35+ DIY Backyard Swing Ideas

Backyard Swing Ideas

No matter how much you enjoy the interior of your home, you’ll always be drawn to the outdoors. Since we, as humans, are instinctively attracted to fresh air and nature, having a backyard is often a top priority for those looking to purchase a home. A backyard is a wonderful way to bring a little piece of nature to your property. It can be used for hosting garden parties, growing a vegetable garden, relaxing in the sun, or unwinding with a good book on a backyard swing.

When enjoying the great outdoors in your backyard, it’s important to have the right seat. While there are a number of seating options to choose from for your outdoor area, nothing quite compares to yard swings. Installing a swing in your backyard can be a great source of entertainment for children and adults alike; or it can be the ideal spot to rock while enjoying the fresh air, with your favorite beverage in hand.

35+ Backyard Swing Ideas

There are countless styles of backyard swings on the market, each serving a different purpose. Whether they’re designed for recreational use or for lounging and relaxing, swings can offer an exciting experience and create lasting memories. With that said, we’ve collected 35+ backyard swing ideas to inspire your outdoor area.

1. Hanging Rope Chair Swing

Available from Wayfair

A hanging chair swing on a back patio can certainly make for a very relaxed afternoon. This rope chair swing would make a wonderful addition to your patio, garden, or even your front porch. It offers a durable frame with a lovely bohemian style to infuse a casual-retro design to your backyard. Simply hang it from any sturdy over hang to easily create a cozy seating area.

2. Simple Wooden Swing

A basic wooden swing is a traditional backyard feature that is loved by both children and adults alike. Add some fresh flowers and a throw to give it a seasonal touch.

3. Tire Swing

Something as simple as a tire swing can make a wonderful addition to any home with kids. It is the perfect choice for parents that want to create a safe, recreational space in their backyard. Tire swings can be purchased from a variety of retailers or you can make one yourself with a recycled tire and some rope or chain.

4. Charming Freestanding Wooden Swing

A freestanding wooden swing will bring both appeal and comfort to your backyard – especially in a blooming garden (as pictured above). Positioning the swing among flowers creates an enchanting setting that you will love to spend your afternoons swinging in. This is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a classic garden seating option, but want something a little more charming that a basic backyard bench.

5. Pergola Swing


A wooden pergola swing is an easy option to work with. You can position it virtually anywhere in your backyard it will be work perfectly. It will both blend in and stand out at the same time in your outdoor living area. Place it in the middle of your garden to create a clear focal piece, or on the edge of your landscape to relish in the view of your beautiful green backyard.

6. Wrought Iron Garden Swing

A wrought iron swing is the perfect choice for those who want to bring some vintage appeal to their backyard space. These are striking pieces that showcase the beauty that exists in using raw materials like iron. You can use a wrought iron swing as is, or use some colorful cushions for extra comfort while swinging. Iron swings come in a range of styles and colors – from back and white to green, blue, and even yellow.

7. Rustic Log Swing

Opting for a rustic-style backyard swing will definitely create a point of interest in your outdoor living space. However, if you decided on a reddish shade of wood (as pictured above) the swing will dominate your backyard and deliver a more modern version of the traditional country-style swing.

8. Rattan Hanging Swings

Rattan hanging swings are a great way to combine comfort and coziness with a modern, contemporary design. Their half-closed structure helps them feel secure and snug, as if you’re sitting inside of a shell. At the same time, they also add a sense of elegance and modernism which makes them an ideal choice for anyone who is trying to add some flair to a minimalist garden.

Rattan has become wildly popular in recent years, and for good reason. These rattan hanging swings satisfy a passion for trendy décor and also the desire for a seat that is both comfortable and safe.

9. Backyard Rope Swing

Backyard rope swings don’t require much to achieve. A thick, durable piece of rope with a few large knots on the end and throughout the length will entertain your children for hours. Rope swings in their most basic form consist of only a single length of rope. The rope may have knots along the length, a foot loop at the bottom, or be completely smooth. They can be hung from a tree in your backyard, an existing swing set, or from a structure over your swimming pool to create a unique and exciting way to take a plunge!

