50+ Modern Basement Kitchen Ideas (with Photos)

Basement Kitchen Ideas

Adding a kitchen in your basement can provide extra space to your home’s blueprint. When you think of a basement, most of the time you think of an uninviting cold space. If you open your mind to creativity, you can see that your basement could be so much more than you imagined. You can use your kitchen for entertainment purposes when having guests over.

If you enjoy having friends or family over, this will provide an additional space where you can entertain, without having to worry about the mess in your main family rooms or kitchen.

What do you currently use your basement for? If you’re only using it to store extra items in your home, you’re missing out on all the extra positives it can provide. These basement kitchen ideas can give you some inspiration for your home.

No matter what you decide to include whether it be a kitchen or kitchenette, this may help get those ideas flowing. Just imagine how perfect it would be to relax in your basement without having to run upstairs to grab a drink or snack.

Perks of a Basement Kitchen

Not everyone needs/wants a basement kitchen, but it could be a great investment to make. An additional kitchen area on the ground floor can be used for several things including girls/guys nights, entertainment for parties, or even a rental opportunity. No matter what you’re reasoning, instead of a cold room for storage, it can be an additional room to your home with added appeal.

50+ Basement Kitchen Tips and Ideas

Here are 50 basement kitchen ideas below.

1. Backsplash

Here we have a tiny basement kitchen with a dark patterned backsplash. The cabinets are stained with silver handles, and there is also a dishwasher, microwave, sink, and wine fridge included. The hardwood floors complement the stained cabinets beautifully.

2. Clean and Simple

This kitchen is clean and simple. There are windows for this area, but it’s just perfect if you want to have guests over for the game night. The cabinets are a simple clean white with black handles, and the floor gives off a rustic vibe to add color.

3. Corner Space

This basement kitchenette is designed as a corner space, leaving room for other creative opportunities in the room. The upper row of cabinets is designed in an off-white shade with clear glass cabinets. The counter is white, while the under light from the cabinets reflects off to bring more brightness to this room. This effect is a great feature especially since this basement only has one small window to let in natural light.

4. Gray and White

In this kitchen, we have dark hardwood flooring, gray cabinets with silver handles, and stainless steel appliances. The appliances match the cabinets wonderfully, while the white walls and accent rugs add a touch of decor to space.

5. Splash of Color

For this small kitchenette, they kept it simple and didn’t overdo it. It’s just enough to serve its purpose. I especially love the fun colors they used on the walls to add additional flavor to make it a fun space.

6. Large Open Concept

Here we have a large open concept basement. This could serve as a whole additional second level. You have stained cabinets with silver handles, black marble countertops, and backsplash to match, along with white stone for the island portion of the kitchen.

7. Cream and Gray

Here we have a cream and gray concept basement kitchen. The cabinets are a dark shade of cream with black knobs, along with stainless steel appliances. They added backsplash and hardwood flooring and a box shape design to add more space. There’s also a small window to add a touch of natural lighting to the room.

8. Wet Bar

Here we have a mini wet bar in the downstairs basement kitchen area. It has three stools for seating to provide entertainment and just enough counter and cabinet space to serve appetizers and drinks. The hardwood floors blend beautifully with the stone edging.

9. Wine Not?

Here we have a mini kitchenette with wine storage. Imagine sitting in this quiet space sipping on a glass of wine after a long day at work with one of your girlfriends. Included are kitchen cabinets for glass storage, a dishwasher, and a wine fridge so you wouldn’t even have to climb up and down the stairs for refills. Seems amazing if you ask me!

10. White and Black

Here we have an apartment-style basement kitchen with a breakfast bar included. It provides just enough space for small entertainment. The open floating shelves are mounted to store kitchenware and decor.

11. Lofty High-Ceilings

On the rare occasion, you are living in a lofty high-ceiling area, this basement-style kitchen is a dream come true. It has everything you need and even looks like the main kitchen space. You even have a dining room table and living room space to the right. It’s a duplicate floor, just below the surface!

12. Glow in the Dark

Here is one that you don’t see every day! This kitchen is unique and glows in the dark with all kinds of shapes included around the bar area. It’s open and large and can include a high-traffic entertaining space.

