25+ Bathroom Cabinet Ideas (Modern & Wall-Mounted Options)

Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

Most people don’t realize just how vital their bathroom storage space is until they go shopping for their toiletries, only to figure out there’s not enough space. So then, they get new bathroom cabinets and forget the importance of style and design.

Your bathroom cabinets should fit well and look fantastic, which is why they come in all sorts of designs, styles, sizes, colors, and options. You can install a mini vanity in your bathroom or one that takes up the entire wall with an ample amount of cabinets. Don’t forget to have fun with it!

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25 Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

Installing cabinets in your bathroom is essential so that you have adequate storage, and it’s just as important to have those cabinets match everything surrounding them. Moreover, you need to do this all while ensuring that you aren’t crowding your bathroom. Therefore, we’ve included 25 bathroom cabinet ideas stemming from style and design to placement and additional storage ideas.

1. Formal Bathroom Cabinets

If you are looking to install some formal bathroom cabinets, you will want to ensure that you have a symmetrically balanced arrangement with your cabinetry, sinks, and mirrors. This will allow your bathroom space to look formal and elegant but without the stuffiness.

You can make this arrangement work in many ways, and they all differ depending on your space. However, you will want to ensure that your cabinets have plenty of space if you do not have the extra storage space in your bathroom.

2. High Contrast

The lack of color in any space, including a bathroom, can leave the area feeling a bit cold or washed out. So, if you prefer to decorate your bathroom with whites and neutrals, make sure you incorporate just a splash of color in there somewhere.

For example, you can toss in some dark wood colors or some marble. That way, the white is not too much and does not create the washed-out feeling, but you still achieve your preferred high contrast look.

3. Federal Era

The federal era vanities give an excellent formal component to the bathroom. You can also include raised panels on the doors and crown molding to tie the style together. However, you do not have to keep everything brown for this to work.

If you are looking for a little more relaxed appearance, you can paint the cabinetry white instead. This allows for a less intense but still formal style.

4. A Minimalists Dream

Minimalists love simplicity, and this also includes all spaces within their homes, including the bathroom. Every piece of your furniture does not have to be extravagant for it to stand out; sometimes, simplicity goes a long way.

A cool concept to include in the minimalist style bathroom is floating drawers, as it gives the bathroom vanity a big of an edge even though it is simple. Also, you can mix and play around with wood grains and colors to add just a tad of pizzazz.

5. Arts & Crafts Movement Inspired Cabinets

The classic stained brown cabinets go perfectly with any warm oak furniture you have included in your bathroom. This particular look was made famous at the end of the 19th century when the Arts and Crafts movement

You can really make this style pop if you incorporate the old school metal cabinet knobs and the slender molding. This would be especially perfect in a bungalow-stye home or one decorated using natural materials.

6. Chic Bathroom

A chic bathroom is an excellent idea for those who are wanting to convert their bathroom to incorporate a more glamorous yet sophisticated look. You can install some thick, dark marble on the countertops and also along with the shower surround.

By combining both wood and stone, you give your space a luxurious feel. If you want to take it up a notch, you can also add some chrome accents to make your bathroom pop.

7. Weathered Cabinets

Weathered wood is an understated style; not a lot of people can appreciate this particular design. However, it is gorgeous and goes well, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens. Make sure that you include plenty of storage space for your bathroom, as this is important.

The weathered wood allows for the use of repurposed and recycled components as it does not necessarily require brand new shiny hardware. There is something about the vintage look that we love, and we are sure you will too.

8. Elegant And Contemporary

Contemporary used to mean that something was cold or flat. However, that is not the case anymore, as contemporary can go well with a space that is built for elegance. For your vanity, you could get some panels that are sleek with brushed nickel, while the wooden finish is warm and has a colored backsplash.

Something to remember when designing any space is that too little or too much of anything can be bad. If you are going for elegance, then your best bet is to contrast it with some contemporary style so that it is not overkill.