10. Armadillo Swing

Available from Point 1920

A relatively new trend, armadillo swings scream luxury. Designed by Joaquín Homs, a Mexican architect and interior designer, these swings offer comfort and will easily become the main focal point in your backyard. The hood can be opened and closed to achieve a warm or intimate environment, depending on your liking. This armadillos swing is also available with or without a stand, depending on how you want to hang it.

11. Toddler Bucket Swing

If you have a toddler, you’re definitely going to want a bucket swing for your backyard. As the name indicates, a bucket swing looks similar to a bucket with holes cut out of the bottom to fit the child’s legs. The design fits like a pair of shorts, which protects the toddler from sliding or falling out of the seat.

Bucket swings help toddlers and small children transition from baby swings to conventional swings. They are also generally made out of a flexible material that will adapt to the child’s body shape and are supported by either a coated chain or rope to safeguard against hot temperatures and pinching.

12. Stand Up Surfboard Swing

Available from Walmart 

Many bigger children enjoying swinging while standing up, although not all swings can be stood upon safely. However, there are stand-up swings like this surfboard design to allow for a safe, dynamic play session. The curved design of the platform mimic surfing, propelling the child through the air. Two ropes on either side with handles for gripping provide stability. A surfboard-style swing like this is recommended for children that are six years old and older.

13. Disc Swing

A variation of the traditional backyard swing, this swing features a disc for a seat. This particular swing can be used for swinging, standing, and even climbing. It is designed to help children build strength, balance, agility, and coordination. Disc swings can be purchased from a variety of retailers, with or without the foot holds for climbing.

14. Backyard Swing with Canopy

Choosing a backyard swing with a canopy is a great idea if you want to enjoy the warm days but aren’t too keen on getting blasted by the sun. With this type of swing, you’ll be able to read a book or observe your lovely garden under the comfort of some cool shade.

15. Forested Backyard Swing

If you’re fortunate enough to have tall trees in your backyard, positing a swing amongst them can create a setting straight out of a fairytale!

16. Platform Swing

Available from MindWare

Another excellent backyard swing idea for those who have kids is a platform swing. They offer hours of fun for children of all ages. These types of swings are typically supported by a multi-rope system and they must be strong enough to withstand between 300 and 700 pounds. Also, make sure that the tree branches that you hang your platform swing from is hefty enough to ensure riders’ safety.

17. Unique Modern Backyard Swing

A modern backyard swing doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. In fact, you can find wonderful modern designs that offer incredible comfort and luxury. This eclectic white backyard swing is both comfortable and stylish, thanks to its appealing design and light brown cushions.

18. Backyard Daybed Swing

You can bring a new level of comfort to your backyard with a daybed swing. They are roughly the size of a traditional daybed, which makes them ideal for lounging or even taking a nap on a warm summer day. The solid design and soft thick cushions ensure a gentle swaying motion.

19. Trapeze Bar Swing

A full swing set is not complete without a trapeze bar swing. These simple bar rope swings can give your children hours of exhilarating flying fun! It is the perfect tool to get your kids outside, practice gymnastics, and just encourage them to use their imagination.

20. Outdoor Swinging Beds

Instead of a daybed swing, you can opt for a full-size swinging bed for your backyard. These types of swings allow for multiple people to sit or even lay down as the structure gently swings. They come in a wide array of designs – from round beds with canopies to DIY swings made out of recycled pallets.

 There are virtually endless DIY projects that you can do with wood pallets. To create a DIY pallet swing bed, you’ll need to determine the size of the cushion or mattress that you intend to place on the pallet. This will tell you how many pallets you’ll need for the project.

21. Dual Glider Swing

Available from Walmart

Dual glider swings, or multi-child gilder swings are the ideal choice for collaborative play time in the backyard. Built out of heavy-duty plastic, these swings are designed to accommodate two people any typically up to 150 pounds. They make an excellent addition to any play set and will encourage teamwork among your children and help build social skills.