13. Arches

In this basement kitchen, we have an added arch to include a touch of uniqueness to space. I love how it separates the dining portion of the room from the kitchen. The different toned tile on the floor matches both the furniture and kitchen cabinets. They even added a cute popcorn maker that would be great for movie nights.

14. Rustic

This kitchen gives me a rustic vibe and reminds me of some of the local seafood restaurants that I’ve visited. The lighting in this area is a mix of dim and natural, which provides a calm and welcoming space. The counters are wooden, and the cabinets provide a sheer view of the inside.

15. Shades of Gray

In this space, we have different shades of grey that are used. From the appliances to the cabinets, down to the backsplash. When deciding on your color scheme, opting for different shades of one color can be a great choice. This kitchen has everything you need, just downstairs.

16. Mancave

If you’re designing a space for your man cave, look no further. This is every man’s dream come true. The cabinets and stools are colored in brown and designed to give a masculine vibe. The walls are painted blue and decorated with sports wall art. This would be the perfect space for football Sundays!

17. Lighting

In this basement kitchen, we have a couple of different options for lighting being used. The first is recessed lighting on the ceiling, and the second being the hanging lights over the counter area. Including both lights sets the tone in this room, especially with the white cabinets and the way the light reflects off to make this space brighter. I love the open concept in this room and how they added a ping pong table for game night, which isn’t something you see every day.

18. Small

If you’re working with a small space, like many do, this tiny box kitchen could be right down your alley. It has everything you need and gets the job done. You have a medium-sized window to allow natural light into the kitchen, along with black appliances and a backsplash.

19. The Bachelor

Here we have a large basement kitchen, or what I like to call this one, the bachelor pad. This is the perfect space for a guy’s night in. It has a large stainless steel refrigerator, double ovens, dark brown cabinets, and bar stools to match. In the entertainment area, they’ve added a pool table and television for game nights.

20. Country Style

This large basement-style kitchen is a gorgeous country-style design. It reminds me of one of the country bars I used to visit on a Friday. The television on the wall gives it a bar feel, like those times you’d go out for a happy hour and watch Sportscenter at 4 pm.

21. Theater

Need a space for movie night without having to spend money at the theater? Look no further! This design has a movie theater design to pick out your snacks of choice. They’ve even included a popcorn machine. Imagine being the kid who has his friend’s over in this house!

22. Kitchen/Living Room

This kitchen space blends right in with the second living room area. The homeowners here have included a large refrigerator, microwave, kitchen island, and large sectioning for this open concept area.

23. Patterns

In this kitchen, we have hardwood flooring and marble countertops to match. A few patterns are going on in this space that still doesn’t seem to be overwhelming for a small kitchen. The homeowners included stainless steel appliances, cream cabinets with black knobs, and a light blue backsplash with black squares. The color scheme helped the patterns flow in this area.

24. Out of the Way

I love the way this basement kitchen is set up because it’s designed to be out of the way. They moved it against the wall instead of doing a corner or round unite to create a more open space for their table. The black/brown cabinets have silver handles with a clear glass view of the kitchenware, the walls are painted green, and the dining room furniture matches the tile flooring and backsplash.

25. White and Cream

Here we have a white and cream kitchen. The cabinets are white with gold-colored knobs, stainless steel appliances, and a cute little bar area to the right for stool seating.

26. Marble and White

If you like to keep things simple and organized, try adding these see-through cabinets to your design. I personally love them, even though they would not be ideal in my house since I have very messy children. I love a white countertop with marble countertops with no appliances not the counter to view.

27. Upscale

If you have a large area to work with and the budget, this upscale design space is gorgeous! This is a beautifully designed bar space for entertaining with painted pillars and stone. The recessed and wall lighting puts extra space on the wall and bar to make it the focal point of the room.

28. Additional Lighting

In this basement kitchen, we have a few different lighting features going on. We have the hanging lights over the breakfast bar area, recessed lighting, and the lighting under the cabinets to present the backsplash and counters.

