5 Best Ceiling Fans for Kitchens (Improve Air Flow)

Dennis Howard
by Dennis Howard

Kitchen remodels are perhaps the most popular way to update your home. Anyone considering a kitchen remodel should consider adding a ceiling fan to the kitchen area. If you do consider a ceiling fan for your kitchen, which are the best ceiling fans for kitchens?

Kitchen ceiling fans are easy and affordable ways to increase air circulation in your kitchen. There are several considerations you should make when choosing a ceiling fan for your kitchen. Your choice of ceiling fans for your kitchen should involve your kitchen’s size, the décor of your kitchen, ease of installation, and features.

Ceiling Fan ModelBlade SizeControlFeatures We Like Most
Honey Well Ceiling Fan 50601-01 Ocean Breeze Contemporary, 30”30 inches3 Speed Pull ChainThe small size makes this the perfect fan for a small contemporary kitchen
DLLT Modern Ceiling Fan with Invisible Blades Low Profile24 inchesStepless Remote Control for Fan and LightingUnique invisible blade design
Fanimation Studio Collection LP8350BLAZ Vintere Ceiling Fan20 inchesHandheld remote controlCage design is unique and gives a vintage look.
Hunter Builder Low Profile Ceiling Fan with LED Light – 42 Inch42 inchesPull Chain ControlTraditional Look
Minka-Aire F896-65-BNW Extreme 65-inch Ceiling Fan65 inchesRemote ControlIt works just as well outdoors as it does indoors

Each of the fans in our list offers what we consider the best features for the price. Of course, the selection of the right ceiling fan for your kitchen is a very personal choice. Finding the right ceiling fan to enhance your kitchen and meet your airflow and cooling goals can be challenging.

Best Contemporary Design Ceiling Fan for Small Kitchens – Honey Well Ceiling Fan 50601-01 Ocean Breeze Contemporary, 30”

Most kitchen upgrades or remodels usually involve adding the newest styles and décor. Updating a kitchen often means replacing or adding a newer ceiling fan to match the plan. Older homes often have small kitchens that don’t lend themselves well to large-diameter fans.

The Honeywell 50601-01 Ceiling Fan offers clean contemporary lines with a small blade diameter that fits well into small spaces. Honeywell is well known for its home appliances. Features and quality are part of the Honeywell reputation

Fitting the Room

The Honeywell 50601-10 fan fits well into small kitchens and other rooms as well. This ceiling fan hangs 13.66 inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the light fixture. The package includes a standard four-inch down rod to match the finish of the fan.

The mount easily adapts to flat or sloped ceilings and includes an LED integrated light globe and bulbs. Honeywell suggests that this fan is suitable for rooms measuring up to ten foot by ten foot.

Keeping Control

Controlling this fan is easy with the pull chain switches. Each fan includes two pull chains to operate the fan and the light. Each pull chin includes a pull chain fob that matches the finish of the fan.

The Honeywell Ocean Breeze fan also has a switch to reverse the direction of the fan blades. Reversible airflow allows you to control the air movement in your room during the winter and summer months. Changing the direction of the airflow can help your HVAC system work better and more efficiently.

Features and Options

The Honeywell Ocean Breeze ceiling fan includes as standard features:

  • Adjustable ceiling mounts
  • Pull chain operation
  • Integrated LED light kit
  • Thirty-inch diameter
  • Reversible blades with light oak on one side and a satin nickel finish on the other
  • Brushed nickel finish on the hardware

What We Like About This Fan

The feature that draws us to this fan is the compact size. Many older kitchen spaces are small and putting a 56-inch or 60-inch fan into these spaces is challenging. A larger fan may overwhelm the space and create unwanted airflow problems. The 30-inch size of the Honeywell 50601-10 fan makes it perfect for smaller kitchens with limited ceiling space.

Best Design for Low Profile Kitchen Ceiling Fan – DLLT Modern Ceiling Fan with Invisible Blades Low Profile

Many people don’t want the look of even the most contemporary design in a traditional ceiling fan with exposed blades. Some kitchens may have ceilings too low for a regular ceiling fan. The DLLT invisible blade ceiling fan eliminated these problems easily and quickly.

The contemporary look of the DLLT ceiling fan hides the most obvious working parts of the fan. The blades are shrouded, giving a sleek modern look. The LED light ring is the most visible part of this fan design. Coupled with the convenient remote control for the fan speed and the lights, and you have a modern, clean look with nothing hanging or dangling from the fan.

Fitting the Room

The DLLT Invisible Fan is probably the easiest fan to fit into a small kitchen. The diameter of this fan is only 24.8 inches. The semi-flush fit keeps the entire fan unit snug against the ceiling. There are no exposed fan blades and no pull chains hanging down.