9. Midcentury Modern

Another style that goes well if you are wanting to incorporate some elegant pieces into your bathroom is midcentury modern. There is something about the brushed metal handles that mix perfectly with the crisp, refreshing color of white cabinetry.

You can also build these onto the ceiling or keep them against the wall to maximize your space instead of maintaining the cabinetry just around the middle. This can leave the room feeling cramped and cluttered.

10. Small Yet Stylish

Just because your bathroom is small does not mean that you cannot still style it your ideal way or have the bathroom cabinets you want. You can build a wall of mosaic tiles and put in a dark wooden vanity for some contrast. This will allow for a busy feeling but still, keep the space open. However, minimal cabinet space is best as the room is small.

Tie your bathroom together by getting a mirror with wood trim that matches your vanity. This helps to make the bathroom feel like it is more extensive and complete. Also, keep the countertop clutter-free to keep the illusion that your bathroom is not as small as it is.

11. Open & Shut Bathroom Cabinetry

Sometimes, there is not enough room to put as many cabinets into the bathroom as we would prefer. Due to this problem, you can incorporate an open rack for your toiletries, towels, washcloths, and toilet paper, while the undercarriage of the sink serves as a cleaning supply storage.

Of course, you can do this the other way around too. However, many people feel that cleaning supplies lying around in the open give their bathroom an unclean and cluttered feeling. Also, installing a mirror with storage on the other side will add more storage space.

12. Black And White

Many people typically shy away from darks and patterns in small spaces like their bathroom or powder room. However, there are ways to do this successfully. For example, if you have a wallpaper that totes a bright geometric pattern, this can usually overwhelm a small space. Although, if you include some crisp white cabinets, then this will help to correct that issue.

It is not dark colors or patterns that make the space feel small. It is the lack of contrast to taking away from the overwhelm. Therefore, bright white cabinetry in your bathroom can be excellent, depending on what other designs are in your bathroom.

13. Designed To Fit

With many tiny homes growing into popularity, this calls for some creative storage solutions, particularly in the bathrooms. Luckily for anyone facing this situation, there are miniature vanities and cabinets that you can install in your bathroom. This helps to keep your bathroom feel a bit larger while keeping it fully functional.

Furthermore, if your ceilings are a bit higher, you can connect the cabinets to the ceiling and wall to keep them out of the way for you. Or you can install a bathroom vanity that has some under-the-sink storage. If you have some corner space in your bathroom, you can also use a stackable drawer system as your bathroom cabinets.

14. The Unfitted Bath

Now, if you want to have your individuality stand out, you could always opt for the unfitted bath style. This includes individual pieces of furniture being fitted into the bathroom for storage. You could bring an external cabinet in and set it against the wall and use a couple of additional racks for your towels.

Not to mention, if you wanted to outfit your cabinet with a panel of glass, this could also keep an open feeling to your bathroom as well. Customize your space with some pale light pink or blue and white, and you are good to go!

15. Heavy Metal

If you are not fond of plastic storage or wire racks, you can always get some stainless-steel cabinets in your bathroom. They are not as common, which means your bathroom will be unique! The silver of the steel will go with almost any décor or color that you want to decorate your bathroom in. Add some glass shelves for an even more unique look.

16. Modern Glamour

There are many different ways that you can incorporate a sort of modern glam to your bathroom, and this primarily starts with your cabinetry. Dark stained cabinets are a staple in this sort of décor. Moreover, they are typically created vanity style. The cabinets are connected on the ceiling and then down the walls, almost like an arch. In the middle is the bathroom sink vanity.

Choose whatever ornamentation that you want to include, as well as the colors. It is not just the colors and style that matters when it comes to bathroom cabinets but also the architecture and pattern in which they are installed.

17. Custom Crafted Bathroom Cabinets

You can always opt for custom-designed cabinetry as this allows you to express yourself freely. Usually, a professional will come in and measure your bathroom and then give you some options as far as what you can do with the bathroom cabinets.

This is an excellent choice as you can choose the color, size, stain, where they are installed, and the shape, and what they look like. So, if you want to stand out, you could install circular cabinets with lazy susans or floating cabinets that are fixated to the wall only and not the ceiling.

