20 Bedroom Layout Ideas (For Rectangular Rooms)

Bedroom Layout Ideas For Rectangular Rooms

Most rooms that are made today are going to be rectangular in shape, and if you ask most designers, that’s a good thing. Rectangular rooms are the most flexible to work with, which means that you have way more ideas for layouts than a typical room would have. The question, of course, is how you want to put together a layout that flows well.

20 Bedroom Layout Ideas For Rectangular Rooms

Getting that perfect flow together can be tricky, especially when you’re not used to working with furniture arrangements. Thankfully, we were able to dig up a number of awesome ideas for a bedroom.

1. The Classic

You can’t get a better, more intuitive bedroom than a classic layout bedroom. This has the bed pushed up at the center of a wall, with a nightstand on each side of the bed. On the side opposite the bed, there’s usually a chest of drawers or a dresser where people store all their clothing. If there’s extra space, there might be a shelf near a headstand. We’ve all seen tons of bedrooms with this layout.

As one of the best layouts for people who have a tight space to cram everything into, it is a legit space-saver. This is why so many hotels and motels swear by this combination layout. If you are lost on ideas, no one will ever judge you for this one.

2. The Space Saver

via Modsy

Another option that was given to us by the mavericks at Modsy is the concept of putting all the clutter away in dresser drawers catty-corner to the bed. This layout involves no nightstands, which means that you won’t have to get the clutter off your nightstand daily. This layout has the focus of reducing furniture and encouraging the reduction of clutter throughout your bedroom.

If you have extra floor space in your home or are the proud owner of a walk-in closet, then you will be able to reap the full benefits of this choice. Of course, if you have a petite home, you might need to downsize before you can get the full benefits.

3. Mirrored Minimalism

Sometimes, you just need a nightstand…but just one. The layout above is a good way to handle this issue. On one end, you have a nightstand duo that looks chic and has some knickknacks on the table. The other side of the bed, however, has a standing mirror. While this can definitely spice up a bedroom, the main purpose of the mirror is to make dressing a cinch.

To store extra linens, the layout uses woven baskets. Most of the extra knickknacks would be found in dresser drawers across from the bed or in a storage closet.

4. The Lounge-Bedroom Look

This look might appear a little bit more stanged than others, and that’s because it is. This is a bedroom layout that’s definitely made for guests. You can tell since there are no bedroom dressers nor are there any storage to be seen. Rather, the main goal here is to have seating (for chats), a warm fireplace, and a way to provide guests with a place to unwind.

The two chairs facing the bed act as a nice ornament as well as a place for someone extra to sit…or to place your purse. Overall, this is a smart way to ensure your guest room looks elegant.

4. Storage In The Back

There are a lot of ways to work your rectangular room layout, and sometimes, it may be smarter to install an accent wall (or half-wall) to add a new twist. This bedroom took a new twist by erecting an accent wall, giving the bed twin nightstands, and then placing a massive wall of shelves with glass cases behind the bed.

This was a deeply involved way to maximize floor space while still keeping things elegant. Not sure if this floor plan is okay for you? Check out our Master Bedroom Floor Plans guide to give you a better idea of what’s to come.

5. Shelves Aplenty

The immediate assumption that people have with bedroom layouts is that you need a nightstand—at least one. However, this isn’t always a good move. Sometimes, you need more storage than what a nightstand can afford. This is why this room designer chose a layout that involved a slew of shelves to help ameliorate the bulkiness of lots of knickknacks.

Using shelves to line your bedroom walls sounds like a good idea, and it can be. However, make sure that you give your shelves some kind of space once in a while. Otherwise, your room will look more like a storage closet than a bedroom!

6. Keep It Simple

Sometimes, the best room layout is the simplest one around. This Scandinavian option shows how pretty a quartet of furniture pieces can look together. It’s a bed, two nightstands, and a chest of drawers. That’s it. The rest is all just a matter of having the right plants and getting a nice, open airflow in your room.

If you are a minimalist who wants to have a room that matches your love of wide open spaces, this is a good choice.

7. Corner Pocket

So far, we’ve seen a bunch of different room layouts that involve a bed in the middle of a room, pressed up against a wall. Ho hum, right? Well, you don’t have to put a bed up against the middle of your wall if you don’t want to. This is especially true if you want to fit a small workspace in your bedroom.

This bedroom layout concept is a new take on a classic. The designer pressed the bed up in a corner, giving it a “bedroom nook” vibe. Right next to the bed are some storage cubes for easy item access, and after that, a desk. This is a good way to get a quick and easy flow from resting to working.

8. Sofa Bed Nooks

Bedrooms don’t always have to have “bed” beds. Sometimes, you just need to have a daybed take up a side of your bedroom. This designer got a full daybed/sofa bed to take up half of this ultra-tiny bedroom. Underneath the bed is what we can presume to be storage. Opposite the bed is a small table.

If you have a rectangular room that you need to convert to a micro-bedroom for one reason or another, this is a good way to do it. After all, your bed is the number one item that you should add to your room.

9. The Twin Bed Hotel Standard

If you have ever gone to a hotel room, then you already have seen this classic bedroom layout in action. This room layout is meant to house two separate individuals who want to have their own bed and nightstand but don’t mind a lack of privacy. In other words, this is usually meant for siblings or very close friends.

Parents who have siblings already know this layout pretty darn well. To top it off and make sure that everyone has enough storage, get a pair of dresser drawers. It’s a quick and easy way to ensure that you get the full scope of the room’s storage ability while keeping things totally even.

10. Is It That Entertaining?

This is another hotel-inspired bedroom layout concept that we are going to suggest, especially if you are the type of person who falls asleep to the TV. This rectangular room layout has a bed in the middle of the room against one wall, a pair of nightstands, but places a TV and entertainment center across the bed. The clothes, on the other hand? They’re in a closet or underneath the TV.

