5 Best Lawn Mower Blade Balancers

Best Lawn Mower Blade Balancer

You replaced that worn and dull blade on your lawnmower with a fresh factory blade. The engine starts, and you immediately notice something is quite right. There are vibrations and maybe even rude noises that you hadn’t noticed before. The culprit may be that new blade. A lawnmower blade balance may be the answer to your newfound problems.

The typical walk-behind lawnmower spins the blade at approximately 2900 revolutions per minute. This RPM translates to over 200 miles per hour at the blade tips. If the blade is not almost perfectly balanced, vibrations can occur that are at best uncomfortable, and at worst, can seriously damage your lawnmower engine. Balancing a new saw blade or a recently sharpened saw blade is critical.

After personally testing various mower blade sharpeners, we found the Oregon 42-047 blade to be the best due to its precision and magnet technology, allowing the blade to cut steadily. 

Comparing The Best Lawn Mower Blade Balancers

Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener Type of Mount Our Overall Impression
Precise Blade Balancer by Oregon Wall  Mount The magnets on this balancer hold the blade steady for more accurate readings and adjustments
MAG-1000 Professional Blade Balancing Instrument Wall Mount The most expensive balancer on our list is well worth the price if you sharpen lots of lawnmower blades
MAXPOWER 339075B Magnetic Wall Mount Blade Balancer Wall Mount A clone of the Oregon blade balancer that offers much of the same functionality at half the cost
LAVIZO Lawn Mower Blade balancer and Sharpening Kit Bench Mount If you haven’t regularly sharpened and balanced your mower blade, this is a good starter kit.

If you sharpen your lawnmower blades frequently, your shop should have a lawnmower blade balancer. Balancing your lawnmower blade after every sharpening adds life to the blade and your lawnmower engine. The process is simple, and the tools you need are inexpensive. In the long run, investing in a lawnmower blade balance makes good sense. Here are our picks for the best lawn mower blade balancers available.

1. Oregon 42-047 Precision Lawn Mower Blade Balancer

Oregon is well known for many outdoor cutting tools. Their chainsaw blade sharpeners are legendary among foresters. Likewise, Oregon makes a full line of maintenance tools for the landscape industry. The Oregon 42-047 precision lawn mower blade balance is a good example.

Oregon has an eye for quality. This attention to detail shows through in their 42-047 blade balance. Even its looks are impressive. The quality of the materials and constructions speaks much about this blade balancer.

Oregon Magnetic Lawn Mower Blade Balancer 42-047 MAG 1000 Design Wall Mount

Fit, Finish, and Quality

Just picking up the Oregon precision blade balancer imparts a feeling of confidence in the tool. The all-metal construction gives this blade balancer a hefty weight that seems to instill confidence.

You won’t have any worries about durability using the Oregon precision blade balancer. This aluminum blade balancer should perform for years. The precision manufacturing of this blade balance gives you the most precise balance for your lawnmower blade. A well-balanced blade can add years of life to your lawnmower.

Ease of Use

The Oregon lawnmower blade balancer is a static style balancer. With the Oregon precision blade balance mounted properly on a wall, place the blade on the spindle. The magnets will hold the blade in place, and gravity will do the rest. A balanced blade will remain horizontal. An unbalanced blade will turn to place the heavier side of the blade lower.

Almost any blade can be balanced using the Oregon precision blade balancer. The balancer accepts blades with center holes up to 1-1/2 inches in diameter.

What Users Are Saying

The overall impression of the Oregon Precision Blade Balancer by purchasers and users is highly favorable. Surveying the comments from these users shows that the vast majority are impressed with the Oregon blade balancer. Their remarks fall into several categories.

  • The operation of the Oregon tool is smooth and precise. The ball bearing action is sensitive to the slightest out of balance condition
  • The magnets on the balancer are extremely strong. There is no movement of the blade on the balancer once the magnets get a grip.
  • The fit and finish of the Oregon balancer are top-notch and reflect the quality of the tool.

Final Impression

There is no doubt that this is a quality tool. The design and construction are first-rate and should give years of service. Our impression leads us to these conclusions.

  • The Oregon precision blade balancer is a top drawer tool that will provide years of use.
  • The balancer needs to be mounted precisely on a vertical wall. If the tool is not perfectly level, it may not work as well.
  • The Oregon balancer is perhaps one of the easiest blade balancers to use. The magnets, ball-bearing operation, and tracking arm work together to give precise balancing information.
  • The price may make the Oregon lawn mower blade balancer a bit of overkill for some homeowners.

