apply a thin bed of silicone to the outer edge of the trough sink.
  • Position the upside-down trough sink over the opening
  • Install the retaining clips according to the directions supplied with the trough sink
  • Let the silicone set properly. Follow the directions on the sealant.

If your countertop is stone or a manmade solid material, you may need special tools to make the cutout. You may need to have the opening professionally cut under some circumstances.


  • Interior Dimensions – 21 ¼”w x 13 3/8” d x 6 ¼”h
  • Exterior Dimensions – 24”w x 16” d x 8 ¼” h
  • Porcelain
  • Weight 36 labs
  • Overflow
  • White
  • Cutout Size – 20 ¾” x 12 7/8”
  • 1 ¾” drain opening

One advantage of an undermount sink is the option to install one or two faucets. The design gives you the ability to customize your bathroom in innovative ways.

Pros and Cons – What Users Say

The LAVACA Aquagrande trough sink gets rave reviews from owners. Their comments are by far positive and indicate satisfaction with their trough sink purchase. Comments by users fit into several common areas.

  • Even in a small space, the design of the under-mount sink allows the installation of two faucets
  • Very sleek and elegant. Added a great new feel to our remodeled bathroom.
  • Installed easily and quickly on our manmade material countertop

Some users do mention one problem with the LAVACA Aquagrande trough sink. The location of the drain opening can make setting the sink to ensure drainage from both ends can be critical. If your counter is not perfectly level, getting the LAVACA trough sink to drain properly may be next to impossible.

What We Think

  • We like porcelain sinks. The material and strength of a porcelain sink feels more substantial and gives an air of permanence and high-quality
  • Undermount skinks give a crisp, clean appearance to a bathroom. The overhanging counter edges make cleaning easy and quick
  • The option to install the faucet or faucets anywhere on the back or ends of the sink offers some unique design considerations.
  • A trough sink can be seen as very traditional or very trendy depending on the rest of the design elements in the bathroom.

Best Self-Rimming Trough Sink – Nameeks Scarabeo Gaia 34-1/4″ Ceramic Drop in Bathroom Sink

Nameeks is not as well-known a brand in the US as some other manufacturers. In fact, these trough sinks come from Italy. However, the quality of these Nameeks trough sinks is above the mark.

Suppose you prefer a more traditional self-rimming sink for your bathroom installation. The Nameeks Gaia drop-in bathroom sinks offer an elegant and sophisticated look when after installation. Self-rimming sinks are convenient, relatively easy to install and offer a multitude of design options.

Design Features

The Nameeks Gaia trough sink is simple. This trough sink depends on elegant lines and smooth curves to deliver a sophisticated look in any bathroom. These trough sinks feature fine porcelain for years of stain-free use. The self-limiting design creates a clean look on the countertop and makes installation from above easy. Each of these Gaia sinks is equipped with an overflow drain and a center drain opening.


  • Basin Depth – 4.3 inches
  • Basin Length – 33.5 inches
  • Basin Width – 14.8 inches
  • Drain Connections – 1.25 inches
  • Overall length – 34.5 inches
  • Overall Height – 6.1 inches
  • Overall width – 15.5 inches

The drain is centered in the basin and features a built-in overflow. Nameeks places a one-year warranty on all its ceramic products.

Pros and Cons – What Users Say

In general, the Nameeks Gaia’s trough sink receives high reviews and positive comments. The comments center around these areas.

  • The Gaia made an elegant and easy replacement on our bathroom vanity for a pair of traditional sinks.
  • This sink design allows some very untraditional installations, such as putting the faucet on a corner.
  • Very high-quality ceramic. Even the undersides are well finished and smooth. You could almost surface mount this sink.

Some users did report problems with the Gaia trough sink suffering a bend upon arrival. However, there was no indication if this was due to a manufacturing defect or a problem during shipment.

What We Think

Our overall impression of the Gaia trough sink and Nameeks is positive. While there are a few negative comments, we aren’t sure if the problem is the trough sink or the shipping.

  • Ceramic sinks are a top choice. The finish is durable, and the looks are fantastic.
  • Ceramic can be chipped or crack if not properly cared for
  • Self-rimming sinks are popular, especially with do-it-yourselfers. These sinks are easy to install, and you can do most of the work from the top.
  • The quality of the construction is unquestionable.