The LED light ring provides plenty of light for your kitchen. The light unit is integral to the fan housing. Controlling the LED light is easy with the included remote control. Brightness settings on the light are almost infinite to meet any lighting needs in your kitchen

Keeping Control

Controlling all the functions of the DLLT Invisible fan are easily accomplished with the included remote control. Using the remote control, you can:

  • Change the fan speed among slow, medium, and fast speeds for the optimum airflow in your kitchen
  • Stepless dimming allows you to choose the best light for your kitchen.
  • Multiple color lighting allows you to set the mood in your kitchen when entertaining
  • Sleep mode for using the LED lighting as a nightlight

Features and Options

DLLT offers a full line of options and features with the Invisible Blade fan. These options and features include:

  • Stepless dimming capability
  • Color changing LED lighting
  • Night light feature
  • 3-speed fan control
  • Energy-saving design uses only 40 watts of power
  • 2200 lumen LED light with 216 LED chips
  • Suspends only 6.87 inches below the ceiling
  • 7-blade design is highly efficient at moving air

What We Like About This Fan

The overall design is the big feature that puts this ceiling fan on our list. This fan is perfect for anyone who wants to avoid the look of a traditional fan. The hidden blades, sleek modern design, and LED lighting are features we couldn’t pass up. Add the ease of remote control, and this DLLT Invisible blade fan is a sure winner.

Best Vintage Design Ceiling Fan for your Kitchen – Fanimation Studio Collection LP8350BLAZ Vintere Ceiling Fan

Vintage decors are making a comeback to home interior design. Many remodels incorporate barn style of farmhouse style designs for a more traditional feeling in the kitchen. The aged bronze look on the metal wire cage design evokes memories of years gone by combined with modern fan design functions.

The Fanimation LP8350BLAZ Vintere ceiling fan blends vintage styling with modern, efficient technology. The classic industrial look combined with high-efficiency motor and LED lighting allows the best of both design worlds.

Fitting the Room

The compact size of the Fanimation Vintere Vintage look fan is perfect for compact kitchens. The fan measures only 20 inches in diameter. This fan won’t overpower your kitchen, yet it provides 1,472 CFM of air movement.

The design and style of this fan may not fit every décor. However, many buyers of this fane report that the design fits nicely into even the most modern décor. For a unique custom look in your kitchen, the Fanimation Vintere Remote Control fan may be a great candidate.

Keeping Control

Each Fanimation Vintere Ceiling Fan includes a full-function remote control that enables fingertip adjustment of the fan speed and lighting. The remote allows you to choose between the three fan speed settings and control the brightness of the LED bulbs that come with the fan kit.

The Edison LED lights included with this fan offer an almost infinite range of brightness settings. You can control the ambiance and mood of your kitchen to fit your occasion. Users do state that you should not expect the light kit with this fan to provide primary lighting in your kitchen. Additional workspace lighting is often warranted.

Features and Options

Summarizing the features and options available on the Fanimation Vintage Vintere fan kit makes it easy to see why so many people rave about this fan.

  • Small ceiling footprint for small rooms
  • Great air circulation with the high-efficiency 1,472 CFM fan
  • LED lighting for efficiency and economy
  • The spectacular visual appeal adds to any room décor

What We Like About This Fan

More than anything else, this fan is an eye-catcher. Many purchasers of the Fanimation Vintage Cage fan remark that the fan gets more attention than any detail of their kitchen remodel. The Hunter reputation alone makes considering this fan as a central point of your kitchen remodel a good idea.

The Best Traditional Look Ceiling Fan of a Larger Kitchen – Hunter Builder Low Profile Ceiling Fan With LED Light – 42 Inch

Many people prefer the traditional ceiling fan look. Tulip-style globes and the exposed blades seem to evoke a more laid-back and comfortable lifestyle. The Hunger Builder low-profile 42-inch ceiling fan provides these features in an economical package. The size is perfect for larger kitchens needing more airflow.

The Hunter Builder 42 inch ceiling fan is a low profile ceiling hugging design that is perfect for medium-sized kitchens where ceiling height may be a problem. The brushed nickel finish fits with almost any décor and the Hunter reputation for quality and dependability is a welcome addition.

Fitting the Room

You do need a larger kitchen space for the Hunter Builder fans. At 42 inches, this is a larger fan and needs plenty of ceiling space in a kitchen to operate efficiently. The low-profile ceiling-hugging design fits well into older homes with lower ceilings.

You won’t worry about getting airflow in your kitchen with the Hunter Builder Low Profile Fan. This fan delivers up to 2,481 CFM of airflow from its five-blade design. If you don’t need that much airflow, you can use the pull chain controls to select either the low or medium fan speed setting.

Keeping Control

Controlling the Hunter Builder Low Profile fan uses the pull chain switches built into the fan. Each fin comes with pull chains and decorative pull fobs to control the fan and the light assembly easy and intuitive.