Our recommendation is to use the Oregon Precision Blade Balancer if you can fit it into your budget. The casual homeowner who sharpens or changes a lawnmower blade once to twice a season will appreciate the quality.

2. MAG-1000 Professional Blade Balancing Instrument

When you look at a ”best of” list, you expect to find just that. No list of the best lawnmower blade balancers would be complete without the MAG-1000 professional blade balancing instrument. Magna-Matic, the Mag-100 balancing instrument manufacturer, is a world leader in sharpening and grinding tools for the landscape industry.

The MAG-100 blade balance is a true professional tool, and the price puts it well out of consideration for most homeowners. However, if you sharpen lawnmower blades regularly, the cost of the MAG-1000 cis easily recaptured over the life of the tool. Professionals need professional-grade tools to meet their needs.

MAG-1000 Professional Blade Balancing Instrument

Fit, Finish, and Quality

When you purchase a MAG-1000 blade balancer, you get exactly what you expect. You get professional quality and performance when it counts most. To begin with, the MAG-100 is CNC machined from steel. Each MAG-100 blade balancer is a precision tool that uses the finest ball bearings and power permanent magnets on the chuck.

The cast aluminum mounting bracket and all the parts come factory assembled for precision. The installed gauge rod gives quick and exact blade readings to detect bent blades while on the balancer. All you need to do is find a vertical straight wall on which to mount the MAG-1000 balancer.

Ease of Use

Static wall mount blade balancers are probably the fastest and easiest types of balancers to use. Slip the blade on the spindle and let gravity do the rest of the work. Unbalanced blades will turn to put the heavier blade at the bottom.

Bent blades are easily detectable by turning the blade and watching the gauge as the blades pass by. Any deviation between the blade and the gauge indicates a problem. The design of the MAG-1000 ensures easy and efficient blade balancing. Efficient operation saves time for those busy professionals when performing needed maintenance.

What Users are Saying

Looking at comments and remarks from users of the MAG-1000 blade balancing instrument is eye-opening. We couldn’t find a bad review or negative comment anywhere we looked. Without fail, professionals and homeowners alike have nothing but positive reviews of the MAG-1000 blade balancer.

  • Best quality and made in the USA
  • Anyone should put every blade on this balancer before installing it on a mower
  • The difference between this balancer and the cheap knockoffs is unbelievable.

Final Impression

For professional results, you need professional tools. If you are in the landscape business and want to operate the best equipment possible, the MAG-1000 blade balance from Magna-Matic is the only real choice. Professionals design this tool for professionals

  • The quality of this tool is reflected in its price. If you want the best, be prepared to pay for it.
  • For professionals who sharpen lots of lawnmower blades regularly, this balancer is almost a necessity.
  • The average homeowner will probably never appreciate the full worth of this blade balancer.
  • The expected life of this tool offsets the hefty price. You shouldn’t ever need to buy another blade balancer once the MAG-1000 is in your shop.

Busy professionals will appreciate the quality and precision of the MAG-100 blade balancer. Homeowners who chose to pay the price for this tool will enjoy a precision professional-grade balancer that will serve them faithfully for years. The MAG-1000 may not be for everyone, but it does have its place on our best list.

3. MAXPOWER 339075B Magnetic Wall Mount Blade Balancer

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Oregon should be full of pride. The MAXPOWER magnetic wall mount blade balancer is as close to a clone as one can get. Putting the Oregon blade balancer next to the MAXPOWER 339075B balancer and telling the two apart is challenging.

Clones always produce a little concern about the quality of the materials. Using cheaper materials and paying less attention to the details is the easiest way to produce a significantly cheaper product. Surprisingly, the MAXPOWER blade balancer doesn’t seem to suffer from these inconsistencies.

Fit, Finish, and Quality

Much like the Oregon balancer, the MAXPOWER blade balancer is a combination of steel and aluminum construction. The spindle appears to be of quality mild steel. The bearing operates smoothly and freely. The base appears to be cast aluminum and has a nice finish.

On the surface, the MAXPOWER blade balancer gives the impression of a quality tool. For the price, the MAXPOWER balancing tool seems to be a good buy. Some purchasers report that the shipping box has indications that this balancer is made in Italy.

Ease of Use

Like the other static balancers we have reviewed, the MAXPOWER blade balancer is about as simple as you can get.  Mount the balancer on a straight vertical wall, slip the blade on the spindle, slide the magnet up to hold the blade and let gravity do its job.

The included blade gauge allows you to quickly and easily determine if the blade is bent. The magnetic mount makes it easy to remove the blade to adjust the balance: no nuts, bolts, or other devices to worry about losing.