The benefit of this layout is simple: it gives you functionality while conserving the space that you need. If you need a bedroom TV, then this is the best way to ensure that you can watch it with ease. After all, there’s no need to crane your neck when the TV is right in front of you.

11. Two-Piece Ensemble

As we’ve mentioned before, nightstands are not necessary. Sometimes, you just need to get a shorter chest of drawers to work as a nightstand and storage duo. This is what the designer did here, providing a minimimalist look that’s modern, elegant, and a little counterintuitive. What could be on the other end of this room? Probably some more storage. Or maybe a TV.

Either way, one thing that really stands out about this bedroom layout is how everything is low to the ground. It adds a nice height to the room that wouldn’t happen otherwise.

12. Part Bedroom, Part Lounge

This is one of the newer layouts we’ve seen, and we’re not sure how feasible it would be for most homes. On one hand, you see the class “bed and a nightstand” look. On the other hand, this bedroom used a mirror to expand the look of the bed’s corner, a fireplace on one (non-direct) side of the bed, and a television across from the bed.

The added amenities like the fireplace and television gave the bedroom a very lounge-like appeal. That makes the sofa off to the side look appropriate, and maybe even useful.

13. Off To The Corner

A lot of kids (and adults) tend to find having a bed in one corner of the room to be pretty relaxing and comforting. It’s a thing, and it’s a good thing that there are a bunch of different layouts that you can choose to feature this type of bed positioning. This one involves a bed in the corner, surrounded by a nightstand and several storage options.

The other corner of the room is presumably left empty so that you (or your child) has some space to just chill out as needed. It’s a good way to conserve space, though some might find this to be a bit too cozy.

14. Backlit Glory

via Interior Design Ideas

Ooh, isn’t this just so post-apocalyptic? Or neo-dystopian? Well, it’s awesome even if it would be remarkably hard to pull off. Here, we see a bed that is also part nightstand bench. On the other side of the room, we see a nightstand that is supporting some elegant decorations. One can presume there are a series of drawers across from the bed.

The bed is moved close (but not directly in) to a corner of the rectangular room. This gives the entire room a slightly edgy look while also making the room look more adult. Getting custom-made LED signs is a must if you want to mimic this layout.

15. Book It!

via Home Stratosphere

Holy cow, it’s a Murphy bed! Murphy beds were way more popular about 70 years ago, but they are a perfect choice for bedrooms that don’t really feel like they have enough space. This bedroom could double as a living room or exercise room because the bed folds up into the “bookcase wall” that you see in the photo.

This is a good way to sneak a guest room into a home that would otherwise be too small to use up all that space. Of course, if you are a fan of the tiny home movement, this concept can also work well for the master bedroom. The less space you need, the better off you are with homes these days.

16. Hung Up On You!

via Bored Panda

Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of beds that don’t touch the ground—literally. This rectangular bedroom is a bit unusual since the ceiling is vaulted and has support beams clearly visible on it. So, the designer decided to work with it rather than ignore the obvious style touch to the room. They did it by getting a hammock for the bedroom’s bed.

A hammock for a bed gives the entire room’s layout a different vibe. It’s a much nicer, airier vibe that tends to work well with people who enjoy a dreamy vibe. It also can make cleaning your area a cinch, so we really can’t hate on this concept too much.

17. Boxed In

via Liberty Furniture

If your rectangular room has a lot of other elements reminiscent of rectangles (such as the windows behind this bed), it may make sense to emphasize the rectangle theme that you have going on. That’s what this designer did and they did it by choosing a boxy layout. The bed itself is boxy and has a canopy with a solid wood frame.

Loads of drawers throughout the room give the bedroom a very strong, rigid vibe that works well for a more masculine room. Of course, there are still spaces in the bedroom for easy walking. This gives your bedroom a more open feel than most would initially believe it to have.

18. We’re Floored

via Home-Design

So far, we’ve seen a bunch of bedroom layouts. They all boasted a bed in one way or another, but this one is a little different. The bed here is a “hidden platform” bed that acts as a second floor for part of the living room. This gives the room the appearance of being totally furniture less, though it’s actually not quite the case at all.

This layout is one of the types that require a lot of work and customized bedroom use. Of course, the payoff is big. In this case, it gives the room a uniquely lofty look and makes a lot of room for elegant plant accents. We can get behind it, though it’s definitely one of the more demanding bedroom layouts we’ve seen.

19. Build Your Platform

via Home-Designing.com

Speaking of platforms, I think we’ve all seen platform beds that have shelving and storage underneath it. Right? Right. Well, this platform bed is a good example of what you can do with a rectangular room that needs a little more division. The platform canopy bed offers a “room within a room” with built-in space and storage.

Pushed right up against the bed is a desk, and right next to the desk is a bookshelf. This bedroom layout works well for people who are short on space but need to have a dedicated workspace too. Since the concept is storage-heavy, this tends to be a good choice for people who want to fit as much of their lifestyle as possible into a petite apartment.

….Yes, New Yorkers, I see you.

20. You Spin Me Right Round…

via Homedit

At first, this photo threw me for a loop. I legitimately couldn’t tell if the bedroom was round or not. That’s the kind of power that having a round bed and a circular layout can have. It’s trippy enough to make people question their eyes. Perhaps that’s why we’re loving the look of having so many circular furniture pieces added to this room’s layout.

Admittedly, there’s definitely a little Austin Powers-style mojo going on with this bed. It’s round, it’s retro, and to a point, there’s a lot of crazy stuff that could happen. I mean, I am just throwing it out there: it’s basically a retro lover’s nest. Regardless, it’s a cool look that is bound to get lots of compliments and comments.

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