This ceiling fan is also switchable from up-draft to down-draft modes with a flick of a switch. Having control of the direction of airflow allows you to select the optimal setting for the current season. The LED light kit is efficient and economical as well.

Features and Options

Hunter has a reputation for building superior ceiling fans of all types. The available features and options included with the Hunter Builder; Low Profile Fans attest to the attention to detail.

  • Classic styling and looks for any décor
  • Multi-speed reversible high-efficiency motor
  • Quiet operation
  • LED Light kits
  • Pull chain operation
  • Low profile design fits in any room
  • 42-inch diameter for medium to larger kitchen areas

What We Like About This Fan

We can’t deny that we like the Hunter brand name. This fan’s classic styling with Hunter’s reputation as a fan manufacturer gets this fan a nod from us. The low price of the Hunter Builder fans doesn’t hurt our feelings either.

Best Ceiling Fan for Big Areas or Outdoors – Minka-Aire F896-65-BNW Extreme 65-inch Ceiling Fan

In newer homes or homes remodeled to the latest craze of open living, the kitchen is often part of a larger area. Some people include outdoor kitchens as part of their home design plans. These much larger areas require larger fans with special features.

The Minka-Aire 65-inch indoor outdoor fan is a perfect match for either situation. This large fan can handle combined spaces found in many new homes. If your fan need is for a patio fan to provide air circulation over a large open area, the Minka-Aire F896-65-BNW fan will serve you well.

Fitting the Room

The Minka-Aire 65-inch ceiling fan is a big fan and needs a big room. Ideally, these fans work best in large open format homes where the kitchen, a dining bar, and an entertainment area are combined. The indoor-outdoor design also makes the Minka-Aire Extreme a great choice of open patios and outdoor kitchen areas.

This fan also needs higher ceilings than many older homes can provide. The fan comes standard with a 6 inch down rod and hangs 13.5 inches from the ceiling. The 65-inch sweep of this fan is impressive. With its brushed wet nickel finish, this fan’s industrial style will become a focal point of any room.

Keeping Control

Remote control is a given for a fan designed for rooms this large. The included remote control easily allows you to choose one of six different fan speeds and the on-off functions. The LED light kit offers a full range of remote-controlled dimming functions. The fan can be switched from down-draft to up-draft from the remote as well.

Technology has met the ceiling fan with the Minka-Aire F896065 Xtreme ceiling fan. Adding the optional BD-1000 hub to the ceiling fan allows you to control all the fan’s functions from your Amazon Alexa or Google Home app. A separate wall control unit is also available for added convenience.

Features and Options

A fan this big should have a lengthy list of options. These are the options that caught our attention, and we believe they deserve mention.

  • The sleek industrial design makes a statement in any space
  • Compatible for indoor or outdoor use
  • Eight blade design for maximum air movement
  • LED light kit available as an option
  • Extremely quiet DC motor operation
  • At the highest speed, this fan delivers 9,092 CFM of air movement
  • Optional down rods up to 60 inches in length are available
  • An optional module allows voice control through Alexa or Google apps

What We Like About This Fan

For large open interior spaces or outdoor kitchens, this fan is a prime choice. The high airflow capacity keeps even the largest spaces comfortable. The DC motor provides the ultimate quiet operation. If you are into technology, the ability to interface your ceiling fan with your home management software is a huge draw.

Installing Your New Ceiling Fan

There are some factors to consider if you are installing a ceiling fan in a newly remodeled kitchen. You may need to do extra work to hang your ceiling fan safely. Here are some things to consider before you hang that new ceiling fan.

Is the Electrical Box Rated for a Fan?

You may need to put in a new electrical box before you hang your new fan. The box for the old light fixture is probably not sufficient for a ceiling fan’s added weight on older homes. Add-on brackets designed for installation in an existing ceiling are your best bet for keeping your ceiling fan where it belongs.

Is the Electrical Wiring Sufficient for the Additional Electrical Load

The wiring in an older home may be perfect for running a couple of incandescent bulbs in an old light fixture. Adding the extra load of a motor may seriously overload your older wiring. Our advice is to consult with a qualified electrician in older homes before adding a ceiling fan to an existing power circuit.

I want to Control the Fan from the Same Light Switch

Adding controls to a light switch for both motor and lights is probably impossible without running additional wire and special control switches. Again, the advice and services of a licensed electrician are your best options for accomplishing this project.

Design, Functionality, and Air

A good ceiling fan meets several goals in a kitchen. IT should deliver air movement for more efficient cooling and heating year-round. The ceiling fan in your kitchen is a part of the design. When properly chosen, it enhances the décor and statement. The functionality of your ceiling fan is important as well. It must be efficient, economical, and easy to operate.

There are thousands of designs available on the market. Finding the one that best fits your criteria of design, function, and airflow is the challenge. We hope that this article helps you find the best fan for your kitchen.

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