Best 6 1/2 Circular Saw Blades (For Fast & Clean Cuts)

Best 6 ½ Circular Saw Blade

Experienced carpenters and woodworkers all have their favorite circular saw blades. However, even for professionals, finding the best saw circular saw blade for a particular job can be confusing. This list should help you navigate the wide variety of 6 ½ inch circular saw blades.

The key to choosing a 6 ½ inch circular saw blade is finding the right combination of blade features to match your project’s needs. Projects from framing to cabinet making require different tooth grinds, slot cuts, and tooth numbers to ensure the best results. Our picks for the best 6 ½ inch circular saw blades for each category should make your project more successful.

Saw Blade Category of Project Most Notable Feature
Freud D0624A 6-1/2-inch 24T Framing Saw Blades Framing and General Construction Thinner kerf than most other framing blades means easier cuts for a 6-1/2 inch saw
DeWalt Extreme DT10640-QZ 6-1/2-inch 40T Construction Grade Saw Blade Sheet goods and decking Higher tooth count for cleaner cuts on sheet goods and decking without splintering
DeWalt DW 9153 6-1/2-inch 90T Paneling and Siding Saw Blade Paneling, Siding, Trim High tooth count for clean, precise cuts on thin materials and trim
Oshlun SBNF-065060 60T blade for Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Metals Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting Negative hook angle gives burr-free cuts on soft metals and plastics
Norske NCSBP281 6-1/2-inch circular saw blade for cement board Hardboard, cemplank, and other concrete based building products Four tooth design is a great choice for cutting cement board products during construction

The quality of any finished project is a combination of the tool operator’s skill and the tool’s quality. Saw blades are no different. Using the best saw blade for the job will almost always return superior finished projects. Please continue reading to learn more about each of the picks in our list of circular saw blades

Best For Framing – Freud D0624A 6-1/2-inch 24T Framing Saw Blades

Framers deal with lots of problems on every job. If you are framing a new construction project, what you don’t want is problems with your saw or blades. Equipping your 6-1/2-inch circular saw with a Freud 24T framing blade helps eliminate some of these frustrations.

Professional framers look for saw blades that cut clean, cut fast, and have a long life. Hobby carpenters and woodworkers can appreciate the same qualities in a saw blade. Freud delivers on all fronts with their Freud Diablo 6-1/2-inch 24T circular saw blade.

Design Features

Freud D0624A Diablo 6-1/2-inch 24T ATB Perma-Shield Framing Saw Blades, 2-Pack

Using a 6-1/2-inch circular saw for framing is a compromise on weight and power. Weight and power are especially critical if you opt for a battery-powered circular saw. Having a blade that makes lighter power demands is crucial for battery life on the job site.

Freud has incorporated several features into the Diablo 24T framing blade, ensuring top performance. These features include:

  • Thinner kerf design puts less demand on your saw, helping to lengthen battery life
  • Perma=-Shield coating helps prevent gumming and corrosion on the blade
  • Laser-cut stabilizer vents reduce vibration and stay cooler when cutting
  • The blade design works for either ripping or crosscutting operations

The Blade and The Job

Framing requires a circular saw blade that can perform several tasks without frequently changing blades. Framers perform crosscut operations, ripping operations and sometimes need to cut sheet materials such as plywood and decking.

The Freud Diablo 24T framing blade for your 6-1/2-inch circular saw handles this array of jobs quickly and easily. These blades feature a 15-degree hook angle and .059 kerf. The 24 carbide teeth give excellent cutting life even in nail-embedded wood. The Freud Diablo Framing blade delivers exceptional performance for framing operations

The Positives

  • Thinner kerf means easier cutting and longer battery life on cordless saws
  • The blade coating keeps sawdust and wood sap from gumming up the blade
  • Makes accurate and smooths cuts in a variety of wood and materials
  • Available in 2 packs or contractor ten packs

Best for Sheet Goods and Decking – DeWalt Extreme DT10640-QZ 6-1/2-inch 40T Construction Grade Saw Blade

Cutting sheet goods such as plywood, OSB, and decking materials are always challenging for small saws. Cordless power saws need the best blade possible for a given job to perform to full capacity. Splintered edges are a problem with many saw blades used in circular saws.

