Upgraded Home is a home aficionado brand, serving 1,000,000+ homeowners each month with expert advice about home imporvement, housekeeping, interior design, and more.

Home Services

You can't fix everything by yourself. We work with home service professionals in various industries, from contractors, to movers, plumbers, landscapers, and more. Our detailed cost guides will help you determine pricing for services ahead of time.


Whether you're changing your curtains or looking to spruce up the look of your living room, we can help you determine the right size, color, and placement for furniture and decorations. We bring expert advice from interior designers with years of experience.

Home Improvement

Learn how to fix anything in the home. Our DIY guides provide step-by-step instructions that help you troubleshoot just about any task. From installing new tile flooring, to fixing the garbage disposal in your kitchen, we have solutions for even the most complex projects.


Housekeeping isn't easy. Many issues can arise around the home. Maintaining your pool in the summer, getting stains out of carpets, and troubleshooting issues with your dryer are just a few. We have 500+ housekeeping guides for specific tasks.


Upgraded Home helps homeowners improve their living space beyond the typical do-it-yourself fix. We help you design and modernize your home at a higher standard.


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