Are Lawn Mower Blades Reverse Threaded?

Are Lawn Mower Blades Reverse Threaded

A lawn mower is an essential item to keep your lawn looking clean. It can also add curb appeal to the outside of your home.

Your lawn mower needs to be checked to see that all the parts are working correctly from time to time. You also want to check to see if any parts need to be replaced. This is to avoid any delays when you decide when to next cut your lawn.

One thing to check for to keep up on the maintenance is whether or not the blade is reverse threaded. Most blades are reverse threaded, but you can check this by removing the bolt lock. You have to unbolt it first to see if it is reverse threaded or not.

Defining Reverse Threaded

What does it mean that the blades are reverse threaded on your lawn mower? This means that you will need to turn the blades to the right to loosen, and to the left to tighten.

Not all blades are made with the threading in reverse. But, most blades in lawn mowers are made this way. Below are several things to keep in mind when checking the threading on your lawn mower.

Check Blade Nuts

The majority of blade nuts are reverse threaded on lawn mowers. This is done to make sure the blade is securely connected to the engine’s drive shaft.

Reverse threading the blade ensures that the nut is not loose when the blade rotates while cutting grass. Remember, though, not every blade has a reverse threaded nut to keep them on the drive shaft of the engine.

Thread Safety

One important thing to remember is to be mindful of safety when it comes to handling the blades of the mower. Since the nut bolts keep the blades in place, having these reverse threaded keeps them in place at all times.

The threads are reversed to prevent the nuts from loosening up, which can cause the lawn mower to malfunction. Having loose bolt nuts also becomes a safety issue if handled incorrectly. The engine drive shaft is also kept in place by the bolts.

Things to Look for When Removing the Blade

Be mindful of safety when handling sharp objects such as the lawn mower blade. The blade needs to be level to safely remove it from the lawn mower.

You will know it was placed back incorrectly when the grass is not cut. Many lawn mowers have a metal plate installed above the blade to see that it is level.

You also want to keep in mind the position of the blade for two reasons. When you replace or put the blade back, you want to make sure it’s in the original position.

Once the blade is safely removed from the lawn mower, you can replace or sharpen it. if it is still fairly new and usable. All you need is a rotary tool with stone attachment to grind away at the sharp parts of the blade.

Spark Plug Wire

You want to make sure you take off the spark plug wire prior to removing the blade on your mower. Many lawn mowers have a blade lock as a safety feature.

The blade lock keeps the blade in the same position while you reinstall or remove the blade. The blade lock also prevents the engine from restarting while you are working on your lawn mower.

Tools to Remove Blade

You want to have a socket wrench on hand to take off the lock nut. Using another type of wrench can damage the blade or wrench. You also want to make sure to follow all safety guidelines when handling your mower to prevent damage or injury.

Removing the Blade

Check to see how the blade is placed in the mower before removing it so that you place it back correctly. If the blade is reinstalled or replaced upside down, it will not cut your grass. You will also have to start the removal process all over again.

Make sure the blade is placed the exact same way as the previous one. Next, ensure the blade is level with the metal plate on the lawn mower, which is located above the blade. Use your socket wrench to carefully remove the lock nut.

Place the lock nut in an area that is easy to remember. You want to do this since the nut is a small part and can easily be lost or thrown away.

Replacing Your Lawn Mower Blade

There are plenty of options for lawn mower blade replacement kits in garden and hardware stores. Home Depot sells blades and kits for $10 to $50. Amazon sells blade kits for $45. John Deere has blade kits available for $40.

Prices vary just slightly, based on if you need only blades or a complete blade kit.

Lawn Mower Blade Life

A lawn mower blade should last from 100 to 200 hours. More quality made blades can last up to 400 hours. Blades will need to be sharpened every 20 to 25 hours on average. These are just average numbers, since many factors can play into how long your blade will last.

Some factors include how large your yard is, and running over rocks and sticks. General wear and tear on your lawn mower and blade all determine how long your blade will last as well. Periodically check your blade for any wear and damage to keep in lasting longer and prevent further damage.

Related Questions 

When do lawn mower blades need to be replaced?

Lawn mower blades should be replaced every two to three years. This should be based on how large your yard is and how much you use your lawn mower.

How do I know I installed the blade on my lawn mower correctly?

You will know that the blade was installed correctly when it can cut the grass. You can also take note of how the last blade was installed and replace the new blade the same way.

Why are most blades on lawn mowers reverse threaded?

Many lawn mower blades are reverse threaded so that the blade nut does not get loose and fall off. This is a major safety feature to prevent damage from happening to the lawn mower and to you.

When will I know that my lawn mower blade needs to be sharpened?

Keep in mind how long you have been using your lawn mower and the blade. If you mow your lawn one hour every other week, it will need to be sharpened about once a year. You also want to periodically check your blade for nicks and scratches. If your grass is not getting cut, then it’s definitely time to sharpen your blade.

What Did We Learn?

Get familiar with your mower so you know what to do when the blade needs to be replaced or sharpened. As you use your lawn mower, the more you will know what to do when it needs to be repaired.

Study the blade so you know what to do when its time to sharpen or replace the blade. Have some extra parts handy so you don’t neglect your yard while working on your lawn mower.

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