29. The Centerpiece

This kitchen gives you an old feel from the look of the walls and cabinets. From the look of this space, I can tell the owners still wanted to keep a touch of that older appeal to the kitchen. The bender board walls and color do a great job of keeping that touch. They’ve included an L-shaped bar area with stools, and an open cabinet and television area.

30. Shades of Brown

Here in this kitchen area, we have a few shades of brown that were used. If you’re going with a specific color scheme, this is a great choice that helps each shade flow. The stools and marble countertops are both a dark shade of brown, while the cabinets are a lighter shade. They’ve also included a lighted drink area above the center of the kitchen. If you’re also considering hardwood floors, put laminate flooring on your list. It installs beautifully and also doesn’t break the bank.

31. Modern

This modern kitchen space is unique because it doesn’t include your typical stainless steel shade of appliances. Here they chose to go with darker appliances and a medium grey shade for their cabinets. Over the sink area, we have floating shelves that are illuminated to show their drink choices beautifully. Also included are three soft bar stools that sit at the white counters.

32. Kitchen Sections

In this basement kitchen, the homeowner decided to section portions of their kitchen. I like this idea because it keeps everything organized. On the left, we have a small counter space for drinks. The cabinets hold wine glasses while there is a cooler for wine at the bottom. In the center of the room, we have the original kitchen area designed with stainless steel appliances, dark cabinets, and white and grey backsplash. They’ve also included enough recessed lighting to illuminate the entire basement.

33. Ocean Breeze

This basement kitchen reminds me of a refreshing ocean breeze design. The white cabinets, farmhouse white sink, and two different countertops are used. The cream-colored walls, along with the wall art and outside greenery give it a refreshing look. I love the shade of the laminated flooring to bright up the area since there is only one small window in the space.

34. New Construction

In this newly constructed basement kitchen, there is a large island for extra counter space to cook. If you have a large family, or even entertain large parties, this design would be perfect for you. There is enough countertop space for additional appliances and even a double oven and stove with a ventilation area.

35. Kitchen Patio

In this basement, we have a small added kitchen area next to the patio doors. I enjoy this space because of the opportunity to host accessible parties right in your backyard without having to access the main kitchen area.

36. Minimalistic

If you’re living a minimalistic lifestyle, this creative space would be ideal. The kitchen is free from counter appliances and any kitchenware in view. The color scheme provides a clean open space clear from clutter.

37. Basement Studio

If you’re a homeowner who has turned their basement into an extra apartment for income, this layout is great. It provides a small white kitchen with every appliance included, along with dining space. Some homeowners have converted their basements into kitchens to allow for extra rental space.

38. Elegant

This kitchen is gorgeous and elegant. The lighting fixtures above the island complement the countertops beautifully. The floating glass shelves add a feminine touch, along with the stainless steel appliances. Here the homeowner added cream laminate flooring to brighten up the room.

39. Under the Staircase

To save space in your basement, this is a great blueprint to consider. I love how the homeowners designed their kitchen under the staircase. The color scheme in this room is all about grey tones. The tile floor is grey, the cabinets are green-grey, and the backsplash is a rectangular white. I especially love the uniqueness of the black farmhouse sink.

40. Circular

In this kitchen, we have two small windows, a brown color scheme, and circular countertop space to add additional seating.

41. Dark

If you’re into a dark color scheme, you may want to consider this approach. This kitchen has black appliances and backsplash to match, with a lighter cabinet and floor tones.

42. Refrigerator Focused

This small basement kitchen is refrigerator-focused. This design has dark wooden cabinets, cream counters, and a tall stainless steel appliance that includes an ice maker.

43. Marble Floors

Here we have marble floors in this basement kitchen area. Included is a small portable kitchen island for additional counter space, stainless steel appliances, and even a small sofa for seating. If you’re opting for marble floors, make sure you have an additional heating plan in place as marble floors can become colder in the winter months.

44. C-Shaped

This is one of my favorite designs because I am obsessed with the c-shaped layout of this room. Included are hanging light fixtures above the breakfast bar area and pool table, along with access to the outside through the french doors. Just enough of the kitchen area is tile just in case of any mess, while the rest of the basement is covered in carpet.