22. Cozy Hanging Swing Chair

Opting for a cozy hanging chair like the one pictured among can transform the way that you relax in your backyard. Its basket shape is playful, yet elegant, offering both incredible comfort and a transitional look to your outdoor living area. This cozy chair is built with a sturdy frame and gorgeously wrapped wicker weave, finished off with plush waterproof cushions.

23. Saucer Swing

Available from Wayfair

An interesting take on the platform swing, saucer swings can be hung from either a tree, an existing swing set, or they may come with their own frame (as seen in the image above). They are typically designed to hold the weight of more than one child, but you can find smaller sizes that are suitable for just one.

24. Adult Swing Set

Swing sets don’t have to be restricted to kids. This swing set was specially designed with adults in mind so that they can relax and recall their childhood. It is not only a clever design, but also an appealing aesthetic to look at.

25. Fire Pit Swings

Position swings around a fire pit is an excellent way to enhance the experience of sitting around a blazing fire on a cool summer evening. This design encircles the fire pit with several bench swings, allowing ample seating space for your guests.

26. Pool Bench Swing

A beautiful wooden swing should not be hidden in your backyard; consider placing it right next to your pool! You can relax on the bench right after you exit the pool and gently sway back and forth in the sun to dry off.

27. Naturalistic Garden Swing

This rustic, naturalistic-style backyard bench displays the natural beauty of tree branches, making it feel as if it is a part of the landscape. If you live in a farmhouse-style home, this garden swing will make a wonderful addition to your expansive country backyard space.

28. Hanging Hammock Chair

You don’t need a large swing installation to make a major impact in your backyard. Opt for a hanging hammock chair to add the same level of relaxation to your outdoor living space, with a much simpler approach. These types of swings can easily be hung on a strong tree branch in your backyard or from your patio.

29. Hanging Wicker Bench

Flanked by concrete pillars, this hanging brown wicker bench looks wonderful in this lush, green backyard. It is a sturdy, unique design that will complement nearly any backyard décor style.

30. Simple Wooden Plank Swing

Something as simple as a wooden plank swing, attached to a large tree with rope, can make a wonderful addition to your outdoor living space. Positioned at the bottom of an extensive stone staircase, this swing offers a spectacular view of the property and will provide hours of fun to both adults and kids alike.

31. Sleek, Minimalistic Wood Swing

Not all backyard swings are rustic or country style, as pictured here by this minimalistic modern swing. It is the ideal choice for anyone looking to achieve an updated, yet still simplistic design. There is no fancy adornment or frills, it has just a very sleek, simple, swinging design.

32. Horse Swing

A wooden horse swing can make a fun addition to your child’s outdoor swing set, or it can stand alone and be hung from a sturdy tree branch. Though it will complement a home in the country incredibly well, it’ll work in virtually any backyard space.

33. Globe Shaped Swing

This contemporary globe-shaped swing will make a statement in your backyard. It features a sturdy design, comfortable cushions, and offers a unique twist on traditional wooden backyard swing chairs.

34. DIY Swing with Cup Holders

If you enjoy lazy summer days and cool evenings out in your backyard, this is the swing for you. It can be easily constructed over a weekend, using only common tools and materials you can pick up from your local home improvement center. The greatest feature of this backyard swing design is the cup holders, which makes kicking back and relaxing with your favorite beverage effortless.

35. Bitta Kettal Swing Sofa

Available from MiliaShop

This swing sofa from Kettal features an aluminum structure, braided polyester shell, and comfortable, weather-resistant cushions. It blends well with the natural landscape and comes in a wide array of seat upholstery and shell colors to fit the décor in your backyard.

36. Dual Macramé Swing Chairs

Why have only one gorgeous macramé swinging chair when you can have two? This homeowner chose to position two side by side in their garden, hanging from a simple wooden structure. They offer a comfortable seat and an exquisite view of the greenery.

37. Wooden Floral Garden Swing

Placing a swing in your backyard can instantly make the space feel special. However, if you want to make the swing the center of attention, consider bringing in some flowers. You can even plant them in such a way that they almost surround the swing, creating a truly enchanting space to relax and unwind after a long work day.

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