What Users Are Saying

The vast number of user reviews of the MAXPOWER blade balancer are above the average mark. Very few negative comments appear anywhere about this product. By and large, users of this tool focus on these features of the MAXPOWER blade balancer.

  • The precision of this tool is incredible. It found my brand new blades to be out of balance when my old balancer couldn’t.
  • The bearings and other parts of the MAXPOWER balancer or well-crafted and of high quality.
  • Using this blade balancer made mowing much easier. It’s amazing how this balancer allowed me to eliminate the vibration in my mower quickly.

Final Impression

Who doesn’t like to find a quality tool at a reasonable price?  The MAXPOWER blade balancer certainly fits that description. At half the cost of a comparable tool, this blade balancer from MAXPOWER is an excellent pick for homeowners who want to get the most performance from their blade balancer and lawnmowers.

  • The MAXPOWER is probably the best blade balancer available for homeowners to add to their shop for the price.
  • We aren’t sure about the longevity of this blade balancer. Given the price, a professional landscaper who regularly sharpens many blades may find the durability questionable.
  • MAXPOWER doesn’t give up much information about the materials or the place of manufacture of this blade balancer. That may be a red flag for some users.

Homeowners looking for an excellent value in a lawnmower blade balancer should certainly consider the MAXPOWER tool. The price is right, and the apparent quality of the tool makes it a good buy. We aren’t too sure about putting this tool in a professional shop, but it might be worth a gamble.

4. LAVIZO Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening and Balancing Kit

Hopefully, this article has inspired you to start regularly sharpening and balancing your lawnmower blade. If so, and you haven’t been performing this task in the past, a good way to get started is to buy a kit that includes a balancer and a sharpener.

Lavizo sells a kit with everything you need to maintain your mower blade in optimal condition. The kit comes with a drill-mounted sharpening stone with an integral guide, a cone style balancer, and complete instructions. There is nothing else to buy to have your lawnmower blade running smoothly and vibration-free.

LAVIZO Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener with Metal Baffle, Universal Wear-Resistant Lawnmower Blade Sharpener for Any Electric Drill Hand Drill -Not Easy Damage and Easy to Use 3 Pack+1 Balancer

Fit, Finish, and Quality

Lavizo recently upgraded the grinding wheels included with their sharpening and balancing kits. The new wheels are made of a harder material and feature a metal baffle instead of the usual plastic guide. These changes increase the durability and life of the grinding stones even when used on the hardest blades.

The balancer provided with the Lavizo kit is hard-molded plastic. The balancing cone is step graduated to fit almost any style and size of the lawnmower blade. You do need a sturdy, flat, and level surface to use this balancer style.

Ease of Use

Since we are speaking of balancers and not sharpeners, we will leave the sharpener for another discussion. The balancer is the simplest of designs and the simplest to use. Set the balancer on a flat level surface and put the blade onto the cone until it sits on the appropriate diameter step.

Give the blade a few minutes to settle and look at the angle of the blade in reference to the surface. Remove the blade, grind a small amount of metal from the heavier side and test the balance again. This style of balancer is quick and easy to use and stows away nicely to keep your work area clean and neat.

What Users are Saying

Overall, the Lavizo sharpening and balancing kit gets good reviews. Some negative comments focus on the speed of the grind. In general, the comments are positive and find the Lavizo kit useful and a good value.

  • It works well if you keep the blade and stone wet while grinding.
  • I only sharpen one mower blade occasionally, but this kit performs well without any noticeable wear on the grinding stone.
  • The blade balancer is easy to use. Drop the blade on the cone and wait a few seconds. You can tell quickly where you need to grind to get a good balance.

Final Impression

Homeowners with small yards who need to balance and sharpen a blade only a few times a season will do well selecting this kit. The operation is easy, and the tools are of good quality.

  • The improved grinding wheel with a metal guide does a good job of sharpening almost any mower blade
  • The cone balancer works without any mounting hassles or taking up space.
  • The cost of this kit makes it well worth the average homeowners considering adding the kit to their shop.
  • The cone balancer is plastic but should stand up to most homeowner use without a problem

Keeping Your Lawnmower Running Smooth

Mowing the lawn is a chore. Mowing with a lawnmower that vibrates and doesn’t cut well makes the chore even more objectionable. Taking a few moments to balance the blade on your lawnmower as you sharpen it can make the chore of mowing the lawn a little less demanding. We hope that this article gives you the information you need to make your lawnmowing chores a bit more enjoyable.

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