11+ Cute Baby Girl Nursery Ideas (For Any Room Size & Décor)

Cute Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

When I first found out I was having a little girl, I was beyond excited because I had always dreamt about designing a girl nursery. I thought I already had a theme picked out, but as I kept looking up new and different ideas, I became so indecisive. Today I wanted to share with you some beautiful baby girl nursery ideas that may be great for your home.

Designing a nursery that is perfect for your baby involves many decisions from color schemes, themes, and style. Since you’re expecting a girl, don’t forget to add a unique touch for your pretty little princess. Whether you want to create a space for a princess or create a bright and colorful vibe, you can get inspiration from these baby girl nursery ideas!

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How to Choose a Nursery Theme

Choosing the colors of your nursery will help define its theme. There are a few ways on helping you decide on a color palette: 

  • Choose a shade. If you already have colors in mind, start there. For example, if you’re having a girl you may already have traditional colors like pink or purple in mind. Maybe you’ll choose to go with a neutral color such as beige so you can add other pops of color in the room through decor and furniture. 
  • Art inspiration. Some expecting parents like to buy their decor first to get a general feel of how they may want to choose a theme. When shopping around you may come across a few unicorn items and decide to choose pink and gold.
  • 60-30-10 rule. According to this color rule, one main color should cover 60% of your room. The majority of the time this is the color most parents choose to use for their walls. The main color could also be found in rugs or furniture. The 30% color would be found on window treatments such as curtains, or accent walls. When designing our nursery I chose a neutral color for my 60% so I had more wiggle room of using other colors in different areas. Finally, for your 10%, you should pick a brighter color that can be found in decor or wall art. 

1. Floral

Floral theme nurseries are a popular design for a baby girl, but you can also improve them for a floral accent wall. Many parents decide to make the wall behind the crib as their accent wall be the main focus. Not only can you choose a floral accent wall, but you can have 3D designs as well. Some nurseries have 3D flower decals to bring a more realistic vibe to the nursery. In this space, the color of the crib, dresser, sofa, and curtains are all in coordination. The soft rug covers the majority of the floor in this room, which will be great to have in the future for a mobile baby.

One of my favorite features about this room is the added sofa. You don’t see those normally in nurseries, but I think it’s a great addition especially for long nights or if you have visitors. The white basket is filled with stuffed animals that can later be used for a laundry bin. Also, the cream-colored curtains give an elegant finishing touch.

2. Safari

Adorable animals are popular in nurseries. For your accent wall, you can leave it neutral or have a safari-like design. Add cute giraffes, elephants, lions, whatever animals you think would be a perfect fit for your baby. The great thing about animal-themed nurseries is that they are also gender-neutral, just in case you are deciding to keep the gender of your baby a surprise until the end. You can also add weather element illustrations to your wall for decor.

3. Rose Gold

This may be my favorite nursery design out of all of them. Rose gold complements a baby girl’s space beautifully and can blend with many different designs. For your accent wall, add gold polka dots to compliment the furniture. You can use a bookshelf to add pops of peach, stuffed animals, and storage. Here we have a princess illustration framed in gold that hangs charmingly on the accent wall. A rose gold or peach blanket ladder would create more storage to drape blankets, while also achieving more appeal. In this room especially, I love how they added a soft pink canopy over the white crib.

My only recommendation for this space would add a soft neutral area rug since there are hardwood floors.

4. Glam

If you’ve envisioned a glam-themed nursery for your baby girl, this nursery is just what you’re looking for, but also on a minimalist side as well to not overdo it. The light fixture overhead in the shape of a diamond, the wall art is drizzled in gold, the bookshelf is filled with princess-like decor, and the storage bin with the eyelashes adds an extra girly touch.

Having a glam nursery is all about combining gold, cream, and pinks to create a beautiful space. If you wanted, you could also use wallpaper on one wall to create a focal point for your space. Designing a glam nursery can seem overwhelming, but to keep it minimal and flowy, you’ll want to make sure you mix textures before the furniture and the decor, such as the rug and mirrors. Glam nurseries are not typical but are still elegant that both parents and baby will enjoy. Don’t forget to add your rocking horse, because even glam girls need those!

5. Cozy and Modern

Here we have a cozy and modern girl’s nursery. The wall is completed with textured wallpaper to compliment the white furniture. Since the wall is dark I love how they added all the bright white pieces to the room. The crib is my favorite part about this space because I am a completer sucker for canopies and think every nursery should have one. The modern white chair next to the crib is great for nap times, although I’m not sure about the comfort level. The decorative added crates are the perfect touch and can later be used for storage. The soft gray rug is also an appealing addition to the hardwood floors.

6. Montessori

Here we are preparing for a Montessori nursery. The Montessori method is a way of thinking about education and childcare being solely child-centered. The method promotes independence, freedom(to a certain extent), and respect for development. In this space, we have a small wooden dresser. Since the method promotes independence, the dresser is the perfect height for a baby once they become mobile.

Instead of purchasing furniture that is tall and heavy, opt for small, kid-friendly pieces so your child can help you pick out clothes. In this space, we also have a wooden ladder for decor that can later be used for balance, and a rocking chair for movement. The wall decor is minimal and the cream and neutral wall colors pair beautifully with the rug and curtains.

7. Stylish Twins

Designing a space for one baby girl is exciting enough, but two?! If you have a large space for your twin’s room you can brainstorm some great ideas for your nursery. This nursery has a white and dark gray crib, which I love so each baby their individuality. The colors of the dressers are opposites so there isn’t too much of one color clashing. My favorite part about this room is the patterns of the wall decor. The wall decor is not only fun and playful but it’s gender-neutral.