The DeWalt Extreme DT10640-QT blades keep splintering to a minimum and provide long blade life. These construction-grade blades give an edge to professionals and mean even longer blade life for hobby or occasional woodworking jobs.

Design Features

Dewalt DT10640-QZ 6.5'/20mm 40T Construction Circular Saw Blade

DeWalt purposely designed these Extreme construction-grade blades for cordless tools. The goal is increased run time with the best cutting performance possible. TO achieve these goals, DeWalt includes several innovative features into these saw blades.

  • Patent Pending Tough Track ™ tooth design makes straight cuts easier to prevent splintering on laminated materials
  • Laser-cut body slots reduce vibration
  • Reinforced shoulder for added strength
  • Tough Coat anti-stick coatings reduce demands on cordless tools

The Blade and the Job

Long rip cuts on sheet goods, especially roof decking, can take a toll on both saw blades and cordless saws. DeWalt has incorporated features into the Extreme DT10640-QZ 6-1/2-inch 40T saw blade to address these issues.

The blade design reduces splintering and chipping with its design. The steel and carbide quality in the cutting teeth means longer life and less strain on cordless tools. Both professionals and home woodworkers will benefit from using this DeWalt Extreme saw blade.

The Positives

  • Thin kerf for smooth cuts and less demand on your saw
  • High-density tungsten carbide teeth give longer cutting
  • Tough Track design makes straight splinter-free cuts much easier
  • Less vibration for less fatigue

Best Trim and Paneling Blade – DeWalt DW 9153 6-1/2-inch 90T Paneling and Siding Saw Blade

6-1/2-inch cordless circular saws are perfect for working with thinner materials such as siding, paneling, and trim. Their lightweight and maneuverability make many jobs faster and easier. When paired with a 90T blade like the DeWalt DW9153, the results are outstanding.

Featuring an extra thin kerf and a 3-degree hook angle on the teeth, these DeWalt circular saw blades deliver extraordinary performance on thin materials. Users of these DeWalt blades consistently rank them high on cutting life, quality, and performance.

Design Features

DEWALT 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw Blade for Paneling/Vinyl, 90-Tooth (DW9153)

Cutting thin materials requires an entirely different set of features than crosscutting or ripping heavier material. Thin materials, particularly laminated materials such as paneling, are prone to splinters. DeWalt addresses these issues with its design and engineering.

  • Anti-Stick rim design improves stability in thin material
  • Anti-kickback design to improve performance and length the life of carbide teeth
  • Flat top grind on the blade ensures a quicker cut
  • Low angle blade hook for less chipping

The Blade and the Job

Many woodworkers equate higher tooth counts on saw blades with less performance and slower cuts. This isn’t so with the DeWalt DW9153 90T blade. The entire blade design means smoother and more accurate cuts without sacrificing speed and efficiency.

If your project involves paneling, siding, or trim, the DeWalt DW9153 90T blade for your 6-1/2-inch circular saw will keep you on schedule. The quality of your work won’t suffer either.

The Positives

  • High tooth count for extremely smooth cuts in thin materials
  • Anti-stick coating and anti-kickback design for longer blade life and less fatigue
  • Reduced shipping and splintering for more precise and professional results
  • Flat top grind on the teeth for more efficient cutting in thin materials.

Best Non-Ferrous Metal Blade – Oshlun SBNF-065060 60T blade for Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Metals

6-1/2-inch circular saws are not just for cutting wood. Many jobs require cutting non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, brass, copper, or even plastics. When the job required cutting different materials, a specialized blade design does the job best.

Oshlun answers the challenge with its SBNF-065060 Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting Blade. These blades cut a wide variety of soft materials quickly and easily. Users of these blades report that when cutting soft metals such as aluminum framing materials, these blades perform and last well.

Design Features

Oshlun SBNF-065060 6-1/2-Inch 60 Tooth TCG Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor (Diamond Knockout) for Aluminum and Non Ferrous Metals

The Oshlun 60T non-ferrous circular saw blade is a specialty blade. You should use these blades only for their intended purposes. The design and materials used in these blades are specific to their intended use.