Best Space Saving Trough Sink – Weibath, 47 Inch Wall Mounted Double Sink Stone Resin Trough Bathroom Sink

Some bathrooms seem too small to fit a traditional trough sink onto a vanity. Weibath has addressed that issue with their wall-mounted double stone resin sink. This innovative design is elegant, functional, and modern.

A self-supporting wall-mounted trough sink opens the floor space giving an illusion of much more room. If you left a traditional vanity in place, a trough sink would make space seem even smaller and tighter than it is.

Design Features

From a design standpoint, the Weibath double trough sink is outstanding. Modern and simplistic in its design elements give this trough sink a decidedly understated look. Constructed from stone resin, the trough sink is integral to the wall mounts and the small back surface area where the faucets mount. The resin material is durable as well. The color and pattern go through the entire material, so scratches seem to disappear.


  • Overall length – 47.24 inches
  • Overall width – 15.75 inches
  • Overall height – 5.91 inches
  • Faucet hole diameter – 1.38 inches
  • Drain hole diameter – 1.77 inches
  • Basin width – 11.34 inches
  • Basin Length – 46.3 inches
  • Basin depth – 3.54 inches
  • Center drain location
  • 10-year warranty in residential applications

The kit includes the sink and all mounting hardware but doesn’t include faucets or drain hardware.

Pros and Cons – What Users Say

It is hard to find any critical comments about this wall-mounted trough sink. Those that we did find focused more on shipping problems. By and large, purchasers of the Weibath double trough sink rave about its design and quality.

  • It makes even the smallest guest bath seem much more inviting and spacious.
  • Easy to install. Great instructions, and all the hardware was included
  • The covered drain opening gives the sense of a much more expensive fixture

The one negative comment we found centered on the complete failure of the sink to be delivered. There was no indication that this was Weibath’s fault or under their control.

What We Think

Where space is an issue, and you want an elegant, almost art deco look in your bathroom, this trough sink is an easy choice.

  • A simple design that works in almost any décor
  • The resin construction ensures a long life with few problems. This material is durable, easy to clean, and maintains its looks for many years
  • Space-saving arrangement easily allows you to fit a double sink into space previously occupied by a single sink
  • Well-constructed and designed for easy installation. All the hardware you need to hang this unit from your bathroom wall is included as well as complete instructions.

Best Surface Mount Trough Sink – ALFI brand AB36TR 36″ White Above Mount Fireclay Bath Trough Sink

To create a true one-of-a-kind visual statement for a bathroom takes a centerpiece for the statement. The ALFI white above surface trough sink makes that kind of declarative statement. Nothing could announce a visual statement like this above surface sink.

Standing above the surface of a vanity cabinet top, the ALFI AB36TR sink is a gleaming white ceramic visual feast. The bold look of a surface mount sink is made even bolder by the size of this bathroom fixture.

Design Features

ALFI offers a unique combination of features and options with the AB36tr surface mount sink. The design works three ways.

  • The sink can be mounted on the surface of the countertop to make a bold contemporary statement. When combined with a wall-mounted faucet, the look is awe-inspiring.
  • Mounting the trough like a traditional farmhouse sink with the front skirt exposed and the basin recessed into the countertop gives a completely different look.
  • The ALFI trough style basin can also be undermounted to provide a sleep ultra-modern appearance.

In addition, the ALFI trough sink has a center-mounted drain. Whichever way you chose to mount this bathroom trough sink, it will make a statement hard to ignore.


  • Overall width – 35.5 inches
  • Overall depth – 17.75 inches
  • Overall Height – 7.9 inches
  • Basin width – 34 inches
  • Basin depth – 14.5 inches
  • Basin height – 7.185 inches
  • Drain hole size – 2.125 inches
  • Weight – 78 pounds
  • Constructed of premium-grade fireclay

Pros and Cons – What Users Say

Overall, purchasers and installers of the ALFI trough surface mount sink give high marks. Many of the comments focus on the elegant design and the quality of the finish.

  • The fit and finish of this trough sink are truly amazing. The ceramic is hard and very even, with no thin spots or blemishes
  • A perfect replacement for an old vanity with double sinks. We installed two faucets and still have plenty of room
  • Everything about this sink says quality

One user did comment about finding a popup stopper sink drain that will fit this ALFI sink. Apparently, ALFI is the only manufacturer of a popup stopper drain compatible with this sink style.