18. Sparkling White

What would you say about glass cabinets? This is not a good idea if you have younger children; however, the glass cabinets mixed with the white will bathe your bathroom in luxury. While the glass on white concept will show dirt more quickly, it will also encourage you to clean the cabinets more regularly, thus, making your bathroom sparkle.

If you do not want to do glass, you can always try the lightweight plastic cabinets that appear to be stone. Stone cabinets in the bathroom are exceedingly rare as it is typically too heavy; however, you can get plastic that appears to be textured and looks like stone.

19. Linear Luxury

Lines and angles are used as a design element throughout many homes. So, if this is true for your home as well, then you can always include cabinets that consist of the same. Sharp angles with black cabinets that contrast your bathroom’s other colors can bring a luxurious feel to it.

Also, installing a gray marble countertop only enhances the space’s attraction as it softens the linear component. This ultimately makes the area feel open and welcoming.

20. Understated Simplicity

In order to have enough storage space, you do not necessarily have to have your walls lined with cabinets. You can keep your cabinetry super simple by ensuring you have a couple of extra cabinets, but that is all you will really need.

As long as you make the most of your space, you should not need too much storage for the bathroom anyway. Any overflow for additional toiletries can go in the linen closet or laundry room. Luxury does not always come with size, but how the space is used. Install a tall cabinet against one of the bare walls, and there you go!

21. Use Your Natural Light

If you have a bathroom that has one large window or two small ones, then you can use your natural light to your advantage. If you are worried about your bathroom’s size, chances are you will not want to install too many cabinets in it.

However, if you have enough natural light, you have ‘room’ for more bathroom cabinetry. This is because the sunlight makes the bathroom appear larger. So, if you have enough of that light pouring in, you can install more cabinets along the floor and a few shelves on the wall without making it look too cramped.

22. Charming Curves

Most bathrooms are basic; They have edges and corners but not real character. What if you installed curved and rounded cabinets? This would add a charming element to your bathroom space. If you are wanting to make your bathroom look larger, you could always have it curve inward instead of outward.

Furthermore, adding a double sink vanity will help to level out the curvature of your bathroom cabinets. This way, it does not feel overbearing, and you can still enjoy your unique style.

23. Transitional Style

The transitional style is a preferred one, and it is a lot like contemporary as it is simple yet has enough design to keep it from being boring. You could combine flat panel doors with raised panel cabinets. Also, add some simple round knobs to keep the bathroom, so it matches.

For colors, you can add a multi-colored backsplash with crisp white marble and cream-colored cabinets. The white marble of the floors will match the white marble of the countertops, giving it a classy appearance, but the simplicity of the rest calms it down a bit, making it transitional.

24. Nook Cabinets

Usually, the bathroom is up against a wall, and it fills up that space, so there is no room for anything else against that particular wall. In this circumstance, it only makes sense to tuck away the rest of your cabinets and even your vanity into the other nooks of the bathroom.

Your cabinets can either be on the floor or against the ceiling. However, you will not want too many of them here as it can make your bathroom seem cluttered. But, if you have a potty nook or a wall where your toilet is tucked behind, this allows for more cabinet space as you have that extra wall to use.

25. Geometric Cabinets

The ordinary squares and rectangles that bathroom cabinets sport could become rather dull and boring very quickly. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with having fun with them and incorporating some fun shapes and angles. However, this means that your cabinets will need to be custom-made.

If you can find a funky vanity to go with it, as well as an odd-shaped mirror, that is even better! Tuck your cabinets away in weird places, have fun with it! While this can seem a bit messy and unproportioned, the fact that all of it is messy helps to bring the bathroom together.

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Our Takeaway

Even though your bathroom isn’t where you spend most of your day, it should still be inviting while having enough space to store your things. Not to mention, the cabinets should be placed in a way that enhances the amount of space that you have. There is no wrong answer when it comes to bathroom cabinetry as long as it’s something that you can appreciate.

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