  • Precision ground micro-tungsten carbide tips remain sharper longer and cut faster
  • Triple chip tooth configuration for longer tooth life
  • Negative hook angle for chip and burr-free cuts
  • Heat vents in the blade for cooler running and cutting

The Blade and the Job

Many framing jobs now specify aluminum framing members. Cutting these materials requires special blades. The Oshlun 60T SBNF-065060 circular saw blade is a star in these applications. Clean cuts and long blade life mean more efficient job performance.

These blades are also handy for cutting other materials during a project. Plastics, some brass, and metal sheet goods can be cut using the Oshlun blades. Plumbers, siding installers, and metal roofing contractors all report excellent results using the Oshlun non-ferrous metal cutting blades.

One note of caution for users of these circular saw blades  Oshlun recommends using lubricant form when cutting non-ferrous metals with the SNBF-065060 blades.

The Positives

  • C-6 Grade carbide for cooler cutting
  • Triple chip grind leaves a kerf with sloping sides for more efficient cutting
  • Laser-cut expansion slots for less vibration and reduces warping for the blade
  • High-quality materials mean longer blade life

Best Cement Board Circular Saw Blade – Norske NCSBP281 6-1/2-inch circular saw blade for cement board

Anyone remodeling a bathroom, or a kitchen has faced the challenge of making clean, accurate cuts in cement backer board products. Installing cement backer boards usually involves a tedious scoring and breaking process. These scoring and breaking methods often leave ragged edges and imprecise joints.

The Norske NCSBP281 circular saw blade eliminates the inaccuracies associated with the score and break methods. This 6-1/2-inch circular saw blade features polycrystalline diamond cutting materials on a four tooth design. You can make clean and precise cuts to the cement backer board with your circular saw.

Design Features

Norske Tools NCSBP281 6-1/2 inch 4 Tooth Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Hardie Fiber Cement Saw Blade

Cutting cement-based products is a challenge. Almost any saw blade will cut these materials. However, the abrasive nature of cement takes a toll on standard blades of any design. Using a diamond saw blade is the best choice, and the Norske PCB blade is packed with other features.

  • Polycrystalline Diamond Impregnated cutting teeth
  • Designed especially for cutting cement-based backing materials
  • .Extra-large gullets for improved material waste removal
  • Minimizes dust and vibration

The Blade and the Job

Cement-based backer boards are hard, abrasive, and can be brittle. Cutting them using traditional methods can be frustrating at best and costly at the worst. Using a diamond-tipped specialty saw blade is a much better option for most people.

Norske meets the challenge of cutting these specialty materials with the NCSBP218 6-1/2-inch circular saw blade. These blades bring the ease and accuracy of cutting wood to cement-based backboards using diamond-fused cutting teeth and innovative gullet and slot designs.

The Positives

  • Designed specifically for cutting cement-based backboard materials
  • Less dust and cooler cutting with the deep gullets and slots
  • Long life and clean cutting is ensured by the diamond-fusion grit of the cutting edges
  • Precision laser cut manufacturing gives accurate cuts and long blade life

6-1/2-inch or 7-1/4-inch Saw?

There is a lot of debate about which size of a circular saw is better. In truth, both sizes of saw have their pros and cons. In our opinion, the best determination of which size saw to purchase, and use determined by your job and project requirements.

Consider some of these factors when choosing which size saw for your job.

  • 7-1/4-inch circular corded saws typically have more power and can handle more demanding jobs
  • 6-1/2-inch cordless saws are lighter and more maneuverable than larger saws. Lighter weight can reduce operator fatigue.
  • In general, there is a greater variety of blades available for 7-1/4-inch circular saws. However, as the smaller saws become more popular, more blade choices are becoming available.

Making the Most of your Saw

The goal is to make the best possible use of your 6-1/2-inch circular saw. Matching the blade to the job and material optimizes your saws performance. Using the right blade also makes for safer saw operation in the long run. Getting the most from your tools makes your project go faster, run smoother, and finish with better results.

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