45. Splash of Red

If you’re looking to brighten things up, consider adding a bright shade with white, such as red. It brings out natural light in a room if your basement has a lot of windows.

46. Electric Fireplace

Since basements are usually colder than the rest of the home, consider adding an electric fireplace to warm things up. It will not only give off heat but add extra appeal to the design space.

47. Industrial Beams

In this basement kitchen, the homeowner added industrial beams for an added touch of style. I love the design here as it pairs well with the color concept of the kitchen and open stairway area.

48. Narrow

In this space, we have a narrow walkway design. This makes entertaining guests easier as everything is in reach without needing to walk all over the room.

49. Farmhouse

Here we have a beautifully designed farmhouse kitchen. My favorite feature of this space is the brand door they’d added to access the upstairs.

50. Black and White

If you’re going with a black color scheme, try shooting for white countertops and silver handles for your cabinets. For the backsplash, try adding a mirrored backsplash for added reflection.

Tips to Create the Perfect Design

Your home can have the perfect basement kitchen design. Careful planning, research, and these tips will help you along the way.

  1. Be clear about your purpose. Before getting started, think about why it is that you want told design your basement kitchen. Do you want it as a space to entertain or space where your guests can come to relax when visiting?
  2. Plan a safe design. When it comes to creating a space, you want to make sure you are creating a safe design that is well thought out. Make sure you have fire exits, ventilation, plumbing, and ways to connect your appliances included.
  3. Add power outlets. Make sure you do plenty of electric work or hire an electrician to include plenty of power outlets for your appliances. Especially above your kitchen counter where you would connect your smaller appliances.
  4. Good lighting. Having lighting in your basement can make or break your space. You want to make sure that your space isn’t too dark since you’ll most likely be cooking or preparing food. A dark room can appear uninviting and make the room look very small to what it is. Keep in mind though, that even the brightest kitchen can make your kitchen uncomfortable.
  5. Blend with your home style. Make sure that your basement kitchen matches the style of the rest of your home. This will blend with the aesthetic that already exists so your new room does not seem out of place. If each room in your home complements one another when transitioning from upstairs to downstairs it will feel welcoming and neutral.
  6. Use small appliances. If you’re already working with a small space, consider using smaller appliances to add. You can use single sinks, toaster ovens, mini-fridges, or even portable dishwashers.
  7. Include ventilation. When you’re cooking downstairs, you want to make sure you are including proper ventilation. You can install an electric hood that will suck up any odors or fumes. If you can to make it easier, build your kitchen closer to a duct system so you can hook the ducted fan to it.
  8. Proper Storage. In many cases, basements are limited in space. Plan your storage ahead of time so you already have a planned space for your items. Instead of using horizontal space, try using vertical space. To maximize space consider floor-to-ceiling cabinets, install cabinets that slide, include hooks or racks, and get vertical shelving.
  9. Invest in flooring. If you’re building a kitchen in your basement, I would highly suggest not installing carpet. Having carpet in your kitchen could lead to mold or mildew buildup in the future. You can choose between the tile or hardwood flooring, and make sure it complements your color scheme.
  10. Add an island. One way to add additional counter space is to install a kitchen island. I would even try adding one that has wheels on the bottom. This will give you the flexibility to move it to any part of your room.
  11. Build a pantry (optional). Since you most likely already have a pantry upstairs, this tip can be optional for you. If you have a lack of storage space for your groceries, consider adding a pantry to your basement kitchen.
  12. Backsplash. To make a bold statement in your kitchen, consider adding a backsplash. It can appeal to your room ten times greater than an original space. Just make sure your backsplash matches with your cabinets and appliances so it doesn’t seem randomly installed.

I hope this list gives you just the right amount of inspiration you need for your basement kitchen. Remember, if you’re on the fence, or struggling with the budget, your kitchen doesn’t need to be over the top like a movie-like design. Sometimes having a simple blueprint will go a long way. Do plenty of research and always weigh out the pros and cons of your project to see if a basement kitchen is the best fit for you.

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