8. All of the Gray

One of my favorite combinations is a gray and pink combo. Most parents normally decide to opt for a light gray, but I think the dark blends well with the touches of baby pink and hardwood floors. The dresser is just a tad lighter than the walls, but the best feature about it is the gold crown knobs to add that perfect girly touch. For storage, they’ve added a low shelving unit that is easily accessible and a small tassel rug to compliment the color scheme.

The nursery brings a great amount of natural light into the room so only a floor lamp is needed. The macrame wall hanging and faux floor greenery bring an appealing hint of decor to a baby’s room.

9. Bright Sprinkle

The design space here makes me think of ice cream sprinkles because of all the bright colors! The nursery is such an upbeat room and not one you see every day, which makes it even more appealing! My favorite area of this room is the accent wall. It’s colorful, but simple and brings a lot of fun without much distraction. Since there is so much color in this room the white furniture was a great choice because it allowed for even more colorful additions.

Also in this space, we have a wooden ladder that can be used to sit stuffed animals on or to hold blankets, the patterned bins to hold pillows or laundry, and the bright orange curtains that allow the natural light to reflect right into the nursery.

10. White and Cozy

Here is an adorable white nursery with splashes of color. The wooden crib is paired with white and pink linens. There is a shelving unit next to the crib, which is easily accessible and can be used for storage or decor. I’ve never noticed so many nurseries being designed with couches, but I can honestly say it’s a wonderful addition to comfort. The couch can be great for play times or when you’re trying to get your little one down for a nap, which can sometimes take longer than expected. There is a ton of natural light so only a lamp is needed. There’s also a gorgeous string of lights draped across the wall for decor.

11. Royalty

When I see this space it reminds me of royalty. A nursery that Kate and William could design for one of their children. The chair is my favorite piece of this room as it reminds me of one my grandmother has when I was a child. The rocking chair gives the room an old touch. The space is simple, yet elegant.

One feature to point out is that the crib has wheels on one end so if you wanted to rearrange furniture moving the crib would be an easy option. The nursery is filled with natural light that shines right through those gorgeous white blinds and bounces right off the shiny hardwood floors. To add safe floor space, a gray area rug is added that would be perfect for tummy time.

Tips to Consider When Creating Your Nursery

  • Layout and location. When creating your nursery, the first thing you may want to consider is what room in your home you will be choosing. When we created our nursery we chose the bedroom that was closest to ours. Is the bedroom warm or cold? Is the bedroom big or small? Ask yourself several questions. If you don’t properly plan, this part may seem overwhelming. You may also sketch or draw your layout so you can have a feel of where you may want certain furniture pieces to be placed. 
  • Color Scheme. Babies are naturally attracted to colors. Their curiosity can start to peak starting from a young age. Colors that are calm or tranquil would be ideal to use in your nursery decor. You’ll also want to keep in mind the finishing. The last thing you want is the reflecting lighting to irritate your newborn’s eyes. When designing our nursery I chose to go with a matte finish that provided a relaxing and calm feel for our little one.
  • Safety first. While designing your space it is easy to get wrapped up in the appeal of the room. The most important thing that you should be designing your nursery around is safety. It is great to have amazing fixtures and paintings, however, you should also be keeping in mind safety. When hanging picture frames stay away from hanging them above the crib. Make sure they are safely and securely hung on the opposite wall. Keep any glass decor on a high shelf and out of reach for when your baby becomes mobile. Also, another thing to keep in mind is to have a soft rug on the floor for crawling especially if your bedroom has hardwood floors. 
  • Keep it simple. In the excitement of a new baby on the way, it is easy to end up over decorating. Keep your furniture, themes, and colors simples. Think about designs that are child-friendly and not too busy that will end up in distraction. Having simplicity also means that you won’t have to keep on changing colors and decor that often. This is a MAJOR cost-saving tip.
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Choosing Art For Your Nursery

When I finally reached this part of designing my space, I hit a roadblock, and mom’s brain hit. I am very indecisive and often become lost when it comes to art and other decors in rooms. You’ve gone out and purchased all of the furniture for your nursery, then bam, you’re stuck. There are so many options when it comes to artwork, but here are some tips on how to choose art that will beautifully fit your nursery:

  • Simplicity. You have many types of wall art out there such as canvas or prints. I love canvas because of the texture that gives it a real feel. One advantage of choosing canvas is that they are lightweight, so they are safe and easy to hang. A downside is they can be expensive depending on the size of your canvas.
  • Framing. If you decide to go with a print, framing is the most chosen option for this route. Sometimes framing your prints will give your room a certain aesthetic that you may want to achieve. I love a neutral aesthetic so most of the time I go with a rose gold frame. 
  • Think Shapes. Often when we’re deciding on wall art we only think of rectangular frames. Wall art can be any shape or size. There are other options out there for shapes such as circles with suns, stars, and moons. 
  • Personalize. At my baby shower, I was gifted a Cricut. My mother knew how much I loved to design and make my items so she thought I would love to make some of my decors. There are many DIY decor options on Pinterest to get an idea of what kind of projects you may want to create if you’re more of the DIYer like I am. 

One of the best parts about pregnancy is being able to create your nursery. As a child, it’s something we’ve always dreamed of doing. Once the time is here, it may seem overwhelming, but just remember to have fun when designing your space. In the end, you’ll want to make sure you have created a fun, loving, and safe environment for your new bundle of joy. I hope some of these baby girl nursery ideas inspire you to create your nursery with a little relief. Congratulations on your new baby girl!

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