What We Think

We think you couldn’t ask for more in a top-quality ceramic sink. Three mounting options are just one good reason. The form, style, and finish of these sinks make them stand out on their own.

  • Multiple mounting options make this sink versatile for almost any application.
  • This is massive fire clay and ceramic finish fixture. It requires a support system to match its bulk.
  • If you intend to make a statement in a guest bathroom, this trough sink will certainly help.
  • It is easy to overpower a small bathroom with this trough sink if you aren’t careful about the design of the remainder of the room

Best Metal Trough Sink – Hammermarc 35 Inch Hammered Copper Trough Bath Sink

Nothing adds warmth and a sense of warm elegance to any room than fixtures made of hand-hammered brass. The look and feel of the Hammermarc 35 inch hammered copper trough sink gives the impression of age and elegance.

These copper sinks deliver a unique feel to any décor. The semi-circular trough design is unlike almost any other bathroom sink. With this hammered copper sink installed as either a surface mount or a self-rimming style, the effect is dramatic and bold.

Design Features

The design of this hand-hammered copper trough sink from Hammermarc speaks for itself. The unusual semi-circular design sets this trough sink apart. These trough sinks can be used as bathroom sinks, prep sinks, or as kitchen sinks. Hammermarc offers options and sizes for each installation.

Imagine this stunning hand-hammered trough sink surface-mounted on a bathroom vanity. The copper finish is extraordinary both on the inside of the bowl and the outside. If you want to reduce the height, drop the hammer arc copper trough sink into a cutout and use it as a self-rimming model. The hammer marks and tooling are done with artistic precision to add even more to the visual appeal.


  • Overall length – 35 inches
  • Overall width – 10 inches
  • Overall depth – 6 inches
  • Bowl length – 33 inches
  • Bowl width – 8 inches
  • Bowl depth – 6 inches
  • Bathroom sink drain opening – 1.5 inches

These copper sinks from Hammermarc are handmade in Mexico and may show slight differences in the finish.

Pros and Cons – What Users Say

The Hammermarc copper sinks one of the few products we surveyed for our list with no negative comments or ratings. Without fail, users of these Hammermarc sinks were happy and impressed with the quality and workmanship of these sinks.

  • The craftsmanship of these sinks is impressive
  • Elegant and visually stunning. Added a whole new feel to our guest bathroom
  • Easy to install as a surface mount sink.
  • The color is amazing and works so well with dark wood for a rich feeling

What We Think

Copper is a wonderful metal, and when used for fixtures or furniture, it brings richness and warmth to the decor of any room. In the right place, this Hammermarc copper sink can become a focal point in the room.

  • The fit and finish of these sinks are flawless. The addition of the small differences during the hand manufacture adds character to the trough sink.
  • These handmade copper sinks are visually stunning and will remain so for many years.
  • Multiple mounting styles give you the ability to adapt these sinks to your needs and your plan.
  • Copper requires a different cleaning and maintenance method. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning methods, materials, and products for the best results.

Why Choose a Trough Bathroom Sink?

Many people choose to install a trough-style sink in a bathroom because the visual effect can be stunning. Trough sinks present a different look than traditional bowl-style bathroom sinks. A trough sink is not what most people expect when they walk into a bathroom. Finding the unexpected often creates a completely different feeling in a room.

Space-saving is another often cited reason. Trough sinks can offer more useable space on a countertop as well as saving space in the bathroom. Replacing a single bowl sink in a bathroom often allows a second faucet in the same space.

Lastly, trough sinks are available in various colors, styles, and materials that fit into any décor scheme. You can fit a trough sink into the most contemporary design as well as very traditional décor. Versatility is a key factor in choosing a trough sink for a bathroom.

Our Take on Trough Bathroom Sinks

One designer described trough sinks in bathroom settings as “trendy and outside the box.” There is no way to judge how long the trend will last or how fast a trough sink installation will last without looking dated. However, trough sinks are all the rage right now, and manufacturers are feeding the trend with new styles and designs.

We hope that this review of our picks for the best bathroom trough sinks helps you with your bathroom decorating plans. A trough sink in a bathroom may not fit your style or your plans. We do believe that you should consider a trough sink for your bathroom décor. Apart from the striking visual impression, a trough sink can be practical as well.

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